Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Master’s Sweetheart

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As per the rumors, the First Young Master of the Fang family loved to wear casual clothes. His posture was enough to tell that he was really elegant and poised.

Lin Luo just did not know if he was really a handsome young man just like what others said.

Xu Pingfei sized up the young girl in the white dress. The girl had an exquisite appearance. She was a slender and elegant lady. Her temperament was also gentle and quiet. It was obvious that she was a considerate girl. This satisfied Xu Pingfei, and she said to Fang Yusheng, “Yusheng, this is your Aunt Wang and her Xiao Luo.”

Fang Yusheng turned around and looked in the direction of the sound. He calmly greeted them. “Aunt Wang, Miss Lin.”

The moment Fang Yusheng turned around, Lin Luo’s breathing slowed down without her being aware of it.

Fang Yusheng’s looks impressed her.

He had worn a pair of sunglasses, and the bottom half of his face was perfect, without a single flaw. It was even more charming than the woman with a Pipa in the ancient poem.

The face under the sunglasses made Lin Luo even more curious and expectant.

She quickly regained her senses and replied, “Hello.”

When Xu Pingfei sensed that Lin Luo was very satisfied with her first impression of Fang Yusheng, she relaxed a little.

The adults found an excuse and left, leaving the two youngsters to converse with each other.

Lin Luo sat opposite Fang Yusheng. She was a little nervous, while Fang Yusheng was calm as usual. He asked the waiter to fill his cup with tea and leisurely drank it. Lin Luo realized that Fang Yusheng had no intention of talking. Thus, she pinched her fingers and took the initiative to find a topic.

“Brother Fang, what are the things you usually do at home?” Since it was a blind date, they had to start from each other’s preferences.

Fang Yusheng put down his cup and said, “Copy some scriptures and listen to some scriptures.”

Lin Luo subconsciously replied, “If you can’t see anything, how can you copy the scriptures?” Immediately after asking that, Lin Luo realized her words had hit Fang Yusheng’s sore spot.

However, she saw that Fang Yusheng’s expression did not change at all. He calmly and seriously answered her, “By using my hands of course.”

“…” Lin Luo was silent for two seconds, then she praised, “This hobby is quite niche.”

“I don’t think so.” After saying that, Fang Yusheng stopped talking.

Lin Luo: “…”

How are we going to continue this conversation?

Fang Yusheng’s matchmaking session with Lin Luo ended on bad terms.

When Xu Pingfei heard about the outcome of the blind date, she remained silent for a while, then arranged another blind date.


On the second blind date, another interesting conversation took place.

Miss Wu from the Wu family in the north said, “Mr. Fang, this is my handmade pastry. Try it.” Conquering a man’s stomach with delicacies was the first step to conquering a man.

Fang Yusheng picked up a piece and sniffed it before putting it back.

“Sorry! I’m allergic to eggs.”

Miss Wu could no longer maintain her smile.


Fang Yusheng had failed every single blind date in the past month. Xu Pingfei gently touched him. Perhaps, she had found the wrong type of girl. Maybe, Fang Yusheng was not interested in obedient girls who came from humble families; he was more interested in flirtatious girls!

After that, she arranged it so that Fang Yusheng’s blind dates were hot, sexy, and cold.

However, the Eldest Young Master Fang was still unable to find the person he could click with.

After another failed matchmaking session, Qi Bufan, who had accompanied Fang Yu when he was alive, could not help but show a worried expression.

“Young Master Fang, the thirty-sixth matchmaking session is over.”

Young Master Fang stood under the scorching sun. He was dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, and he did not sweat at all. On the other hand, the passersby around him were dressed skimpily. He was not like the people in this world. He was used to living alone, undisturbed by others in a cold place without any contact with sunlight.

Fang Yusheng rubbed the crease on his left sleeve. His vision was still dark. He ‘gazed’ at the darkness that had accompanied him for more than ten years and sadly said, “If I can’t find someone I like, it’s not a bad thing to spend the rest of my life alone.” After all, he had gotten used to it after so many years.

Qi Bufan regretfully looked at him.

If he were not blind, what would that be like?

“It’s better to find someone to live with.” Qi Bufan sounded very sincere.

When Fang Yusheng heard this, he gave it a serious thought.

Is it really good for two people to only live together for each other’s company, devoid of any love? “That might not be the case.” After denying Qi Bufan’s words, Fang Yusheng got into the car and said, “If there really is someone I may like and love, then it doesn’t matter if we meet later.”

He turned his head toward the window. He was still lost in thought, so he couldn’t listen to Qi Bufan’s nagging.

A person like that indeed existed. Fang Yusheng had not thought of her in a long time, but he had never forgotten her. He had kept his thoughts of her locked up in his heart without her permission.

He had met her, but also missed her.

He believed in fate, but he would never meet that person again.

After all, he did not even know her real name. He could not find her even if he wanted to.


It had been more than three months since the accident with the Qiao sisters. Qiao Jiusheng went to an orthopedic hospital in the city. She was here to check on her recovery. If she hadn’t come, Wei Shuyi might’ve nagged at her.

Ever since the police had announced Qiao Jiuyin’s death, Fang Mu’s men had stopped searching for her in the hospital.

Even so, Qiao Jiusheng did not dare to let her guard down. She even used the name of Wei Shuyi as a friend. Right now, her existence was like a time bomb to Qiao Jiuyin. Qiao Jiuyin would still be paying attention to her whereabouts, so Qiao Jiusheng did not dare to be careless.

After Qiao Jiusheng had waited on the chair for a while, it was finally her turn.

The doctor performed a checkup and took a scan. He told her that her ribs were recovering well. Qiao Jiusheng was relieved to hear this, and she returned to Wei Shuyi’s house to specially prepare a sumptuous dinner.

When Wei Shuyi returned home, he was surprised to see the table full of delicacies

“Why? Are you surprised that I can cook?” Qiao Jiusheng and Qiao Jiuyin had both learned how to cook. Although Qiao Jiusheng’s culinary skills were not as good as Qiao Jiuyin’s, she was not a bad cook

Wei Shuyi moved his lips and sat down at the table. He picked up his chopsticks and tasted a piece of fish.

After silently eating the bite, he put down his chopsticks and praised her. “It tastes great.”


Qiao Jiusheng used a glass cup to pour Wei Shuyi and herself a cup of a low-quality cocktail. The cocktail was not a precious one, but the kind of wine that could be bought in ordinary supermarkets.

Qiao Jiusheng raised the glass cup and brightly smiled at Wei Shuyi. She said, “Here’s a toast to you. Thank you.” She did not elaborate on what she was thanking him for.

But Wei Shuyi understood.

Wei Shuyi looked at the cocktail in front of him. After a moment of silence, he picked up his glass and clinked it with Qiao Jiusheng’s.

After drinking the wine, Qiao Jiusheng told Wei Shuyi to start eating.

When dinner was finished, Wei Shuyi took the initiative to wash the dishes.

The sound of the running tap water was a little loud. Wei Shuyi wiped the dishes with his sleeves rolled up. When he had washed all the dishes, he walked out of the kitchen. However, he saw that the living room was empty. After staring at the empty living room for a while, he pushed open the guest room’s door.

The guest room was clean, and the blankets were neatly folded. The house had returned to how it had been three months ago. There was nothing missing nor was there anything extra. If not for the fact that his mind was filled with the memories related to that girl, Wei Shuyi would’ve thought that he had never met Qiao Jiusheng.

Wei Shuyi pushed open the window and looked down. He happened to see Qiao Jiusheng carrying a small bag and walking toward the entrance of the district.

Only after the figure disappeared did Wei Shuyi close the window.

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