Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 9 - Chapter 9: Go! Go! Evolution!

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Go! Go! Evolution!

At the first evolution list, there was only regular kind of foxes...

[Red Fox]

[Grey Fox]

[Fennex Fox]




'Only this? I mean... Aren't this only regular one that even appears on earth? I want the strong one like nine-tailed fox in anime!' Tang Li Xue squinted her eyes in disappointment.

She knew that the first evolution would have no godlike transformation path like that but at the very least it should have something more OP.

Tang Li Xue scrolled down the evolution window, there was countless kind of foxes name but the lower she scrolled down the rarer the type of the foxes and there was even the requirement for the evolution.

[Swift Fox] [Req: Agility = 15]

[Ripper Fox] [Req: Strength = 15; Agility = 20]

[Snow Fox] [Req: Agility = 20; Toughness = 15]

[Berserk Fox] [Req: Strength = 20; Toughness = 15]




'Eh... There are some requirements for the evolution now?! Hmmm... Looks like these types of foxes are more formidable than the one in the upper list? Since it's like that then I will choose the one with the highest requirement! It should be the most OP!'

After searched the list up and down, Tang Li Xue managed to find some type of foxes with the highest requirement.

She began to ponder which one she should choose...

'This first evolution... I am afraid it's quite important and probably would determine the future evolution path! So I must choose carefully...'

[Shadow Fox] [Req: Strength= 15; Agility = 40; Toughness = 15; could only evolve in the darkest place]

[Moon Fox] [Req: Strength= 20; Agility = 30; Toughness = 20; could only evolve under the moonlight bath]

[Blazing Fox] [Req: Strength= 40; Agility = 30; could only evolve in the hot environment]

[Glacial Fox] [Req: Agility = 35; Toughness = 30; could only evolve in the cold environment]

'What a headache!!! All four sounds badass! Which one should I choose? Ok... Calm down, Li Tang Xue... I mean Tang Li Xue! Think! Which one is the best? Should I roll a dice to determine it?'

'Fortunately, I still save all of those stat points lately! If I used it immediately each time I leveling up, I would already be screwed up right now!'

Since she cannot find hot and cold place in this Moonlight Forest, she immediately passed the [Glacial Fox] and [Blazing Fox] leaving only [Shadow Fox] and [Moon Fox] as her choice.

'Moonlight forest... Moon Fox... Maybe... Just maybe... that this is fate? Then I will choose Moon Fox! I really like Sailormoon anyway! Haha... Like Uncle Sun known as Monkey King from Mount Huaguo, I would be known as Fox Queen from Moonlight Forest in the future! Bwahahaha!'

Tang Li Xue put 2 of her free stat points to strength and increase it to 20 then 6 stat points into 'toughness' stat to make it 20 too.

She put the rest 16 of her stat points into agility increase it to 31.

Now she only needs moonlight to start her first evolution!

It was still evening right now so Tang Li Xue must wait until night for moon come out so she could begin her evolution process.

Tang Li Xue sat on the mouth cave and gazing at the sunset for a few hours until night came. Her luck was quite good and the moon shone really bright tonight.

'It's time... Fuuuh... It's quite excited when I chose it before... but this last moment is really nerve-wracking now!'

It was not a game after all where she only needs to push a button and 'bam' evolution finish!

This is real life!

Tang Li Xue thought many things in this few hours... Like...

'Will I in great pain while in evolution process?',

'Can I give up in the middle of the evolution process and cancel it?'

'What happens if the process failed in the midway?'

'Will there be any danger with my life in the process?'

'Would I die if the process really fails? Will I go back to the netherworld and meet Grandma Meng again?'

Tang Li Xue shook her furry head to drive away all of the unnecessary thoughts, she walked to the poolside and sat there then chose [Moon Fox] option in the evolution list.


Tang Li Xue's body started to shine silvery light and absorbs the surrounding moonlight.

'Eh... Ouch... Ouch... Ouch... What... What is this sensation? UUUUUUAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH...'

Well, Tang Li Xue actually not feels any pain right now but she suddenly understood that maybe the great pain was actually a better choice...

'IIIIITTTTTCCCCCHHHHHH... $&%$*$&*^*^&$#@$!'

Tang Li Xue feels extreme itch encroaching her whole tiny body and she started to curse. What was more unbelievable that she was currently cursing nonstop without any repetition in her words at all in her mind?!

'NNNUUUUUUUOOOOOOOHHHH... God just kill me already! Damn f*cker system why there is no option to turn off my pain receptor... No, I mean itch receptor!'

Silvery light on Tang Li Xue's body became more and more brighter while her surroundings became even more darker.

In a few minutes, the moonlight stopped shining on the surrounding environment and shrunk to only shining at Tang Li Xue's body and on the ground where she stood up.

Her body also started to grow little by little under the moonlight intense nourishment while Tang Li Xue still busily rolling around everywhere and cursing non-stop to ease the extreme itches on her body.

As the moonlight that shone on Tang Li Xue become more and more intense, it started to form a tiny spark of silver light like silver fireflies.

At first, it was only one spark then it increased to tens of them, slowly rise to hundreds of them and in only half an hour there are countless of them swarming around Tang Li Xue's body covering up her entire body.

'AUUUUWWWOOOOO!!! I SOOOOOOO IIIIITTTTCHHHH! If I could choose I would rather choose extreme pain over this! At least, I could lose consciousness over pain but it's impossible to lose consciousness over itch!'

Tang Li Xue still rolling on the ground while twisting her body right and left to reduce the itchiness but rather than reduced the itchiness became even more terrifying instead.

While Tang Li Xue still busying herself to overcome her itchiness, the silver spark keeps increasing steadily and now it began to form a silver giant pillar that connecting the moon with Tang Li Xue.


No one knew what really happened but the ground started to shake violently and the giant pillar made from countless silver sparks also become even brighter that it stung every creature's eyes that see it.

As the silver giant pillar shone even brighter, it also turned even more solid like a real pillar made from silver.


The silver giant pillar exploded into countless tiny fragments like a glass and all of it flew toward Tang Li Xue then entered her body.

Tang Li Xue also felt that her itchiness started to decrease at a rapid pace and her heart jumped in relief and happiness.

In the end, when all the tiny fragments successfully entered her body, her itchiness also completely disappears.

'Aaaaiiiiyoooo… So comfortable!!! Haaaah… Fuuuh… It feels really good to be alive... So tired!'

Tang Li Xue slowly stood up, she felt extremely tired but her body feels so light and full of strength.

She walked to the nearby pool and used its reflection to look at her current form.

Her body already grew from a fox cub as big as a palm into an adult cat size.

Her fox body looks slender and noble but full of strength, all of her muscles felt more flexible and sturdier now.

'Beautiful and full of dignity… Really a form that suited with this glorious fox queen… In the near future of course…'

However, her unique characteristic, her mesmerizing blue topaz eyes did not disappear at all. On the contrary, it became even more enchanting than before.

Tang Yi Xue nodded her head in satisfaction on glanced at her new form a few more times. After she got bored with it, she gets even sleepier so she quickly entered the dark cave to sleep.

'There is a warm and comfortable bed tonight! Better use it rather than let it waste… I am not an innocent 'girl' anymore anyway! But of course, I am still an innocent 'female fox' now…'

Tang Yi Xue jumped to the top of the black-robed man's warm body, she yawned then lay down comfortably on him.

'Aaaah… So cozy and warm… Like a warming pillow… Good night…'

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