Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 823 Thrilling Chase!

Chapter 823 Chapter 823: Thrilling Chase!

Tang Li Xue instantly felt her body become very heavy?as?if her body became a mountain rooted on the floor.

The scary woman in the fancy red dress flashed toward Tang Li Xue once again, and Tang Li Xue's extremely high speed?was no longer able to?help her get away from the scary woman!

Tang Li Xue gnashed her fangs as she quickly took something out of her space pouch!

[Amulet of Teleportation]~!

When the scary woman in the fancy red dress stretched out her hand to grab Tang Li Xue, Tang Li Xue suddenly vanished from right in front of her sight!

[Vacuum Slash]~!

After she teleported more than a hundred meters away from the scary woman, Tang Li Xue immediately shot [Vacuum Slash] toward the?scary?woman!

The scary woman swung the palm of her hand to meet [Vacuum Slash] head-on!

[Shadow Crane Palm]~!

Black energy spread out from the scary woman's palm, and Tang Li Xue's [Vacuum Slash] faded?away?before it could even touch the?scary?woman!

Of course, Tang Li Xue?never expected since the very beginning?that her attack would hurt the scary woman in the fancy red dress.

She only did that to provoke the scary woman's?anger,?so the?scary?woman would chase after her to the second floor in rage.

Tang Li Xue's provocation had proven to be super effective since the scary woman was?really?chasing after Tang Li Xue madly as if Tang Li Xue had stolen her money!

Tang Li Xue hastily used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus [Breezing Step] to?run away from?the scary woman in the fancy red dress!

Combining her two movement skills with [Wings of Freedom] and [Wind Guardian Blessing] buffs, Tang Li Xue's current speed could be?said?faster?than even?lightning!

But who knew that the scary woman could?actually?still keep up with her?current?unimaginable speed, and she even faintly close the distance between them bit by bit?!

"Holy cow~! How the heck she can move as fast as me?! Did she have a rocket booster on her legs or something?!" Tang Li Xue complained in fright.

At this rate, the scary woman might?really?catch up with Tang Li Xue soon, so Tang Li Xue decided to do something to slow her down!

[Tempest Prison]~!

The?powerful?swirling wind emerged around the scary woman in the fancy red dress!

The?powerful?swirling wind tried to trap her down in the middle, but the black energy spread on the scary woman's palm, and she actually forcefully tore apart the swirling wind as if it were made from paper!

The scary woman?easily?solved Tang Li Xue's [Tempest Prison], but at least she?got?slowed down for a few milliseconds because of it, and Tang Li Xue managed to pull some more distance from the scary woman.

Just when Tang Li Xue?took a sigh of?relief, the scary woman?actually?began to do something unexpected!

The scary woman skillfully controlled her black energy to condense a dozen black cones, and under her control, those dozen black cones flew swiftly toward Tang Li Xue!

"Damn it~! What the heck are those things?!" Tang Li Xue groaned in panic.

Tang Li Xue immediately used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus [Breezing Step] to twist her silver furry body?flexibly?and move around irregularly!

She managed to avoid the attacks from those dozen black cones, and they missed her by a hair's breadth!

But after those dozen black cones missed Tang Li Xue, they?actually?formed a barricade right?in front of?her!

Tang Li Xue swiftly laid down and curled up her silver furry body sideways, then let her body slide through a small gap between the barricade of those black cones!


One of Tang Li Xue's silver furry tails still accidentally grazed those black cones, and Tang Li Xue felt a burning pain in her tail, but she clearly did not have time to worry about that since the scary woman in the fancy red dress managed to get much closer to her right now!

However, the good news was that Tang Li Xue had finally reached the stairs heading to the second floor!

Before Tang Li Xue climbed up the stairs, a terrifyingly powerful aura burst out from the scary woman and locked at Tang Li Xue again!

Tang Li Xue instantly feltthat her body becameextremely heavylikea Five Finger Mountain pressing on her head!


Without giving Tang Li Xue enough time to do anything, the scary woman let out an earth-shattering scream to stun Tang Li Xue for a while!

Despite wearing the earplugs condensed from her [Energy Manipulation], Tang Li Xue still felt dizzy and uncomfortable.

