Runaway Guide

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Monster Class (ii)

Carlo’s “Omega” concept was actually very common among adult Alphas. Although on the surface it appeared that Alphas would protect and take care of their own Omegas, but many of them actually did not respect Omegas, and the more extreme Alphas even thought of their Omegas as “Pets”.

This idea of Carlo's needed to be corrected as soon as possible, at the very least to ensure that the Omega he married in the future would not lead too difficult of a life. Otherwise, whichever Omega had the luck to meet him, would have to suffer a lifetime of hardship—this was why Xi Wei wanted to teach him a lesson.

After all the optical computers were distributed, Teacher Kelly once again read St. Paul Academy's rules to the students, and then the first class meeting was finally over. Kelly let the students head back to the dormitory by themselves.

Xi Wei called Carlo to visit Aiden in the infirmary together, and Klaire, of course, followed behind them.

When the trio arrived at the infirmary, Randy was sitting by the bedside and Aiden was awake. The father and son were whispering with each other, with Randy having a very gentle smile on his face.

When Aiden saw the three students, he immediately waved and said, “Xi Wei, is the class over?” He was not too familiar with the other two students, so he did not greet them, and focused solely on Xi Wei.

Xi Wei smiled and walked over. He took hold of Aiden’s hand and said, “It’s over. How are you feeling? Are you better?"

Aiden nodded, “Much better.”

“I brought your optical computer with me. By the way, the Class President arranged by Teacher Kelly is also here too see you." As he said this, Xi Wei looked back at Carlo behind him, “Class President, aren't you going to say hello to Aiden?”

Carlo was stunned, because Aiden's pale skin on the white hospital sheets looked nearly the same. He seemed very weak, with the IV needle in the back of his hand sending red blood slowly into his body. This weak omega, he looked as if he might disappear at any time.

Hearing Xi Wei’s words, Aiden curiously looked over. His eyes were very clear, and Carlo could even see his own face projected in them. Then, the boy’s eyes curled up slightly as he smiled very cutely, and asked, “You are our Class President?”

Carlo's mind finally returned back to reality. He pretended to be calm and said, “Hello, I am the Class President, my name is Carlo Berch.”

Aiden asked, “Are you the one who has the highest score in the test? That Carlo?”

Carlo answered, “Yes.”

Aiden said, “You are really amazing.”

Carlo: “…”

It was strange to be praised by an Omega, and Carlo felt uneasy, especially when those clear eyes of Aiden's fell on him.

Hearing this conversation, Randy got up from his seat, smiled and said, “Student Carlo, my son’s body is not very good, so please take care of him more in the future.”

Since he had been chosen as the Class President, Carlo was very responsible with his duties. He immediately looked up and said seriously, “Of course, you can be rest assured, Sir.”

During that time, the doctor suddenly came in and examined Aiden’s body, then said to Randy, “Mr. Randy, your son’s physical condition is still stable, but you still have to pay attention to him. He can't be too tired, and can't bask in the sun for too long as well. The medicine I'm giving him will have to be eaten on time every day, and he has to come back here every weekend to do a comprehensive medical examination.”

Randy nodded, “Thank you, Doctor.”

“He will be discharged after the transfusion of this bag of blood is finished. You come with me to get the medicine.”

Randy soon came back with the doctor, and patiently explained the prescribed dose of his medication to Aiden. Aiden shook his father’s hand, saying softly, “Dad, I've got it. You can go home first if you are busy. I have Xi Wei here, I'll be fine going back to the dormitory with him after the transfusion."

Aiden obviously really trusted Xi Wei.

Xi Wei also convinced him, “Uncle rest assured, I will take Aiden back to the dormitory.”

Randy nodded, smiled and rubbed his son’s hair, before turning and walked away.


The blood bag was soon emptied, and the doctor came to unplug the infusion needles. Aiden rubbed on his stiff wrist, and said, “Let’s go back.”

Xi Wei walked to help him get out of bed, and whispered a few words in his ear at the same time. Aiden's expression seemed surprised at first, but he then nodded and the two Omegas exchanged smiles, making Carlo and Klaire looked at each other.

Aiden was about to put on his shoes, when Xi Wei said, “Aiden, the doctor said you can't be too tired, but it's a long way between here to the dormitory, and you will also have to climb several flights of stairs, what to do?” And then, he looked back to Carlo, “Class President, don't you think taking care of the students is your responsibility?"

Carlo: “…”

Xi Wei smiled, “You carry him back.”

Carlo was silent for a moment, but finally said, “OK,” after seeing the two Omegas looking at him.

The Class President's expression was stiff as he squatted down in front Aiden, and Xi Wei tried hard to hold back his laughter.

Seeing this, Aiden walked over to the Class President’s back, and said, “Thank you, President.”

"…You are welcome." Carlo stood up with Aiden on his back, and found out that this omega's weight is very light. The arms wrapped around his neck were also particularly thin, and those thin wrists were as white as one-of-a-kind jade. There were needle traces on the back of his hand left behind by the blood transfusion IV, and the sight of them would be enough to make other people worried.

Aiden’s breath gently brushed against Carlo's ear, giving the alpha a very strange feeling. This Omega on his back, with just little bit of force he might be able to kill him, that faint heartbeat of his seemed like it could stop anytime. However this person was very much alive, just like him. Although he might look small and weak, he was still breathing gently—just like him.

Seeing Carlo stood in a daze, Xi Wei was impatient, "Class President, you can't even carry an Omega?”

On Carlo's back, Aiden was also puzzled, “You can't move? I’m not heavy."

Carlo’s face suddenly turned red, he said loudly, “I'm moving!”

Then he took up Aiden and walked quickly.

Aiden immediately said, “You, walk slowly, I feel dizzy.”

