Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 8 - Chapter 8: Power Up!

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Power Up!

'The last is this thing...'

[Level 5 Novice Gift Package]

'Hopefully, I get more good items... OPEN!'

[Gained: 1x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 5xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xSilver Lottery Ticket, 250 Deity Coins, Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]

'OOOOOWWWWOOOOO... GOD BLESS ME! I... I got 1 more lucky sticker and there is 'Greater' word on it so it must be more powerful?!'

There was nothing new other than [Stamina Pill], just from its name Tang Li Xue could already guess its effect was to restore stamina but do not look down on it since this pill will be extremely useful like if she got chased and did not have any time to rest.

As for [Silver Lottery Ticket], Tang Li Xue knew that her luck has never been good so she decided to use it at the same time when she activated [Greater Lucky Sticker] later for optimum result.

However, Tang Li Xue already determined to only use [Greater Lucky Sticker] if she was really in critical condition and she has no other way out.

'Okay, that's it for my items... Now for my evolution... No... No... No... Not now! Not here!'

In whether novel, anime, or movie, evolution always accompanied by the large commotion and ended up with great exhaustion then passed out so the first thing she must do was to find a safe place to undergo her evolution process!

'I should find a safe place first but this big baggage is a really huge burden on my shoulders... Sigh...'

Tang Li Xue kicked the black-robed man lightly in annoyance.

What made her the most frustrated was that she did not have enough strength to move the black-robed man away so she cannot bring him to the safe place with her and could only guard by his side like this.

'Don't have enough strength?! Should I really use my remaining free stat points and put it into... Wait... Strength!'

'Isn't [Seven-Colored Star Grass] could increase strength?! That's it!'

Tang Li Xue checked the black-robed man once more, after making sure that he was recovering well, she dashed back toward the deeper part of Moonlight Forest where the hole was.

'Handsome, please hang on for a few minutes! Please don't get eaten by a lion before I come back! Well, if the lion really comes, it would be futile even if I guarding by your side...Nyahahaha!'

More or less one hour has already passed from when the black-robed man deathly battle and there was a chance for the lion that ran scared earlier would come back.

Tang Li Xue met with several small animals on her ways like squirrels or snake but she did not waste any time with them and quickly entered back in the dark small hole.

'[Seven-Colored Star Grass], where are you? Come to mommy Tang!'

The hole was dark and quite small only at the size of the palm but there're many branches like complicated tunnels; after searching up and down for half an hour, Tang Li Xue only manage to find several stalks of [Seven-Colored Star Grass].

Tang Li Xue sat near the hole entrance while staring at the several stalks of [Seven-Colored Star Grass] and sighed in disappointment.

'Only this pitiful amount?! Sigh... I really expect it too much. Well, I found a hole, not a herb garden after all. Haha...'

However, Tang Li Xue did not know how hard to grow [Seven-Colored Star Grass] was.

[Seven-Colored Star Grass] was a unique miracle herb; the method to raise it was to bath it with starlight at night DAILY every day without miss it even one day.

Moreover, [Seven-Colored Star Grass] cannot be touched by sunlight even once or it would instantly wilt and die!

So the chance of finding the wild [Seven-Colored Star Grass] was actually extremely minuscule.

It was unknown how many luck that Tang Li Xue's have to find these several stalks of [Seven-Colored Star Grass].

Well, actually if [Lucky Sticker]'s buff was still in effect maybe she would really find a lot more of it.

Tang Li Xue started eating [Seven-Colored Star Grass] slowly one by one while carefully savoring its taste.

The [Seven-Colored Star Grass] was actually tasteless but the cooling sensation that entered her mouth to her throat really made Tang Li Xue addicted.

Her body started to feel warm as a numb sensation began to spread around her limbs.

[Strength+1, Toughness+1]

[Strength+1, Toughness+1]

[Strength+1, Toughness+1]




'Good Stuff!' Tang Li Xue said in satisfaction after eating all [Seven-Colored Star Grass] cleanly.

She lied down lazily with her bloating stomach while started to daydreaming.

'Now I know why Uncle Sun likes to steal food from Celestial Palace... The food there... Sssss... must be much more delicious and contain tons of EXP...'

Tang Li Xue started to drool again while imagining...

'All of those Xi Wang Mu's peaches of immortality, Lao Tzu's pills of longevity, and the Jade Emperor's royal wine are certainly very delicious and rich of EXP...'

Suddenly hit by a realization, Tang Li Xue suddenly sat and put her tiny paw on her chin to ponder.

'What if... Just what if Uncle Sun was actually a normal monkey at first and he used this system to evolve into an almighty stone monkey in the end?! Not impossible, right?'

'That's why he always stole and ate all the good stuff in Celestial Palace... If I can go to Celestial Palace, I too would probably do the same thing and jump to reach Deity rank faster!'

'And... Since Uncle Sun already stood at the peak now, he did not need this system anymore so that was why he gave it to me as compensation?'

Tang Li Xue shook her furry head and decided to forget it since it did not matter anymore now; her first aim was to get her human form back first. As for Celestial Palace and Deity rank, it was still too far from her for now.

After digested her food, Tang Li Xue decided to check her current status first.

[Species: Fox Cub]

[Grade: Poor]

[Level 6 (Samaritan)]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: None



Strength: 18

Agility: 15


[Skills: Bite(Lv4), Scratch (Lv2), Hide(Lv4),Dash(Lv5), Identify(Lv3), Herbalism(Lv3)]

Stat Point: 24

Skill Point: 6

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 2x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 7xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 1xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1xCultivation Voucher, 410 Deity Coins, Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]

'Dayum... I am a lot stronger now!' Even her strength surpassed her main stat, agility...

Some of her skills even leveled up without her realizing it before!

Tang Li Xue decided to save all her stat points and skill points for later use.

Tang Li Xue dashed out from the small hole and headed back to where the black-robed man was.

She realized that 'toughness' status actually affected not only her HP amount and her defense but also her stamina endurance.

While 'agility' was actually affected her movement speed, attack speed, reflexes, and body flexibility.

Then 'strength'? Is it only affected her power? She still did not know much about it but there is still a lot of time, she could research it slowly later.

After arriving at the place where the black-robed man was, Tang Li Xue did not drop her vigilance and started to scan her surroundings.

Tang Li Xue bit the black-robed man's collar and started to drag him toward the cave where she first woke up.

'So heaaaavy... Urrrrgghhhh! Handsome, if you regain your consciousness later, the first thing you must do is to thank me! Really, if not I would bite your neck off! And also don't forget to reimburse my kindness to you later!'

Fortunately, the black-robed man's clothes were really resilient. Tang Li Xue did not know what it was made from, but she was really sure that his clothes are very expensive.

Tang Li Xue was dragging black-robed man really roughly and his head hits the stones on the way several times. Fortunately, black-robed man has very high cultivation so his body was really sturdy if not, the black-robed man's head would already bleeding furiously on the way and died.

'SHUT UP! I am a fox baby, okay?! It's already a miracle I can save him! Well... I just hope he doesn't have amnesia later...'

Tang Li Xue did not know to whom she was angry but she managed to drag the black-robed man into the cave in the end after a lot of effort.

Tang Li Xue lied down on the cave's cold floor and panted crazily.

Even with her enhanced 'toughness', it was still a too difficult task for her to drag an adult human with her tiny palm-sized body.

'Ssssssh... Dayum... Now the long-awaited EVOLUTION TIME HAS FINALLY COME!'

Tang Li Xue impatiently rubbed her tiny furry paws then opened the evolution window.

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