Of course, the effect was not as strong as before since Tang Li Xue was not only wearing earplugs right nowbutshe wasalso in her fox form plus [Divine Possession Mode] with Yayawhichincreased her overall stats by more than just three times.

Just when the scary woman almost reached Tang Li Xue, Tang Li Xue suddenly opened her topaz blue eyes and stared mockingly at thescarywoman in the fancy red dress.

"Don't you ever think... that the same trick would still work against meagain and again~!" Tang Li Xue scolded the scary woman in the fancy red dress with a cold tone.

Then Tang Li Xue unleashed the new divine ability that she had rarely used until now toward the scary woman...

[Stellar Banishment]~!

[Stellar Banishment]: Borrowing the power of the stars to temporarily banish any target to the empty starry sky. (The duration of the Stellar Banishment depends on the difference between thestrength of the userand the target.)

The scary woman was temporarily banished by Tang Li Xuewith her [Stellar Banishment], and a ball of dazzling light appeared in her place.

Without waiting for the scary woman to return, Tang Li Xue quickly activated her other divine ability to get away further from the ball of dazzling light!

[Wind Burst Step]~!

With Tang Li Xue'scurrentunimaginable speed, she wouldcertainlybecome even faster if she used [Wind Burst Step], but there were several good reasons why she never used it until now.

But the main reason was because the layout of this Medicine Palace Garden was too complicated, and if she was not careful in using [Wind Burst Step], she might crash onto the wall or any dried corpses instead.

Anyway, Tang Li Xueactuallydid not want to use [Wind Burst Step] inside this Medicine Palace Garden if she had not been forced by the scary woman until it reached this point.

Just likeTang Li Xue had expected, the scary woman in the fancy red dress managed to break out of the [Stellar Banishment] in less than one second.

Thankfully, Tang Li Xuealreadypulled quite some distance between them using [Wind Burst Step], although her snout almost crashed onto the wall just now.

The scary woman looked even angrier after Tang Li Xue banished her with [Stellar Banishment], so she was chasing after Tang Li Xue even more desperately than before as if Tang Li Xue had just stolen her husband!

There were still some dried corpses wandering around on their way, but they did not have any time to react at all as Tang Li Xue and the scary woman sprinted past them.

"Hey, is everything ready? That sleeping old man is still guarding in front of the gates, right?" Tang Li Xue asked her perfect copy through their mind connection.

"Don't worry, everything is ready. Oh, and that old man has not moved even an inch until now." The perfect copy informed Tang Li Xue.

"You better not mess around later! Just do it as our plan, and we should be able to secure the precious treasures with star energies, but you better do it quickly since I might not be able to hold on for long. We do not even know how strong that old man is?! I am really afraid this scary woman would be beaten by that old man too quickly!" Tang Li Xue doubtfully nagged her perfect copy.

"I know, I know~! You are too fussy like an old grandma! Should I just call you Grandma Tang from now on?!" The perfect copy jokingly replied to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue rolled her topaz blue eyes. She really did not have any mood to respond to her perfect copy's jokes since the scary woman in the fancy red dress was still chasing after her crazily from behind right now.

The scary woman condensed a dozen black cones with her black energy and controlled them to keep harassing Tang Li Xue from time to time in order to slow her down.

Tang Li Xue skillfully kept dodging the attacks from those dozen black cones with her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus [Breezing Step].

To be honest, if not for Yaya's [Wind God's Eyes] and [Wind Guardian Blessing]'s auto-dodge buff effect, those dozen black cones might have already hit Tang Li Xue since the very start.

[Wind God's Eyes]: A pair of eyes blessed by Wind God which are capable of seeing through any kind of movement no matter how fast they are, and predict the next few moves and their trajectories accurately.

From the first floor to the second floor, their thrilling chasing action only lasted for one minute or so, but Tang Li Xue felt it had already lasted for a very long time.

Moreover, the continuous attacks from those dozen black cones actually managed to slow down Tang Li Xue, and the scary woman in the fancy red dress had already gotten closer and closer to her again.

It might only take a few seconds at most for the scary woman to catch up with Tang Li Xue.

Thankfully, they were already very close to the treasure room which the old man with a silver sword guarding!

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