Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Blind Date


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In the entire Fang family, apart from Fang Yuqing, no one knew that Fang Yusheng was allergic to eggs.

Fang Yusheng subconsciously fiddled with the prayer beads a few times and praised his new sister-in-law for being virtuous. Then, he pretended to be curious and said, “Today’s breakfast tasted pretty good, especially that porridge with preserved egg and lean meat. If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t eat eggs, I would’ve really liked to try a few more mouthfuls.”

“Hey, Second Sister-in-law personally ordered the century egg and lean meat porridge last night. I think it tasted good too.” As Fang Yuqing finished speaking, she realized that Fang Yusheng’s words were a little off. “Brother Yusheng, did you eat the porridge this morning?”

When Fang Yusheng did not deny it, Fang Yuqing’s expression turned a little ugly. “You know you’re allergic to eggs, so why did you still eat that porridge? Are you feeling unwell?” Fang Yuqing asked in an anxious voice. She was genuinely concerned about her brother.

Fang Yusheng waved his hand and said, “I only tasted it. I’m fine.”

Fang Yuqing was relieved to see that he was really fine.

The orchids were just an excuse. Her real intention in coming all the way to this place was informing Fang Yusheng that her mother and father were planning to arrange a blind date for him. She carefully observed Fang Yusheng’s expression. His expression was calm, and she could not tell what his emotions were.

Even though Fang Yusheng could not see her, he could feel her focused gaze.

His mouth curved as he asked her, “Why are you staring at me?”

“Brother Yusheng, you’re in big trouble these few days.”


Pursing her lips, Fang Yuqing hesitated for a few seconds before deciding to tell him. “Father might ask you to go on a blind date in the upcoming days.”

Fang Yusheng’s face still had a smile, but he started to twirl the Buddha Beads again.

“Oh, really?”

Fang Yuqing did not reply. Fang Yusheng, whose eyes were closed, raised his head and faced the window. The window was open, and he could feel the breeze blowing in and brushing past his face.

Fang Yusheng repeatedly rubbed the largest prayer bead and softly muttered, “Which lady in Binjiang City would fancy a blind person like me?” His tone was very gentle, but Fang Yuqing could hear the hatred in his words.

It shocked her. She suddenly raised her head to look at Fang Yusheng, but only saw a faint smile on his face. At this moment, Fang Yusheng gave Fang Yuqing the feeling of a wild crane in the clouds. It seemed as if those words had not come from his mouth.

Fang Yuqing was unfamiliar with this nature of her brother Yusheng.

She suddenly felt that she did not have the courage to stay in this house any longer. Therefore, she quickly got up, said that she had an appointment with a friend, and hurriedly left.

As soon as she left, Qi Bufan walked out of the meditation room.

He stood behind Fang Yusheng and said, “Mr. Fang, it seems this Second Madam has something against you.”

“She has just married into the Fang family, yet she’s so eager to stand up for my second brother. They are truly a loving couple.” Fang Yusheng smiled as if he were very envious of their loving relationship.

Qi Bufan lowered his eyes and looked at the man in front of him. He felt strange.

“Are you going on that blind date?”

Fang Yusheng remained silent. No one knew what he was thinking.


Women were born to be matchmakers.

The matchmaking event Fang Pingjue had mentioned that morning had become a priority for Xu Pingfei. Xu Pingfei was a typical lady from a big family. She was not proficient in business matters, but she was extremely good at matters related to the family.

After getting her husband’s permission, Xu Pingfei quickly looked for an unmarried girl of suitable age for the family’s eldest son.

She also brought Qiao Jiuyin to a tea party. At the gathering, Xu Pingfei unintentionally mentioned that she wanted to set up a blind date for her eldest son. When the group of wealthy ladies heard this, they quickly searched their minds for suitable-age candidates. Some of these people who had unmarried daughters of suitable age also signed their daughters up.

Xu Pingfei had only attended one tea party, but she had already obtained information on dozens of unmarried women of suitable age. After returning home and discussing with Qiao Jiuyin, she finally chose more than twenty suitable matchmaking partners. These twenty girls were as beautiful as flowers, and they belonged to good family backgrounds.

Not long after he got married, Fang Mu found an excuse and moved out of the Fang family home. His new residence was the villa where he had proposed to Qiao Jiuyin that night.

The corners of Fang Mu’s lips curled up.

He noticed that Qiao Jiuyin did not take any contraceptive pills. It seemed that she was planning to give birth to a child for him. Fang Mu was naturally happy that his beloved was willing to give him a child. Noticing his good mood, Qiao Jiuyin imitated Qiao Jiusheng and mischievously smiled. She then leaned on Fang Mu’s chest and told him, “The matter of choosing a blind date for Big Brother has been settled.”

Fang Mu stopped smiling.

Qiao Jiuyin noticed this. She became even more convinced that the relationship between these two brothers was worse than what it appeared to be.

“What kind of women are they?”

“They are naturally girls of equal social status. They have flawless looks and gentle and considerate nature. If they marry Big Brother, they can take good care of him.” When choosing girls, Qiao Jiuyin and Xu Pingfei placed considerate and kind-hearted candidates first.

To them, Fang Yusheng was an inconvenience in life. The wife he would marry definitely had to be a virtuous girl who could take care of good people.

Fang Mu flashed an ambiguous smile. “Not bad.”

For someone like his elder brother, who had once been proud to the core, marriage with a useless pretty girl who was no different from a nanny was undoubtedly a stab to the heart.


On a sunny day, Aunt Xu brought Fang Yusheng to a high-class and secretive outdoor cafe.

“Yusheng, don’t blame Aunt Xu for being a busybody. You’re almost thirty. It’s time for you to start a family and start a career.” Xu Pingfei was Fang Pingjue’s second wife. She was the daughter of a wealthy family, and she had a good character. She treated the son of her husband’s ex-wife equally as her own.

She always remembered her status and did not interfere too much in Fang Yusheng’s matters. However, she could not just ignore it either.

She had to be concerned about something as important as marriage.

Xu Pingfei and Fang Pingjue’s marriage was a typical marriage alliance. Fang Yusheng did not have any objections to the woman opposite him. He understood her intentions, so hearing those words, he just hummed in agreement.

Seeing that Fang Yusheng was not against blind dates, Xu Pingfei felt more at ease.

She asked him some more questions about his life. As they chatted, they saw two women walk over from the entrance of the rooftop. It was a middle-aged woman in a yellow dress and a beautiful lady in a white dress.

“She’s here,” Xu Pingfei whispered to Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng did not even flinch.

As the footsteps got closer, Fang Yusheng caught a whiff of a lady’s fragrance. It was a light scent of fruitwood, but it was not strong. Fang Yusheng’s heart was still tranquil. He heard Xu Pingfei’s chair move and stood up.

The middle-aged woman said to Xu Pingfei, “Sister Xu, this is my Xiao Luo.”

“Hello, Aunt Xu.” The lady called Xiao Luo greeted Xu Pingfei. Her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes silently sized up the man as his back faced her.

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