Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Marriage

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The guests in the banquet hall downstairs were unaware of the event that had happened in the hall upstairs.

The wedding ceremony started on time.

The ceremony was held in the open courtyard of the hotel.

The courtyard was full of guests. As the wedding march sounded, led by her grandfather, Qiao Jiuyin stepped onto the red carpet on the lawn and walked all the way to Fang Mu. She was dressed in a one-shoulder silk wedding gown and had a floral wreath made of small diamonds on her head.

The wedding ceremony proceeded smoothly. The newlyweds recited their vows, then exchanged rings.

When the box was opened, the diamond ring that shone brightly under the sun blinded everyone.

At this moment, Qiao Jiusheng was standing behind a carved pillar in the corner of the courtyard house. She had worn a thin black sweater, light-colored jeans, and a cap that perfectly covered her face, which looked exactly like the bride’s.

When Qiao Jiusheng heard the emcee ask Fang Mu if he was willing to marry Qiao Jiuyin as his bride, a faint sadness flashed in her eyes. She couldn’t help it even though her feelings for Fang Mu had already been worn away in her previous life.

Her heart ached.

Brother Mu, don’t you realize that the woman standing beside you is not Xiao Sheng?

Qiao Jiusheng instantly took a step forward.

She wanted to expose Qiao Jiuyin’s fake identity in public!

She wanted to tell Fang Mu that she was the real Qiao Jiusheng, and the woman standing beside him was just a ruthless and vicious murderer, who had occupied the magpie’s nest!

However, she had just taken a small step when Fang Mu’s firm answer drifted into her ears.

“I will.”

Fang Mu’s reply was like an invisible palm that had slapped Qiao Jiusheng’s face.

The pain and the burning sensation completely woke her up.

She stopped in her tracks.

Raising her head a little, Qiao Jiusheng looked at Fang Mu, who was now dressed in a white groom’s outfit.

He looked stunning, and he personally put the ring on Qiao Jiuyin’s finger. The way he looked at the woman in front of him was not cold, but gentle. He bent down again, then gently and lovingly kissed Qiao Jiuyin’s fingertips.

Everything was perfect.

Qiao Jiusheng lowered her head and blankly stared at the back of her shoes.

She suddenly realized that it didn’t matter whether she continued to advance or ran away. She had lost to Qiao Jiuyin the moment Fang Mu said “I will.” The man who had claimed that he would marry her, said that he loved her, and made an oath with her could not tell the difference between her and Qiao Jiuyin.

Actually, she should have seen this coming.

In her previous life, Fang Mu and Qiao Jiuyin had lived together for decades. Their marriage had always existed, and they even had a child. Regardless of whether Fang Mu had discovered Qiao Jiuyin’s disguise or not, just the fact that he never ended their marriage was enough to chill Qiao Jiusheng’s heart.

Perhaps, he had discovered that Qiao Jiuyin was not Qiao Jiusheng, but Qiao Jiusheng was ‘dead.’ For the sake of his family’s interests, he still chose to maintain that marriage. Maybe, he never discovered Qiao Jiuyin’s true colors, but this disappointed Qiao Jiusheng even more.

Qiao Jiusheng silently retreated a step. When she heard the thunderous applause behind her, she felt strangely calm and unperturbed.

Her relationship with Fang Mu had a six-year history.

However, in her previous life, she had been imprisoned for countless ‘six years.’ No matter how deep her love for him was, it should’ve dissipated and ceased to exist.

Fang Mu, from today onward, I, Qiao Jiusheng, have nothing to do with you.


As he looked at the pair of newlyweds passionately kissing in front of him, Qi Bufan leaned close to Fang Yusheng’s ear and whispered, “The ring is very big, even bigger than the eight-carat sapphire ring in the proposal.”

Fang Yusheng silently fiddled with his prayer beads and muttered, “Amitabha, forgive his sin.”

“What sin?” Qi Bufan did not understand.

Fang Yusheng said, “It’s such a waste to buy a stone so costly. It’s a sin.”

