Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: Two Choices

Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Two Choices

'Uh... Oh... What happens to Xiao Hei when I was gone?'

Tang Li Xue wanted to sneak in to see what exactly happened inside.

She activated her [Stealth] skill and jumped into Xiao Hei's room from the side window

Like Tang Li Xue's guess, Xiao Hei was really inside his room but his current appearance is really messy.

Bloodshot eyes, disheveled hair, and clothes combined with his pale face even Tang Li Xue cannot bear to look at him like this.

But Tang Li Xue did not want to interrupt Xiao Hei's business so she only watched from the corner of the room for now and silently listening what they talking about.

Xiao Hei was not alone in his room, there was also his subordinate kneeled in front of him silently in the room keep informing information to Xiao Hei.

To summary it all, Xiao Hei was in deep trouble this time. His faction already lacked resources before but now his fatty uncle pressured him even more through Elder Liu.

Elder Liu was a renowned alchemist with high-ranking in Asura Demon Sect and no need to be asked again, he was in cahoots with Xiao Hei's fatty uncle.

For all the renowned alchemists that worked for Asura Demon Sect, the sect would provide all the herbs and materials that the alchemists needed to concocting the pills but they must give 80% of the pills that they successfully concocted to the sect while they could take the remaining 20%.

However, Elder Liu pressured Xiao Hei's faction that he would only concoct their pills if they give him 50% while Xiao Hei could only take another 50%.

That was why Xiao Hei fuming with rage, imagine 20% of the sect total pills was already unimaginable wealth but Elder Liu asked for 50% of it now! It was the same as asking the dragons for half of the blood in their body!

But the certain fox that lie down relaxed on the corner of the room before suddenly stood up. Her eyes turned into slit and her mouth curled upward as she imagined how much wealth in that greedy Elder Liu's possession.

'That whatever Liu definitely have so many pills in his room that he would be unable to count it all anymore! He probably would not even know it if I took a few bottles of pills from there!'

The more Tang Li Xue thought about it, the more excited she becomes even her silky furry tails wagging faster and faster.

However, in the end, Xiao Hei could not do anything to Elder Liu since he was under the fatty uncle's protection and Xiao Hei could only try to discuss the pills allocation with Elder Liu even further or trying to find a new renowned high-ranking alchemist to become Xiao Hei's faction personal alchemist.

But it was easier to say than do it though since high-ranking alchemist that could concoct high-grade pills was not a cabbage that you could find anywhere. All of them were truly rare, only one in ten thousand and most of them already join one of the virtuous sects, Alchemist Sect.

Xiao Hei rubbed his aching head and sent his subordinate out to do his own job back.

Only after Xiao Hei closed his own room's door that he realized that Tang Li Xue already back into his room.

"Xiao Bai! Where did you go last night?! Do you know I am so worried about you?!" Xiao Hei walked toward Tang Li Xue and gently hugged her.

'O…Oh… I am sorry…'

Tang Li Xue closed her eyes comfortably when Xiao Hei stroke and comb her silky fur gently from her head to her back.

"If you dare to not go back again like last night then This Seat will not cook your favorite roasted meat for you the next day! Do you understand?!" Xiao Hei reprimanded Tang Li Xue harshly.

Tang Li Xue did not know that Xiao Hei was actually waiting for her to come back for the entire night yesterday.

He even began to panic when the sun has raised but his favorite Xiao Bai still did not come back. This was also the reason for his disheveled look. If it was his usual self, he would never show this kind of pitiful appearance to his own subordinate since it will only show them his weakness.

Do not look that Xiao Hei always treated Tang Li Xue like his pet but actually, no one really knows since when Tang Li Xue occupied the most important part in Xiao Hei's heart now.

Xiao Hei never knew who his mother was and his father was always very strict toward him, too strict even! So Xiao Hei was really cannot feel his father's love toward him, he only knew that his father was a very responsible guy toward sect and he always training like a possessed person.

No one knows but the one that closest to him was actually Feng Yi (the aide that betrayed him).

They always training together since little and Feng Yi was always beside Xiao Hei doing all of Xiao Hei's orders perfectly without any mistake.

For Xiao Hei, Feng Yi was his childhood friend, her brother closer than his own father, and a very reliable subordinate.

The most painful of Feng Yi's betrayal was actually not that black dagger wound that almost took Xiao Hei's life but the wound that scarring his heart, his belief, his trust, and how he truly sees this world as.

That was also why Xiao Hei killed Feng Yi at that instant before because he was afraid that after he heard Feng Yi's excuse, he (Xiao Hei) will really forgive Feng Yi in the end even after Feng Yi betrayed him.

At the moment that Xiao Hei lost his closest brother, his most important subordinate, and a childhood friend he fully trusted, his Xiao Bai came into his world replacing Feng Yi as its pillar before his world completely crumbles to pieces.

It was really a series of coincidence actually!

If at that time the one that helped Xiao Hei was a human, he would definitely not feel this way. He would become suspicious and paranoid thinking that the person that helped him would definitely want something from him. In the end, he would only award them generously and say goodbye to them.

But the one that helped him was actually a small powerless savage beast! With her tiny body, she brings him to a safe place! Then search for his antidote from the entire Moonlight Forest that was full of danger! She even used such precious rare herbs that can cure critical wounds in an instant to treat him!

It was very difficult for Xiao Hei's heart to not be moved by Tang Li Xue's kindness and devotion.

For the current Xiao Hei, Tang Li Xue was his world's pillar. He was so sure that Tang Li Xue would not like the traitorous Feng Yi. He was also so sure that as a beast, Tang Li Xue would faithfully follow him as long as he treats her very well.

But you know, I think this kind of coincidence was actually not really a coincidence but it caused by the [Lucky Sticker] that Tang Li Xue used when she saved Xiao Hei before.

However, since luck was intangible and no one could actually prove it so let's skip it for now.

With Tang Li Xue in his embrace, Xiao Hei's strained nerve quickly loosened up and when he playing around with Tang Li Xue in a relaxed manner on his bed, he accidentally fell asleep in the end.

Tang Li Xue was staring at Xiao Hei's sleeping face intensively while Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's words and warning keep playing in her mind again and again.

'Xiao Hei… If I really evolve… would you really… sigh… Unfortunately, there is no 'if' in this world! I, Tang Li Xue would never put my life on the other people's hands anymore! Not even God!'

Her mother died giving birth to her, her father ran away leaving only his debt, while her big brother sustained PVS (Persistent Vegetate State) after working hard to pay for her medication fee.

Since then Tang Li Xue always believed that if she leaned to earth, the earth will crumble and if she relied on heaven, the heaven will collapse! She could never rely on anyone but herself!

Tang Li Xue also ended up sleeping in Xiao Hei's embrace since she was so tired running around, fighting, and exploring for the entire night until morning.



When Tang Li Xue's opened up her sleepy eyes and woke up, it was already noon.

Xiao Hei already went to work but he already cooked Tang Li Xue's roasted meat personally and put it nicely on the table for her to eat as soon as she woke up.

While eating her favorite roasted meat, Tang Li Xue decided to check her 2nd evolution menu list to see what kind of species that she capable of evolving along with its requirement for evolution.

[You can choose between 2nd evolution or forming (Dantian). Which one do you choose? ]

'PFFFFFFTTTT!!! Cough… Cough… Cough…'

Tang Li Xue almost choked to death because of these sudden choices.

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