Runaway Guide

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Memory Fragments (iii)

The next day happened to be weekend, and Klaire went to the hospital to see Dr. Mia in accordance with their agreed time.

Currently, only Xi Wei and the female doctor knew about the dreams, and Xi Wei only knew that Klaire had strange dreams. Klaire did not tell him about the specific content of the dreams, so he did not need to worry too much about Xi Wei. However, Mia the doctor was not the same. During that hypnosis, Klaire temporarily lost his consciousness; he didn't know what else he had told her, so he must find a way to make her continue to keep it a secret.

When Mia saw Klaire pushing through the door, she immediately took him to the treatment room and asked with concern, “Klaire, how are you feeling these days?”

Klaire said, “Much better than before.”

Mia carefully observed him for a moment before saying, “Well, let’s do a test, you have to fill it out according to the real situation.”

She gave a questionnaire to Klaire, Klaire took a closer look at it. It was a typical Psychologist questionnaire, used to assess the severity of schizophrenia. If he was given this in the past, Klaire would surely fill it out truthfully and the result would definitely come out as a serious case of schizophrenia. Fortunately, he had recovered his memory and was clear on the concept of cause and effect.

Klaire deliberately filled the form with answers to alleviate his condition, then returned it to Doctor Mia. Mia read the result of his form, obviously relieved, smiled and said, “It seems that you have really improved a lot recently, so do you still see that another person in your dream?”

Klaire answered: “No, there were no dreams in the last few days.”

Hearing this, Dr.Mia's worried heart was finally calmed,she smiled and said, "You must continue to relax, don't think too much, if you have problems you can come to see me at any time.”

Klairee nodded, "I know, Thank you, doctor.”

After coming out of the hospital, Klaire went to the school’s library.

He wanted to find out the whereabouts of Ji Ran as soon as possible and the library’s Data Retrieval Center was the most convenient way to do it. However, to his disappointment, even after he entered so many keywords: Ji Ran, Yu Qianhe, film festivals, car accidents, etc ., and searched repeatedly, he still did not find any useful information.

It was no surprise though; hundreds of years had passed, humans had long left the earth, how could there be information about a little actor and manager?

Did he lose Ji Ran before even having the chance to confess his feelings?

Originally he thought that they still had a lot of time together, and that there was still a long way for them to go side by side. He had also planned to take a science fiction movie to help open Ji Ran's path to the international market , and once Ji Ran became tired and wanted to retire from the film industry, they could find a quiet place abroad to spend the rest of their lives together.

Who would have guessed that a car accident would shatter everything in mere seconds.

The thought of his beloved man dying in the car accident made Klaire's heart feel so painful, it was like his chest was being torn apart.

His Ji Ran, how could he disappear like this?!

Meanwhile, upon seeing a pale-faced child lying on the table in a daze, a teacher who was patrolling the library could not help but come over, “Student, are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Klaire: “……” The child’s face revealed a superficial smile as he said, “No, I was just reading, teacher, and did not understand some things.”

The child's smile was particularly cute, and the teacher could not resist reaching out to touch his big golden head, saying, “Good.”

Once the teacher left, Klaire wiped the sweat on his forehead and thought depressingly: now he is still a mere child with short-arms and legs, cannot behave in too unusual a manner, he needed to adapt to his new identity as soon as possible, and look for news of Ji Ran in private.

Since I was reborn in this world, perhaps it's also the same with Ji Ran? Was he also born again?

As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I cannot give up easily.

Klaire took a deep breath, got up and left the library.

While walking on the school's path, Klaire thought of what he should do. He could not try to find Ji Ran publicly, this strange name would definitely make people suspicious, so he could only investigate this privately by himself. Since the two of them died in a car accident together,if they reincarnated together, then their time of birth should be close together. The day of the car accident was June 21st, he was born on the same day, so maybe Ji Ran was also born on June 21st, but he did not know whether the other guy woke up with his past memories or not.

Maybe I should go back and check the data of children who were born on June 21st?

As he was thinking this, Klaire's forehead was suddenly hit by another person's head.

“Bang”, Klaire saw stars.

When the other boy saw him, he blurted out, “Klaire, are you sleep-walking with your head down? Why did you have to bump into my head on such a wide road? Don't you know your head is harder than mine?”

Klaire: “…..”

Looking at Xi Wei’s eyes, Klaire felt very helpless.

This childhood sweetheart of his, the one he would always childishly hug and kiss until his face became wet with saliva, these scenes Klaire still remembered very clearly. Seeing Xi Wei now was like looking into his own black history, Klaire could not help but turn around, intending to go away.

Xi Wei suddenly grabbed his back collar, “Why do you run after hitting me, what's wrong with you these days, have you lost your soul?”

Klaire reluctantly said, “Let go, Xi Wei.”

Xi Wei was confused and said, “Why do I feel like you seem to have changed?”

Klaire turned back and smiled very brightly, “No change ah.”

