Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6: Saving a Handsome in Distress (Part 2)

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Saving a Handsome in Distress (Part 2)

[Lucky Sticker]

[Description: Enhances the user's luck for 10 minutes]

Tang Li Xue was actually quite pessimistic about this sticker but since she got it from the system, she decided to try it anyway.

'How do I use this thing? Just stick it on my body?'

Tang Li Xue used her tiny paw and stuck the [Lucky Sticker] on her fluffy chest.

[Lucky buff duration: 00:10:00]

Tang Li Xue waited for a few more seconds but nothing happened. She could only say a few curse words in disappointment before running around again to find an antidote herb.


'Oh no!!!' Tang Li Xue was running so fast while checking nearby grasses and flowers that she did not realize there was a small hole in the ground.

Usually, the bigger beasts would only stumble on this hole but Tang Li Xue's body was so small that she ended up plunging deep inside the small hole.

'Ouch… Ouch… It hurts!' Fortunately, the ground inside the hole was slanted downward so Tang Li Xue only tumbled to the bottom instead of dropping down directly.

HP: 15/50

'So close… If it was a chasm instead of a slope I would have died by now!'

Tang Li Xue once again angrily cursed the [Lucky Ticket] in her heart furiously! But when she saw what was in front of her…

[Seven-Colored Star Grass]

[Function: Miraculous herb that can strengthen the body, neutralize all poisons, and cleanse the body]

[Side Effect: Mild numbing effect on the whole body for a few hours]


'This… This… Is this the power of luck?! So amazing?'

'Oh wait… I have no time for daydream! Go fast!'

[Time remaining: 00:09:02]

Tang Li Xue nimbly bit off a few stalks of [Seven-Colored Star Grass] then dash back up the slope and out of the hole. She had taken more than ten minutes to get from where the black-robed man was to get to the hole, but she only needed seven minutes to return since this time she did not need to check all the herbs and flowers on the way back.

[Time remaining: 00:01:39]

Tang Li Xue was panting crazily and her mind felt fuzzy because of exhaustion, but at least her [Dash] skill managed to level up to 4 because of this.

'Now what to do?! Should I feed him this grass? Or should I crush the grass and smear it on where the black dagger stabbed him?'

'Argh… There is no time! I should pull the black dagger out first!'

At first, she was afraid that the black-robed man's blood would gush out crazily if she pulled it out and he would die because of blood loss…

But now… Screw it! Who cares!

'He will die if I don't pull the black dagger out and neutralize the poison in less than a minute anyway!'

Tang Li Xue bit the black dagger by the handle but that left her small furry body hanging in the air, the situation would actually be really comical looking if it weren't so serious.

'Since I cannot pull it out then I will drag it down!' Tang Li Xue swung her body back and forth like a pendulum then...


The black blood was really gushing out profusely when Tang Li Xue managed to pull the black dagger out from the black-robed man's back!

'Ooopppsss… Bad news!'

She quickly threw the black dagger aside and chewed [Seven-Colored Star Grass] for a few seconds before she accidentally swallowed some.

[Strength+1, Toughness+1]

'Ooooh? Damn! This miracle herb is really good stuff! Such a shame to use it on a sick person… Ooopppsss… Now is not the time for this! Again… Chew it slower this time and be sure not to swallow it.'

After chewing it into mush she spat it out and smeared it on the black wound where the dagger had been stabbed before.

[Time remaining: 00:00:41]

Seeing the timer still counting down, Tang Li Xue quickly chewed another stalk of [Seven-Colored Star Grass], once again carefully, then spat it out and stuffed it into the black-robed man's mouth.

'Eeh… Isn't this an indirect kiss? Handsome, you must remember to take responsibility and become this Lady's concubine when you recover later!'

Tang Li Xue also remembered that she had 3x [Recovery Pill] in her system inventory so she took one out and stuffed it in the black-robed man's mouth as well.

With that, she had already done what she could to save him so she stopped attending to the black-robed man's wound and stared painfully at the single leftover stalk of [Seven-Colored Star Grass].

'Only one remaining… Sigh… Is there any way to breed it? It looks like after this man's condition has stabilized I will need to go back to that hole and search if there is any remaining [Seven-Colored Star Grass] in there.'

[Quest Completed!]

[Reward: Level +3, Skill Point +3, Stat Point +9, 100 Deity Coins]

[Gained a title 'Samaritan']

[Samaritan]: When this title is equipped, each time the Host completes a quest, the reward will be increased by 25%.

'Woah… A title?! Increase the reward by 25%? More good stuff!'


[Congratulations! You achieved level 6, +15 Stat Points, +3 Skill Points]

[Congratulations! You have reached level 6! 1st Evolution menu available!]

'WWWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT?! I… I can evolve already now?!' I thought I must go step by step and cultivate for tens of thousands of years to reach human form like Bai Suzhen[1]?!!'

[Author's note 1: The Legend of White Snake's heroine]

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