Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Scheming Woman

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Fang Yusheng walked to his seat and sat down. He calmly said, “Sorry for the delay.”

Seeing him take his seat, the others stopped their conversation.

Fang Yusheng hadn’t put on sunglasses today, but his eyelids were closed as though he were sleepwalking.

Qiao Jiuyin scooped a bowl of porridge for Fang Yusheng and handed it to him.

“Thank you,” Fang Yusheng said to Qiao Jiuyin.

Qiao Jiuyin replied that it was nothing much. She then walked to Fang Mu and sat down.

Fang Yusheng touched the edge of the bowl, then reached out for the spoon. He scooped a spoonful of hot porridge, blew on it, and brought it to his mouth. The action was very beautiful. Just as Fang Yusheng put the porridge into his mouth, a slight frown appeared on his face. Almost no one in the Fang family knew that the Fang family’s eldest young master was allergic to eggs.

However, since he didn’t want anyone to discover his weakness, Fang Yusheng scooped another spoonful of porridge and ate it as though nothing had happened.

When the meal finished, Fang Yusheng felt that his skin was burning. He found an excuse and left the hall.

Looking at his graceful back view, Fang Yuqing casually said to Qiao Jiuyin, “I wonder what kind of a woman would gain Brother Yusheng’s favor.”

Qiao Jiuyin smiled and replied, “She’ll naturally be an outstanding beauty.”

Fang Yuqing snorted and proudly said, “Of course, after all, he’s my Brother Yusheng.” She gave him a thumbs up.

Qiao Jiuyin got a little curious, so she asked, “Do you admire him?”



Fang Yuqing pinched the sleeve of her floral dress and shyly said, “He’s so handsome.”

Qiao Jiuyin was speechless.

She shook her head. Fang Yuqing was a little girl after all. Qiao Jiuyin gazed at Fang Mu, who was answering a call in the courtyard. Her eyes became filled with pride. Fang Mu was not bad-looking either. He was handsome, and on top of that, he had outstanding abilities. Women liked men like him the most.

After the meal, she and Fang Mu returned to their own courtyard.

As they walked on the way, Fang Mu suddenly said, “Xiao Sheng, if you don’t like it, you can reject it.”

The puzzled Qiao Jiuyin asked, “What?”

Fang Mu guiltily looked at her and said, “You said before that the thing you hate the most is sitting with a group of women to drink tea and gossip. Just now, Aunt Xu asked you to go to the tea party with her. You can reject her.” Fang Mu had married Qiao Jiusheng because he wanted her to be happy, not to make things difficult for her.

The Qiao sisters looked the same, but their personalities were different.

Qiao Jiusheng had a carefree personality. She loved freedom and was the most unrestrained person. On the other hand, Qiao Jiuyin was well-educated and well-mannered. She often attended tea parties and cocktail parties. The rich madams in Yang City greatly favored her. Therefore, when Xu Pingfei had casually mentioned it this morning, Qiao Jiuyin had agreed without hesitation.

Thus, when she heard Fang Mu mention this matter, she panicked. She became afraid that Fang Mu would sense that something was amiss. Qiao Jiuyin quickly said, “Brother Mu, after I marry you, I’ll be the second young mistress of the Fang family first, then the second young mistress of the Qiao family. I can’t step away from certain occasions.”

Seeing ‘Qiao Jiusheng’s’ good intentions, Fang Mu could not help but feel moved. He pinched her palm, and the guilt in his eyes deepened. “Xiao Sheng, wait a few more years. When I’m in charge, you can reject everything that you don’t want to do.”



Fang Yusheng had just returned to his courtyard when the door to the courtyard behind him closed. His originally handsome and upright body suddenly leaned to the side. Aunt Jin, who had come to pick him up as usual, got a shock when she saw him almost fall.

“Young Master Yusheng, what happened?”

Fang Yusheng was very uncomfortable. He leaned on Aunt Jin and remained silent. As she held Fang Yusheng in her arms, Aunt Jin realized that his breathing had become abnormally fast. His neck and collarbone had turned red as well.

Aunt Jin immediately understood what happened and hurriedly called Qi Bufan over.

“What did you eat? You’re having an allergic reaction again.” Qi Bufan immediately took the medicine prepared at home and fed it to Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng rested on the sofa for a while, and he finally felt more comfortable.

“I’m going upstairs to rest.”

After saying those words, he got up to go upstairs when the doorbell suddenly rang. Aunt Jin ran out to take a look and turned back to shout at Fang Yusheng, “Young Master Yusheng, Miss Yuqing is here.”

Fang Yusheng stopped in his tracks and said, “Let her in.”

Fang Yuqing, who was wearing a floral dress, happily ran into her brother’s courtyard with a pot of orchids in her hand. “Brother Yusheng.” She had heard his voice before she saw him. Her voice was clear and sweet like a nightingale.

Fang Yusheng looked up. Even though he could not see anyone, he could guess that Fang Yuqing was smiling.

Sure enough, she was indeed smiling. The moment she entered the room, she placed the pot of orchids on the wooden table by the window. “Brother Yusheng, these orchids were transported from Yunnan. I saw that your meditation room was very empty. This pot of orchids will definitely make for a nice addition.”

Suddenly, she remembered that her brother could not see. Therefore, she pursed her lips and obediently sat down on the sofa opposite Fang Yusheng. She looked up at her brother and stared at his closed eyes. Fang Yusheng’s eyes had lost the ability to see, and they had been like this for fourteen years. Fang Yuqing was only seventeen. In her memory, her brother had always been blind.

Whenever her big brother had appeared in front of her, he was either wearing sunglasses or had closed his eyes. She had never seen his eyes before.

She was extremely curious about Fang Yusheng.

“Bufan, move the flowers into the meditation room.” Fang Yusheng instructed Qi Bufan.

“Alright.” Qi Bufan carried the pot of orchids into the meditation room.

When her big brother really asked Qi Bufan to move the flowers into the meditation room, Fang Yuqing smiled even more sweetly.

Aunt Jin brought Fang Yuqing some fruits. As Fang Yuqing ate, she suddenly heard Fang Yusheng ask, “You changed your perfume.”

“Brother Yusheng, your nose is really sensitive.” Fang Yuqing stood up and ran to Fang Yusheng’s side to sit down. She did not get too close to him as she knew that this big brother did not like to get too close to people. Stretching out her hand in front of Fang Yusheng, she smiled and said, “It’s not perfume. I changed my shower gel. Guess what brand this is.”

The tip of his nose twitched in the air. Fang Yusheng answered, “Chanel No. 4 shower gel.”

“Brother Yusheng, you’re amazing.” Fang Yuqing became even happier. As she sniffed her arm, she thought of something and casually mentioned, “Second Sister-in-law gave me this shower gel. Not only is she good-looking, but she also has good taste.”

Fang Yusheng could tell that Fang Yuqing really liked this new sister-in-law of hers. “You like her quite a lot.”

“Yeah, she’s quite a nice person. A few days ago, she even asked me about the tastes and preferences of the whole family. She said that she would make a delicious meal for everyone someday.”

When Fang Yusheng heard this, he agreed that this new sister-in-law was quite thoughtful. When he heard the girl beside him fiddling with something on the table, he asked, “Then what did you tell her about me?”

“Hmph!” Fang Yuqing proudly replied. “I know you the best in the family. I told her that apart from disliking greasy food and being allergic to eggs, you’re not picky about anything else.”

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