Carlo: “…”

Omegas are troublesome!


Klaire had been silent during all this time; he was probably the weakest Alpha Xi Wei had ever seen.

Xi Wei was about to talk to Aiden, all too happy to ignore Klaire, but stopped when he realized that their group was missing one person. He looked back and found Klaire hiding behind the sofa, his face pale, and he looked as if he was going to faint.

“…” Xi Wei looked at him in astonishment, “What’s wrong with you? You look the same as Aiden, don’t tell me you're going to faint too…"

“I am afraid of blood,” said the pale-looking Klaire.

Xi Wei: “…”

Klaire came and held onto Xi Wei’s hand. The child’s hand was dripping with cold sweat, he was obviously truly afraid, “There was lot of blood, I fear blood, Xi Wei…”

Xi Wei rolled his eyes and said, “You want me to carry you?”

Klaire looked at him eagerly, and held out his hand to Xi Wei’s neck, “Can I? Your strength is so strong, carry me back."

Xi Wei pushed at his head bluntly, “Go away. An alpha being carried by an omega, aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"

Klaire lowered his head in dismay, “I grew up very afraid of blood.”

Xi Wei rubbed the boy's big golden head helplessly, “It's fine, Aiden's blood transfusion has finished. Just rest for a while, we'll go later.”

Klaire sat on the couch, looking very pale; apparently he was stimulated by Aiden's blood transfusion.

Xi Wei felt a bit doubtful. This fear-of-blood condition had nothing to do with courage, but more like a mental disorder, just like some people were extremely afraid of snakes. But those people who were extremely afraid of snakes usually developed this condition because they had been bitten by snakes before. It was the same with this fear-of-blood condition, some people who had this usually had experienced some things that left psychological shadow in their life, which led to them being nausea and even syncope at the sight of blood.

The reason for Klaire’s fear of blood was not exactly clear, but Xi Wei grew up with him, and had also learned a lot about Klaire's childhood from Mrs. Grace’s mouth. The golden hired boy was born with severe anemia, experienced a rescue at birth, and often had nightmares before the age of three; maybe this is the cause of his abnormal reaction to blood?

Xi Wei stayed with him until his face became a little better, then asked, “Feel better?”

Klaire nodded, “Much better.”

Xi Wei smiled and said, “Then let's go back.”

Klaire tried to stand up, and Xi Wei was quick to hold him, “Be careful.”

Truthfully, Klaire had not felt dizzy since a while long ago, but as he saw Xi Wei taking the initiative to help him, his heart was filled with happiness, and he couldn't help but pretend to be weak. Klaire leaned his body on Xi Wei's and held onto the other boy's hand, saying, “I am really sorry… that you have to help me to go."

Looking at his pitiful appearance, Xi Wei also had no choice but to helplessly help him.

Klaire tightened his hold on Xi Wei's hand; it was rare for Xi Wei not to shake him off.

Klaire was delighted to find that he had finally mastered the way to make Xi Wei act soft toward him—by faking illness.


The two of them walked down the stairs together, and saw the stiff-faced Carlo waiting for them downstairs, with Aiden still draped on his back. Xi Wei smiled, “President, why are you still here?”

“Aiden said he forgot his dorm number and asked me to wait for you,” Carlo answered.

Xi Wei said, “Our dormitory room number is 8511, should be the 8th building's 5th floor.”

Klaire had wanted to say it was number 7th, but Xi Wei glanced at him, and Klaire immediately closed his mouth.

Carlo wondered, “Building 8th? Klaire, don’t we live in building 7th?"

Klaire decisively decided to sacrifice the Class President for Xi Wei. He scratched his head and said, “I don't remember.” "

Xi Wei said: “Aiden and I were assigned to the 8th building.”

Carlo had never seen them in the dormitory building, so he also didn't know the real situation and thought that maybe Omegas were placed in the 8th building. He nodded, then turned and carried Aiden to the 8th building.

As he struggled to climb to the 5th floor of building 8th, Xi Wei pretended to take out his student card and brushed it to the dormitory's door. The door did not open, and Xi Wei immediately turned to him, saying, “Sorry, I remembered wrong, I think we live in the 7th building. As you know, an Omega's memory is generally not too good.”

Carlo: “…”

Although building 7th and 8th were only one number apart, but there was a whole big playground separating them.

Looking at Xi Wei's innocent eyes, Carlo had to suppress his impulse to pinch (punch?) him to death. He turned and carried Aiden downstairs.

Along the way, there were a lot of students who casted curious gazes at the four of them, especially at Carlo. Seeing an alpha carrying an omega through the big playground, a few senior students started whispering among themselves, which made Carlo felt very uncomfortable. On the other hand, Klaire was half leaning very frankly on Xi Wei's body, he was secretly very happy to be able to walk while holding hands with Xi Wei.

After Carlo carried Aiden to the 5th floor of building 7th, Xi Wei finally opened the 11th dormitory's door, and said: “We are here."

Carlo squatted down with an expressionless face and put Aiden on the ground.

Aiden smiled and said, “Thank you, Class President.”

"You are welcome" Carlo’s face was still very stiff, and he was sweating profusely until even his clothes were soaked; although Aiden was not heavy, but having carried this omega up and down the stairs repeatedly, he was also tired.

After they entered their room, Xi Wei stroked Aiden's head and praised, “Good acting.”

Aiden was feeling slightly guilty, and said, “Maybe we are being a bit too much? He carried me for so long, and I could actually feel how tired he was."

“Don't worry, Alphas have good strength by nature, and it's not like he was tired to death.” Xi Wei waved his hand and smiled, “Don’t be soft hearted to him, this fellow simply despises and looks down on us Omega, so we have to make him suffer a little!"

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