Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 822 Dangerous Plan!

Chapter 822 Chapter 822: Dangerous Plan!

Tang Li Xue tried to think hard about how to infiltrate the treasure room without being discovered by the old man, but no matter how hard she thought, she still could not find a way to do it.

"Damn it~! Is there really no way for us to obtain the treasures with star energy in this place?! I am very unwilling to give up just like that after we have come this far!" Tang Li Xue gnashed her pearl-white teeth in a tone filled with vexation.

However, a light of inspiration suddenly flashed in her mind right at this moment!

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone in enlightenment as she muttered: "Wait a minute... I wonder who is stronger between this old man and the previous crazy woman? Err, well... the result does not really matter."

"The main point is that if we can somehow lure the crazy woman here to make this old man busy even only for a while, then we might be able to exploit that chance to sneak into the treasure room and steal away the precious treasures with star energy!" Tang Li Xue stated her plan excitedly as a charming smile bloomed on her stunningly beautiful face.

"Hey, hey, hey... You did not plan to make me lure that scary woman to come here, right? Just so you know,?it is impossible for me to successfully do it!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy immediately said her complaint through their mind connection.

But what Tang Li Xue's perfect copy had just said was the truth.

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy already bumped into the scary woman in the fancy red dress twice, but they almost got killed four times in total before they could react or resist that scary woman.

From that, it could easily be seen how big the strength and speed difference between them and the scary woman.

"Don't worry, I will not let you do it this time. I do not believe that I cannot match that scary woman in terms of speed after I transformed back into my fox form, entered [Divine Possession Mode] with Yaya, and activated [Wings of Freedom] buff." Tang Li Xue said in a tone filled with confidence.

If all of those were still not enough, she could even activate the [Merge] skill to fuse with her perfect copy, so her overall stats would be doubled for one hour!

Yes, Tang Li Xue had decided to go all out in order to get the precious treasure containing abundant star energies in this place!

"But don't be too happy just yet, you and Little Loki still have another important task to do!" Tang Li Xue warned her perfect copy in a stern tone.

After Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy devised their next plan carefully for a while, Tang Li Xue immediately canceled her [Human Transfiguration] and transformed back to her fox form.

Different from Tang Li Xue in her human form which could only use around 30% of her overall stats, Tang Li Xue in her fox form could use 100% of her overall stats. In short, she would become at least three times more powerful and faster than before.

"Let's go, Yaya~!" Tang Li Xue urged Yaya in an encouraging tone.

"Yayaya Yaya~! (Leave it to me~!)" Yaya flapped her transparent fairy wings while patting her tiny chest excitedly.

Yaya's tiny figure turned into a flash of green light and merged into Tang Li Xue's body.


[You have entered Divine Possession with Yaya!]

Two pairs of transparent fairy wings appeared on Tang Li Xue's back.

Tang Li Xue even activated her [Wings of Freedom] and [Wind Guardian Blessing] buffs to increase her speed even further by several times!


[Wings of Freedom] activated! (Increase the effect of Agility stat by five more times and grant Fast Flight buff for 15 minutes duration.)


[Wind Guardian Blessing] activated! (Increase overall speed by 50% and add auto-dodge effect. Duration: 10 seconds.)

The duration of the [Wind Guardian Blessing] might be only 10 seconds, but Yaya or Tang Li Xue only needed to re-activate it again after the duration was run out, so logically, it was almost the same as having a permanent buff... Well, as long as they still had enough energy to continuously use this skill because it consumed quite a lot of their energy.

Tang Li Xue used the [Swap] skill to exchange location with her perfect copy who was still on the first floor.

Then Tang Li Xue put Little Loki into her System's pet space, activated the [Swap] skill again, and released Little Loki on the second floor before [Swap] back again to the first floor.

This way, both her perfect copy and Little Loki were on the second floor near the treasure room right now.


Tang Li Xue's silver furry figure turned into a silver flash as she swiftly moved around the first floor to look at the scary woman in the fancy red dress.

It was truly an irony since they were trying so hard to not meet with the scary woman in the fancy red dress again just now, but Tang Li Xue was intentionally searching for her instead right at this moment.

Tang Li Xue was already very familiar with the layout of the first floor, so she could wander around the first floor without getting lost.

All of the dried corpses she met in her way got cut into pieces in an instant before they could even react.

With Tang Li Xue's current unimaginable speed and powerful strength, those dried corpses no longer had any threat to her.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy did not have enough time to put the tracker from their [Mapping Sense] skill onto the scary woman in the fancy red dress before, if not for that, Tang Li Xue could definitely find her much easier right now.

But that was not a big problem at all since it did not take long for Tang Li Xue to bump again with the scary woman in the fancy red dress!

Tang Li Xue hastily condensed the earplug with her [Energy Manipulation]!


The scary woman in the fancy red dress let out an earth-

shattering scream as a terrifyingly powerful aura burst out from her body!

Despite Tang Li Xue already wearing the ear plug, she still felt dizzy and uncomfortable because the scary woman's scream was actually not a sonic attack skill, but it was the skill to target her opponent's mind and consciousness.

The scary woman swiftly took this chance to flash toward Tang Li Xue in an instant!

The speed of the scary woman was truly terrifying since she could close the distance of more than a hundred meters in only a blink of an eye!

Tang Li Xue had [Sun and Moon Aegis] and her dual powerful bloodlines, so she could recover very quickly from any negative status such as dizziness, but the scary woman's speed was clearly so much faster than Tang Li Xue's negative status recovery ability.

That was the reason why Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy could get beaten so badly and almost get killed several times by this scary woman before.

When the scary woman in the fancy red dress unleashed a swift spear hand thrust toward Tang Li Xue's furry head, Tang Li Xue suddenly tilted her furry head to the right side in reflex which made the scary woman's attack miss!

This was actually the auto-dodge effect from Yaya's [Wind Guardian Blessing]!

Of course, this auto-dodge effect was not omnipotent. If the opponent's attack speed was much higher than Tang Li Xue's speed, the opponent's attack would still hit Tang Li Xue in the end.

But the point was Tang Li Xue's current speed was clearly higher than the scary woman right now!

After Tang Li Xue woke up from her dizziness, she saw the scary woman's face with a pair of hollow eyes so close to her snout, so she hastily used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step ] plus [Breezing Step] to keep her distance from the scary woman.

"Ugyaaah~! You look so scary and ugly, so could you please stay away a bit from me?! Oh, and you smell so stinky like a thousand years rotten fish~!" Tang Li Xue mercilessly mocked the scary woman since her task was to attract the scary woman to the second floor.

Tang Li Xue only planned to try it, but she did not really hope much because she thought how could a zombified corpse like this scary woman understand what she was saying and get angry because of it.

But who knew that the expression of that beautiful lady in the fancy red dress actually distorted as she roared out loud in anger?!


"Wow, so it can really work?!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in surprise and disbelief.

The distorted angry face of the beautiful lady in the fancy red dress became filled with wrinkles. Her hollow eyes and mouth released black gas.

Her terrifyingly powerful aura became increasingly terrifying as it locked at Tang Li Xue and tried to suppress her!

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