Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Saving a Handsome in Distress (Part 1)

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Saving a Handsome in Distress (Part 1)

[Dash skill has increased to Lv2]

Tang Li Xue carefully approached the black-robed man that was lying still in the nearby bushes.

The long, scattered, silky, black hair combined with his pale, white skin was truly a perfect combination, his eyes also had long, black lashes that enhanced his handsomeness to another level.

She poked the black-robed man's face a few times with her tiny paw and only relaxed after confirming that the black-robed man was really unconscious.

'Uwaaah... This man is... super handsome in close up! Shhhh... Compared to him, the good-looking actors and models from earth are nothing more than pigs!'

Tang Li Xue wiped her drool with her furry paw and started to inspect whether he was still breathing or not.

The black-robed man was still alive, albeit barely hanging on by a thread.

His wound was pretty bad though, the dagger was stabbed deep inside his back and the poison that had been smeared on it appeared extremely lethal!

The blood that gushed out from his back and mouth had turned completely black now!

Tang Li Xue put her paw on her chin then started to consider whether to save him or not. Looking at the black-robed man's condition, if she did not help him now, he would certainly die! But even if Tang Li Xue tried to help him, there was no guarantee that she could save him. In the end, if she failed, she would have done this hard, thankless job for nothing!

'SAVE HIM! It will be a waste of heaven's gifts if a guy this handsome dies here after all!' Tang Li Xue decided in her heart.


[Quest: (Samaritan) Cure the handsome human, and restore his health!]

[Difficulty: Hard]

[Requirement: [Identify] and [Herbalism] skills]

[Reward: Level +3, Skill Point +3, Stat Point +9, 100 Deity Coins]

[Time remaining: 00:23:46]

'What?! It needs special skills too?! There goes my remaining 2 skill points flying away…" Tang Li Xue sighed, 'There is even a timer now! 23 minutes remaining?! Dammit!'

Tang Li Xue tapped her skills window with a heavy heart. She hesitated for a moment and glanced at the pale-faced, black-robed man before she gritted her teeth then used her remaining 2 skill points to buy the [Identify] and [Herbalism] skills.

The [Identify] skill was actually used to identify a beast's species, its strengths, weaknesses, and current HP.

While the [Herbalism] skill's purpose was to give the user the information to identify herbs and knowledge on their effects.

In other words, Tang Li Xue now had the ability to identify what kind of beasts and herbs would be needed to cure the black-robed man.

[Heart Melting Black Poison]

[Description: Extremely lethal poison! Once this black poison enters someone's heart, no matter how high that victim's cultivation is, the victim would certainly die instantly!]

'What a vicious poison! But according to the dagger's position in his back, he should be dead by now…'

The bulb in Tang Li Xue's mind suddenly lit up as a medical term from her previous world came to mind.

Situs Inversus![1]

'Sigh… What a lucky guy?! '

If his heart was positioned normally, this black-robed man would have instantly died under this black poison and that aide would have been the one that survived in the end.

However, because the aide stabbed the wrong place, the black-robed man had enough time to seal the black poison with his Qi and counter-killed his aide.

Though now the Qi's seal was fading away and the black poison had already begun to spread again. But the seal still managed to slow it down and buy Tang Li Xue some time.

'Handsome, if this Lady really saves you later, you must remember that you cannot be ungrateful, okay?! Even the prince in that mermaid story knew how to repay the mermaid... Though if you dare to marry another woman, I would [bite] your little sausage off!' Tang Li Xue silently admonished in her mind.

She quickly picked a route deeper into the Moonlight Forest and dashed off. She did not need to worry about leaving the black-robed man alone since the shockwaves from before already scared all the nearby beasts away. Therefore he should be safe for a while. The deeper she went, the denser the undergrowth and trees in the forest became but this was also why Tang Li Xue chose to go deeper.

[Mystic Grass]

[Function: Can cure slight fevers , can be used to concoct sleeping drugs]

[Side Effect: Mild dizziness for a few hours, can be neutralized by boiling it in water]


So this was the effect of the [Herbalism] and [Identify] skills? So convenient! With this, it would be easier to find the poison's antidote.

But not this herb…

[Red-dotted Crystal Flower]


Not this one either!

Tang Li Xue ran even deeper into Moonlight Forest and wasted more than ten minutes of the time limit but she still could not manage to find anything useful. Moonlight Forest was simply too vast, even if she explored it for tens of years; she still would not manage to comb through it all.

[Time remaining: 00:12:24]

'What to do?! What to do?! This is a waste of time! I would not be able to find anything even if I had a few days if I just search blindly depending on my luck like this!'

[Dash skill has increased to Lv3]

Tang Li Xue was panting and out of breath after using [Dash] continuously for the last ten minutes so she decided to take a breath and think.

'Wait!!! Luck!!!'

Tang Li Xue took the [Lucky Sticker] item out of her inventory.

[Author's note 1: Situs Inversus is a genetic condition in which the organs in the chest and abdomen are positioned in a mirror image from their normal positions. For example, the left atrium of the heart and the left lung are positioned on the body's right side.]

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