Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 23 - Chapter 23: Spooky Farm!

Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Spooky Farm!

Out of curiosity, Tang Li Xue continues to read it after having her dinner.

She finds out that reason was actually really simple.

Immortal World's people think that martial soul's rank will be like that for the rest of their life but in Divine World it was different, the people in Divine World could use some heavenly herbs or divine pills to evolve martial soul to the higher grade.

Yes… Grade! Unlike in Immortal World, the people of Divine World apparently applying beast's grade to the martial soul too like the lowest would be [Poor] then [Common] and so on!

The most important thing was when the martial soul evolves to the higher grade, they still retain their unique skills and passive skills from before!

Imagine if a Glacial Sparrow had [Ice/Water Immunity] as it passive ability and it will evolve to true Phoenix in the end! The phoenix's element was fire so normally its weakness would be Ice/water but with [Ice/Water Immunity] that logic will no longer apply!

Moreover, with its inherited unique skills from when it was still Glacial Sparrow back then, the Phoenix could also use ice/water attack skills made its attack pattern more rich and unpredictable!

'This is crazy! Then if the martial soul evolves several times into several different types and inherited all of their immunity… too frightening to think of! It will be basically immune to all elements?!'

Even Tang Li Xue hope that she would get the lowest grade [Poor] martial soul later if it was really like this!

'MARTIAL SOUL… Argh… Impatient! I really want to get it now! But no matter how invincible the martial soul is, the user would still become its weak point in the end… Sigh…'

Tang Li Xue remembered Xiao Hei's martial soul at that time when he battled above Moonlight Forest.

'That magnificent Nine-Petal Blood Lotus looks so strong and majestic! Its martial soul's rank is definitely very high! When Xiao Hei unleashed its skill he shouted 'Devour' at that time. That must be the blood lotus unique skill! So cool!'

In the end, Xiao Hei almost defeated because his body critically injured so Tang Li Xue still thinks invincible martial soul weakness was actually its master itself but when she read even further she quickly realized that she was incredibly wrong!

Dumbfounded... Tang Li Xue read it even more carefully from the important parts!

The way to use martial soul was divided into three according to its mastery.

The first way was to summon it out. This was the easiest way and how amateur use their martial soul. The disadvantage was once the martial soul destroyed, it will heavily damaged the master's soul too so using it this way was actually like using a double-edged sword.

Tang Li Xue remember what happened with Qing Wu when she destroyed his martial soul yesterday and felt a bit guilty about it since the damaged soul would take far longer to recover than normal wound.

It would probably take several years for Qing Wu to recover from his soul's wound and during that time he would not be able to breakthrough or use his martial soul!

The second way was to partially merge it with your soul and compress its power. In this case, the martial soul would take shape a weapon that you most proficient with! Only a true genius could use it this way.

For example, the master practiced sword martial arts countless times, then the martial soul would take sword form when its power compressed. The advantage of this form is that it would be far harder almost impossible to destroy the martial soul (of course if the enemy cultivation far higher than him, it would still be destroyed easily) and the master can still freely use its unique skills.

Again Tang Li Xue remembered the blood-red sword Xiao Hei used before.

'Damn! That crimson red sword must be his compressed martial soul! Xiao Hei, so you are a genius?! Tsk! ENVY! HATE! Humph!'

The third way was the most difficult one. Even a genius would need several enlightenments and long practice to be able to use it!

It was to fully merge the martial soul with the master's soul along with the master body! This process called 'Assimilate' not only the master would get all of its martial soul's passive skills and unique skills, his/her strength would be strengthened many folds!

'Damn! This… Assimilate Mode if the martial soul has all kinds of immunity then… THE MARTIAL SOUL'S MASTER WOULD BE REALLY INVINCIBLE?!'

Tang Li Xue was wagging her furry tail in excitement when she read this but she quickly calmed down since she still has a long way to go. She did not even have her own martial soul for now!

'Imagine if This Queen… NO! This Deity has the invincible martial soul combined along with the godly divine abilities! This Deity will definitely become the strongest deity ever exists!'

'Like the guide said the humans have their martial souls but the beasts have their divine abilities!'

'But This Strongest Fox Deity would have both of them! And both would be the strongest one!'

Tang Li Xue wanted to read about the beast's divine abilities but she realized that the time has come for her to go since the sky already dark long ago.