Xi Wei felt more doubtful, “Really? But I think your smile looks very fake?”

How should I smile? Klaire adjusted his look, trying to make his smile a little simpler.

Seeing the child in front of him attempting to smile even more silly, Xi Wei could not help reaching out and rubbed his head, saying, “Stupid, I'm joking with you.”

Klaire: “……..”

Facing this black haired, big eyed child who had grown up with him, although Klaire had recovered his memory and now had an adult's IQ, he did not feel annoyed by little Xi Wei. After all, they had known each other for several years, and this kind of childish scheming was normal for small children, he did not really mean to offend Klaire.

However, at the sight of Xi Wei's smiling eyes, Klaire felt slightly stunned, and he was suddenly hit with a very strange sense of familiarity.

Klaire could not help but ask, “Xi Wei, you and I were born on the same day, right?”

Xi Wei laughed and patted Klaire’s golden big head, “Are you still dreaming ah, silly? We were both born on June 21st, the last day of the Gemini constellation. How stupid you are, can't even remember your own birthday.”

” … ” Klaire’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, was there a possiblity that Xi Wei, the childhood sweetheart born five minutes behind him, was the man he was looking for? They were only five minutes apart during their birth time, and since childhood he had always thought Xi Wei was particularly gracious.

When he thought of this, Klaire immediately pulled on Xi Wei’s hand and asked earnestly, “Xi Wei, have you, like me, ever dreamt of some weird things occasionally?”

Xi Wei said, “No, I rarely dream when I sleep.”

Klaire went on to ask, "Did you ever think that you might be another person or someone who lived in another world?”

This startled Xi Wei, but he thought that Klaire must still be feeling trapped in his dreams, so he wanted to ask the small children around him whether they also had experienced the same situation. Seeing his look of nervousness, Xi Wei patted his shoulder in comfort and said, “I never had that kind of weird dream. It's just a dream, don't think of it too much.”

“… Really? Not even once? ”

“No," answered Xi Wei definitively.

Feeling disappointed, Klaire withdrew his hand and hung down his head, looking very lost.

Xi Wei asked, “Have you seen the doctor?”

“I have, it’s not serious,” said Klaire before turning to leave.

Probably because he had spent five years as a child in this world, Klaire’s heart had long accepted the fact that there were three hidden genders in this world: alpha, beta, and omega, and that omegas could be pregnant. Even if he had recovered the memory of his past life, he did not feel shocked by this world's environment, and just quietly accepted it.

Suddenly recalling the memory of his past life, and also remembering the death of his loved one in a car accident, this incident left a huge impact on Klaire, causing him to feel very depressed these days. Now the one thing he wanted to do the most was find out whether Ji Ran was still alive.

Even if the possibility of finding one person in the boundless sea of ​​people was extremely slim, he would do his utmost best to find the beloved one in his heart.


Klaire’s conclusion was actually very reasonable. The two men died at the same time, so if Ji Ran was really alive, his date of birth should be exactly the same as him.

Using the optic computer's search permission his father had left him, Klaire searched through online databases for a detailed list of all children in the entire empire who was born on June 21st, 1974. The birth rate of the empire had been declining in recent years, but there were still hundreds of children born on June 21st, including males and females, with alpha, beta and omega. Many of those children were born in the distant Lyra Galaxy and Cigar galaxy, and some in other planets in the Cepheid Galaxy.

It would not be easy to find out who might carry the soul of Ji Ran from so many people, and besides, what if he really was reincarnated but has no memory of his past life?

Klaire took a deep breath and carefully screened the search result.

To his surprise, he actually found a young boy born on June 21st who had several medical psychology records, the etiology was mild symptoms of schizophrenia which seemed to be related to dreams. Klaire's heart skipped a beat. Just as he wanted to carefully check the information of the child, his butt was suddenly kicked.

Klaire knew it was surely little Xi Wei who had kicked him, he turned and looked helplessly at the boy, “What are you doing?”

Xi Wei said, “You, don't always let your mind wander ah, the teacher has been watching you.”

At this time, the teacher suddenly called, “Klaire, you answer this question.”

Klaire stood up and looked at the big screen on the podium, completely clueless as to how to answer this question. If it was a simple mathematic question of addition and subtraction, he could use the knowledge learned from his memory to work it out, but this was an Imperial History class and the teacher asked about the year the Second Emperor took over the throne, how should he know?!

While he was still distressed over how to answer, he suddenly felt a soft touch on the lower part of his waist; it was Xi Wei writing a big letter “A” using his toe.

Klaire replied embarrassedly, “The answer is A.”

The teacher nodded and said, “Sit down, and listen attentively to class.”

Klaire sat down and looked back to Xi Wei.

Xi Wei returned his look with a brilliant smile, as if to say, “Thank me, stupid, I’ve helped you again.”

Looking at his triumphant smile, Klaire really wanted to beat this little Xi Wei, who sat in the row behind him and was always kicking him everyday.


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