Qi Bufan pursed his lips. He did not agree with Fang Yusheng. A man like Fang Yusheng, who had lived for 29 years but was still single, naturally did not know how attractive diamonds were to a woman.

After the ceremony, everyone moved to the banquet hall.

As the eldest son of the Fang family, Fang Yusheng naturally had to sit at the family table. Since he could not see, his personal assistant, Qi Bufan, also sat beside him. A small plate lay in front of Fang Yusheng. Qi Bufan looked at the revolving table, picked up his chopsticks, and placed some light vegetarian food and pastries into Fang Yusheng’s bowl.

Fang Yusheng took two bites. Although the taste was good, the food lacked the touch of a human.

After a few bites, Fang Yusheng stopped.

The bride and groom came to him to propose a toast. Fang Yusheng raised his glass and took a sip. “Congratulations! May you give birth to a child soon and have a blissful marriage.” He looked at the bride and congratulated her.

Qiao Jiuyin was a little surprised to be in close contact with the First Young Master of the Fang family.

Fang Yusheng was different from what she had imagined. He looked extremely charismatic. Whether it was his speech, standing posture, or his elegant aura, it was hard to associate him with the word “blind.” Of course, if his hairstyle were any more normal, he would really be a noble young master who had transmigrated from the Republic of China.

“Thank you, Big Brother,” Qiao Jiuyin said.

Standing beside her, Fang Mu stared at Fang Yusheng’s face for a few seconds before calmly saying, “Thank you for your kind words.”

Qiao Jiuyin could sense that Fang Mu’s attitude toward Fang Yusheng was not friendly. A noble family having internal strife between brothers was not surprising. Qiao Jiuyin knew about Fang Mu’s identity as an illegitimate son. She guessed that he might not be on good terms with the real Eldest Young Master. However, she did not say anything and just quietly stood at the side with a perfect smile on her face.

Qi Bufan deeply looked at Qiao Jiuyin. After the newlyweds left, he muttered to Fang Yusheng, “This Second Madam is not easy to deal with.”

Fang Yusheng merely fiddled with his Buddha beads without saying anything.

The next morning, the new daughter-in-law of the Fang family cleaned up and put on a peach-colored dress. She then went to the main dining room to have breakfast with everyone.

When Qiao Jiuyin and Fang Mu arrived, they realized the table was missing someone.

The virtuous daughter-in-law scooped some porridge for the elders and passed it to Fang Pingjue and Xu Pingfei. Qiao Jiuyin heard Fang Pingjue ask Housekeeper Wan, “Your young master isn’t here yet?”

Wan Lang said, “Young Master is bathing at this time.”

Fang Yusheng loved to cultivate his body and mind, so the Fang family was used to it. Qiao Jiuyin had already inquired about her brother-in-law’s lifestyle preferences, so she did not show any surprise.

Xu Pingfei picked up a spoon, stirred the porridge, and said with a sigh, “That child has a clear mind and few desires all day long. It’s really worrying! The second brother has already married, but there’s still no news about the eldest brother. Pingjue, don’t you think it’s time to settle your eldest son’s marriage?”

Hearing those words, everyone around the table showed different expressions.

Fang Pingjue recalled that Fang Yusheng would be thirty next year and he still didn’t have a girlfriend. The thought of it embarrassed him. He put down his spoon and asked Xu Pingfei, “Don’t you go to a tea party on the 3rd and the 18th of every month?”

Xu Pingfei acknowledged and said, “Yes.” She recalled that Qiao Jiuyin had just entered the Fang Family. Since they were a family, it was time to bring Qiao Jiuyin to meet those wealthy ladies. She said, “Jiusheng, if you have nothing else to do, come with me to take a look. There are quite a few young ladies at the tea party who just got married. If you guys meet, you will have many topics to talk about.”

Qiao Jiuyin did not hesitate to agree.

Upon hearing this, Fang Pingjue said, “The two of you, pay more attention and see which family has a suitable daughter. Introduce a few to my eldest son.” He looked up at Fang Yusheng, who was dressed in a short cotton shirt and who slowly walked into the main house with a cane, and said, “It’s time for him to get married.”

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