Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 30 - Chapter 30: Tang Li Xue’s Choice

Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Tang Li Xue’s Choice

'Forming dantian?! Woooaaah… Is it means that I can transform into my human form now? Or… not… Since it did not mention anything about human form… Meh, what is the point then?! It is utterly useless, isn't it?! Since I can form my dantian and regain my human form when I evolve into Spirit Beast…'

Tang Li Xue stopped eating her roasted meat and began to consider her next choice.

If she chose 2nd evolution then she will one step closer to regain her human form, she will also get her current stats tripled like before, and get another OP divine ability as her trump card.

BUT… she always felt that her almighty system would never give any futile choice for her!

Tang Li Xue tried to think about the pros and the cons if she forms her dantian earlier.

Tang Li Xue squinted her eyes in realization when she found out that this damn system actually setting up a fatal trap for her.


Actually, Tang Li Xue did not have any other choice other than choose to form her dantian now.


The answer was simple.

If we assumed that she chose 2nd evolution and manages to evolve into a Spirit Beast soon then regain her human form but all her beast power would be sealed temporarily including all her stats, skills, and divine abilities!

She would be as defenseless as a chicken without any means to protect herself although she will have dantian at that time but she would need to cultivate from the very bottom!

However, what if she began her cultivation from now? When she evolved into Spirit Beast and all her beast power temporarily sealed, she still has her cultivation in her dantian as her means to protect herself.

'So is it means I can cultivate like in wuxia novel and learn martial arts from now on?! Damn, this is good too! And the most exciting about this is… I CAN AWAKEN MY MARTIAL SOUL! Hahaha...'

She would also have more time to evolve her martial soul step by step according to her plan to get it into the invincible martial soul grade in her dream!

Of course, this choice also had its own disadvantage. For example, after forming dantian, her level would probably reset back to 1 and she needs to increase her level one by one again like before.

The level up this time would probably harder and need more EXP than before. Also according to the previous pattern, she would need to reach level 16 this time to evolve into Demonic Beast and form her own beast core.

'I guess it can't be helped… I really want to choose 2nd evolution but I am afraid that after I form my beast core, I must wait until I evolved into Spirit Beast to be able to form my dantian. Sigh…'

Tang Li Xue would never think that this choice of her would bring unimaginable benefit for her when she evolved into a Spirit Beast in the future.

Since she already decided to form her dantian first then her problem right now was only to decide where and when she would form her dantian since she was afraid that it would create a greater phenomenon than when she evolve for the first time in Moonlight Forest before.

This problem gave Tang Li Xue quite a headache since there was no deserted place here for her to be alone to form her dantian safely and quietly without anyone noticing it.

Then Tang Li Xue suddenly remembered her dragon mommy… err… she means that chatterbox dragon's place.

That prison fortress was deserted enough and she could even ask for that dragon mommy to protect her while she attempts to form her dantian there, that fake dragon probably would not reject her request.

As for the time, she decided to do it tomorrow morning rather than night because if she triggered the spectacular phenomenon and make that kind of blinding silver light like before, she was afraid that it would be too eye-catching if she did it at night and the probability for getting caught was a lot higher too. At least, if she did it in the morning, sunlight would cover that silver light to some extent.

Tang Li Xue's nerve calmed down a lot after she made her choice and plan for everything.

'Eeeh… Come to think of it, the system never says that I cannot take a peek at the 2nd evolution list before making my choice?! Huehehehe… I am really so smart! Let's take a peek then… wahahaha… I always wonder what kind of OP species can I evolve into next time and what are all the requirements for its evolution?!'

Tang Li Xue skipped all the low requirement species since it should be trash-tier fox species and only glanced at the species with the highest requirement like usual.

Out of tens of fox species, she only found three with the highest requirements for evolution.

[Royal Moon Fox] [Req: Strength=200; Agility=300; Toughness=200; take moonlight bath for 99 days; need to hold a crystal moon gem to evolve]

[Mystic Moon Fox] [Req: Strength=250; Agility=250; Toughness=200; take moonlight bath for 88 days; need to absorb a certain amount of mystic fog to evolve]

[Spirit Moon Fox] [Req: Strength=225; Agility=250; Toughness=225; take moonlight bath for 77 days; can only evolve under the full-moon; need to learn at least one spirit-related divine ability to evolve]

'Uwaaaaah! All of them sound so powerful and cool! It's really hard to choose! But urgh… WHAT THE HELL WITH THOSE EVOLUTION REQUIREMENTS! SO HIGH AND COMPLICATED!'

Now Tang Li Xue became even more certain that the system was actually only trolling at her when it gave her 2nd evolution choice. Look at that all those crazy requirements; she did not even fulfill any single one of those requirements!

As for the stats requirement, she only had 519 from the total of her current strength, agility, toughness, and her free stat points while she actually needs 700 to be able to fulfill the evolution requirement.

'And also… What the hell is this crystal moon gem, mystic fog, and… hahaha… spirit-related divine ability? You must be joking, right? Where I could find any of those?! System, you must be joking with me, right?!'

Tang Li Xue felt her headache become even more painful now when she was thinking about where she could find all of those weird items needed for her evolution and she doubted that she could find any of it in this sect.

After finished eating all of her roasted meat, Tang Li Xue decided to forget all of her evolution problems for now since she already decided to form her dantian first.

Tang Li Xue did not have any more task since her level stuck at the maximum cap for now and she cannot level up further so she decided to wander around the sect and raising her skills' level like [Odorless], [Trail Cover], [Silencer], [Erasing Presence], and [Jump] for today since she needs them to reach mastered level as soon as possible.

[Odorless skill has increased to Lv5]

[Trail Cover skill has increased to Lv4]

[Silencer skill has increased to Lv4]

[Erasing Presence skill has increased to Lv4]

[Jump skill has increased to Lv4]

Tang Li Xue nodded her head in satisfaction for her training result today and checked her current status.

[Species: Moon Fox]

[Grade: Common]

[Level 11 (Samaritan)]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon (Ice Bolt)], [Innate: Agility]


HP: 6,800/6,800

Strength: 120

Agility: 160


[Skills: Rip (Lv2), Sharp Claws (Lv2), Stealth (Lv2), Sprint (Lv2), Identify (Lv5), Herbalism (Lv3), Odorless (Lv5), Trail Cover (Lv4), Silencer (Lv4), Erasing Presence (Lv4), Jump (Lv4), Night Vision (Lv2)]

Stats Point: 199

Skill Point: 32

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 2x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 5xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 1xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xBronze Lottery Ticket, 1xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1xCultivation Voucher, 698 Deity Coins, Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]

'Oooh.. yeah! How could I forget this treasure box! [Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]! Hopefully, I would get more [Lucky Sticker] or the better [Greater Lucky Sticker] again now! Wahahaha… Sssssshhhh… OPEN!'

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