She closed her Immortal World's Newbie Guide and threw it back into her system inventory before heading toward the Asura Demon Sect's farm.



With her current speed, Tang Li Xue managed to reach the farm's gate with only in a few minutes.

The farm was actually very vast with many large separated buildings. There was a large pigpen, cowshed, and henhouse on the front side and Tang Li Xue finished explored them all in less than ten minutes with her [Stealth] skill activated.

But she did not know why but the deeper she enter this farm, the more dangerous she felt.

Especially, the big building in the deeper side of the farm with the dim light and how quiet it was! She felt something weird would actually jump up to her from the corner.

Tang Li Xue gulped her saliva and steeled her resolve.

'Come on Li Tang Xue… oh no, I mean Tang Li Xue… be brave! It is only a farm! What are you afraid of, you coward?! There should be only pigs, chickens, cows, and other meat ingredients here!'

She began with the horse stable since it was the closest to her.

This time she was being more careful and walk slower as she activated her [Stealth] before entering.

She walked step by step carefully, checking and turning her head right and left, again and again.

'See? There are only horses here, right? Haha… hahaha…'

Bwoooosh! Bang!

Tang Li Xue's body flew suddenly and hit the nearby wall hard.


HP: 3,630/4,500

'Holysh*t! What the hell has happened?!'

It did not take long for Tang Li Xue to know who attacked her as she stared agape to the overbearing creature in front of her.

'Wha… THE HELL! Is that a griffin? That is a griffin, isn't it?!'

When she panicked, her [Idenfify] skill activated automatically.

[Species: Wind Lion-Eagle]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 21]

[HP: 16,500/16,500]

The creature in front of her has a half-lion half-eagle body, its size was three to four times bigger than an ox, and it was also equipped with a wide pair of eagle wings.


Another beast roared so loud that it made Tang Li Xue's vision darkened and almost fainted on the spot.



Just from the sound Tang Li Xue immediately knew that it was from another demonic beast and she was really sure that she did not want to know what kind of beast is that!


But she immediately aware that before she would die at this rate before she reached the door!

Tang Li Xue instantly remembered the skill required for this quest… [Odorless] and [Trail Cover]!

She swiftly activated the two of those skills along with her [Stealth] while dashed to the corner of the stable!

Tang Li Xue already tested it before, even though [Stealth] cannot be activated at the same time as [Sprint] but it could actually be activated with [Odorless], [Trail Cover], [Silencer], and [Erasing Presence] without any problem!

However, activating five skills at the same time would drain her stamina far too fast and she could only maintain it for less than three minutes so she usually only activate [Stealth].

The Wind Lion-Eagle and its friend, the black tiger was still attacking madly but they were only attacking blindly this time without any clear target.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief, it looks like those two only mad because they lost her track when she used the three skills.

She checked the black tiger with her [Identify] after calmed herself down.

[Species: Black Demon Tiger]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 22]

[HP: 17,400/17,400]

A vicious-looking black tiger with a scorpion tail, a pair of black raven wings, and its blood-colored eyes really make Tang Li Xue scared! It was also even bigger than Wind-Lion Eagle.

Tang Li Xue gulped her saliva when she explored this 'Horse Stable'. Apparently, these two were not the only demonic beasts in here.

There were several tens of demonic beasts here and all of them [Uncommon] grade! All of them actually one grade higher than her!

After exploring every inch and corner of the stable slowly and carefully step by step. Tang Li Xue took three hours to actually exploring the stable, of course, she used many of her time to rest and recharge her stamina since she needed to activate 3 of her skills at once when exploring.

She sighed again in relief after she managed to step outside.

'Dammit! What the hell is this place?! How the hell there are so many…'

Tang Li Xue stunned silly once again when she saw the signboard in front of the stable.


All the mounts are docile as long as you bring food for them!

'Do you think I am a groom or stable boy?! Where can I find foods for those big guys?!'

Tang Li Xue spotted three other big solid buildings and suddenly she felt like this quest was actually too hard for her to handle.

She only entered this stable that all of the mounts marked as docile but she already loses half of her health already while the other three judging from its gloomy aura and invisible pressure must have higher difficulty than this one!

'Oh my god… I really make a mistake this time! But I do not have any other choice! If I do not finish this quest, I will not be able to take any quest from now on!'

'Sigh… the good news is after I finish this quest, I will be able to evolve once again! Work hard, Tang Li Xue! Here goes nothing! GO!'

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