Runaway Guide

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Monster Class (i)

Probably because he was still too weak, Aiden soon went back to sleep. Xi Wei stayed with him in the ward until Kelly, along with Aiden’s father, Randy, came back not long after. When Randy saw his child sleeping peacefully, he took a seat on the bedside and stretched out his hand, gently stroking his son’s hair.

The relationship between this father and son looked very warm, but Xi Wei had a strange intuition that Aiden’s parents were certainly not simple.

Otherwise, as an Alpha and Omega pair, why would they have Aiden as their only child after so many years? Take Queen Anna and King Trent as an example, as an Alpha-Omega couple with good feelings between them, on average they would have children every two to three years until the Omega’s physical condition could no longer bear it. Omegas in estrus had very high chances of becoming pregnant—that was why the five-year-old Xi Wei already had two sisters, Alicia and Xi Lin. It was strange for Randy to only have one son, Aiden.

Aiden was an only child, which was unusual in the empire.

Although his heart was very confused, Xi Wei also could not ask about other people’s family matters directly. He was just a little worried about Aiden’s illness, and hoped that Aiden would find the appropriate stem cell match before he reached the age of 14 to thoroughly eradicate this strange blood disease.

With Randy there accompanying his son, Xi Wei did not want to disturb them. He silently stood up, and walked out of the door with his teacher.

Kelly glanced at Xi Wei and could not help saying, “You also don’t need to worry about your roommate, medical technology is very well developed now, I’m sure there will be a way to solve Aiden’s disease.”

“Yes,” He nodded and asked, “Teacher, the doctor said he had to find stem cells from among his relatives. Can’t you find a match from someone else?”

The probability of matching from a stranger, though very low, was still possible. Xi Wei had heard of a case where a man had found a stranger with suitable stem cells before. And hundreds of years had passed since then, medical technology had become more developed, so the treatment for blood disease should be better than in his last life.

Hearing his question, Kelly said regretfully, “He would have much better chance if he was a beta, because you can search the whole empire for matching stem cells. But the problem is, Aiden is a scarce omega, so the probability of match success from stranger is particularly low. The best way is for him to have another omega brother or sister.”

Xi Wei finally understood. In this world, the body structures between alphas, betas, and omegas were very different, so an omega’s illnesses would be quite difficult to cure. Even for mere blood transfusions, an Omega must receive blood from another omega. If they were given blood from alphas or betas, the pheromones in their body would be disturbed.

Kelly saw the child next to her thinking seriously, and reached out to touch his head. She smiled and said, “Let’s go, we should go back.”


When they both came back into the classroom on the 11th floor, the class was filled with bickering. It looked like the students were arguing about something. A voice in particular could be he heard talking loudly, which reached even Xi Wei’s ear through the window, “Am I wrong? Alphas and Betas can work to make money, but Omega’s bodies are weak and sick, so they have to stay at home every day. And they need to be taken care of during their adult estrus for at least three days, isn’t that troublesome?”

“Carlo, don’t talk nonsense, protecting Omegas is our responsibility, don’t you want to marry an Omega when you grow up?”

“Yes, aren’t you born from an omega?”

“You are wrong to think so, just see later, once you grow up you will definitely jump over an omega.”

“You will love an Omega in the future, and love them very much, then you will regret what you said today!”

The children were very noisy and it seemed like the classmate called Carlo was being besieged by a group of alpha children around him. The curious Xi Wei pushed the door to see the situation, and found Carlo surrounded by a group of Alphas, but he did not seem fazed, and instead stayed straight faced while saying things like “Anyway, what I said makes sense”; “Omegas are troublesome”; “No matter what you say, I insist on my opinion”.

The child is still young, and yet his temper is very stubborn.

Carlo was about to start another argument, but was interrupted by a crisp voice from the classroom’s doorway, “Classmate Carlo is right ah, Omegas are really troublesome.”

The crowd simultaneously turned around and saw the First Prince Xi Wei standing at the door.

Xi Wei swept his gaze at them, smiled and said, “I don’t want to be an omega, it’s really too troublesome.”

Everyone: “…”

The whole class instantly fell silent.

Kelly, who stood at the door, just felt a headache coming—where did all these children come from?

To prevent the atmosphere of the class from becoming even more crooked, Kelly immediately coughed, and put on a serious-teacher façade. She walked to the podium, and said: “Student Aiden fainted due to heatstroke and was temporarily sent to the infirmary. We can rest assured that he is all right now. Let’s continue our class, we will first elect a Class President. Raise your right hand if you want to be the class’s monitor.”

Carlo raised his right hand positively and said seriously, “Teacher, I want to be the class’s monitor.”

Kelly asked, “Is there any more?”

Another child stood up: “Teacher, me too.”

“I want to as well!” “Me!”

The alphas were scrambling to stand up. Alpha children were very competitive; this was in their nature to conquest when facing troubles. Those who wanted to be the strongest one, who wanted to make others listen to their own words, must have very competitive streak in their blood.

There was one exception for this-Klaire, of course.

The just-woke-up Klaire completely ignored the competition happened around him, and simply smiled and waved to Xi Wei, inviting the omega to sit with him.

Xi Wei went to his original seat and asked, “Aren’t you running for Class President?”

Klaire said, “No.”

Xi Wei was puzzled, “Why? You’re an alpha too.”

Klaire felt embarrassed and scratched his head, “I had the lowest score on the test, they will not pick me.”

“…” Apparently he is quite self-aware.

Xi Wei looked at the strange-looking hair in front of him, that golden head looked very dazzling under the glare of the sun, and his as-clear-as-the-sky eyes radiating innocence only belonging to children. To sum it up in one sentence: This boy looks really lovely, but is a bit stupid.

Klaire had no idea that he had left an “is stupid a little” impression in Xi Wei’s heart. He looked at Xi Wei and said, “And Aiden? Is he awake?”

Xi Wei said, “Yes, he is all right, his father is accompanying him now.”

Klaire then asked, “Do you care about him?”

Xi Wei said, “He is my roommate, and he has poor health too, of course I care about him.”

Klaire looked helplessly at Xi Wei, “Then what about me? I grew up with you, and my body is not well, you should care more about me.”

Xi Wei looked funnily at him, “Why, are you in bad health?”

Klaire said earnestly, “I often have nightmares.”

“…Go away.”

Having nightmares is considered as poor health? What’s the logic?

Xi Wei didn’t bother to pay him anymore heed, while the lost Klaire thought: Don’t you care that I have nightmares? Nightmares are scary too!

During their chat, the Class President’s campaign had started. Teacher Kelly collected the data of the campaigning students, then explained, “Everyone start voting, each one of you choose the name of the classmate you support. This person will be the Class President selected by us all, so I hope everyone will vote earnestly and not abstain.”

There were too many people running for Class President, so the teacher arranged to vote democratically. There was an optical computer on each desk that connected to the podium. The names of the candidates were listed there, and the students who wanted to vote just had to choose, press submit, and the big screen on the podium would soon announce the results of the vote.


It was amazing that the one with the highest votes was actually Carlo.

Xi Wei was quick to understand the reason for this result; the Alphas were competing with each other, so they chose Carlo as the safest option—anyway, Carlo and other Alphas quarreled before, he won’t be selected.

There was no Beta running for the Class President, and since today was the first time the students met, they were still not familiar with each other, so they voted blindly. Carlo, this classmate, had left quite an impression, so he harvested a lot of beta passer-by votes.

Five-Year-old children would not think too much when voting, most of them could not even remember the names of other students; it was a given for them to pick the most familiar name. As a result, out of 35 people in the class, Carlo actually got 18 votes, more than half.

Although Kelly was very surprised, but as a teacher she couldn’t go back on her words and had to say: “Everyone, the election result winner is student Carlo.”

Carlo immediately stood up and said seriously, “Thank you for your support.”

A group of alpha children glared at him angrily.

Kelly smiled and said, “That’s the decision, and starting today our Class President will be Carlo Berch. If you have any problem you can find the Class President, or directly come to me. Carlo, help me to distribute these miniature optical computers to your classmates. These miniature optical computers will be bound with everyone’s respective study number and fingerprint. You can use it to submit your future homework, so remember to take good care of it, students.”

Carlo went to the podium to help Mrs. Kelly. They distributed them together, with each person responsible for one side, be it left or right.

Although this boy had a strange view, always with “omegas are very troublesome” hanging on the tip of his tongue, but his work etiquette was quite reliable. While helping the teacher distribute the optical computers, he also dutifully checked the name of each classmate, and helped them to complete the fingerprint binding.

Soon, it was Xi Wei’s turn. After finishing the fingerprint binding with one of the optical computer, he said, “You can leave Aiden’s with me too, I’ll give it to him in our dormitory.”

Carlo looked up at Xi Wei, and couldn’t help asking, “Is that Aiden better?”

Xi Wei asked, “Don’t you think Omegas are very troublesome? He’s an omega, why do you care how he is?”

Carlo said seriously, “I am the Class President, of course I have to care about the students.”

Xi Wei smiled, “Fine, then later after school, you can go to the infirmary with me, and carry him back to the dormitory.”

Carlo startled, “M-Me carrying him?”

Xi Wei smiled very happily, “You are the Class President, of course you have to carry your sick classmate.”

Carlo: “…”

Being refuted by his own words, Carlo’s face was sour.

Xi Wei actually did this on purpose. As he said, Omegas are really troublesome. Most Omegas needed more care from childhood, their mortality rate was also very high, and once they finally reached adulthood, they would still need people to care for them during their estrus…Yes, it was troublesome, but it’s not like the Omegas asked to have these troubles. These troubles were innate, and the omegas should be the ones who disliked them the most, not some ignorant alphas.

You were born as strong and healthy Alphas, what qualifications do you have to hate on Omegas?

Carlo’s contempt for Omegas made Xi Wei feel very unhappy.

And Xi Wei decided to teach a lesson to this wonderful alpha.

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I’m well aware that the children in this story act way too mature for their age. In my opinion, this happen because all of them are children from prominent families and have received education in etiquette and basic knowledge from an early age. Not to mention, they were also tutored daily for two years (from 3 – 5 y.o).

And yes, even with those reasons, I still think the way they act is too mature for their age. I’ll just go ahead and give a classic counter here: this is fiction, some things are bound to be unrealistic. I still like the story despite its flaws, and if you think you can overlook it as well, then, hop on and join me in witnessing Xi Wei and Klaire’s journey! 😀

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