Runaway Guide

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Recognition (i)

Time flies, and after recovering his memory Klaire was no longer as sleepy as before. He would listen attentively in class, and soon he was able to keep up with the teacher’s lectures . The first-year's classes were so simple that Klaire could spend his days peacefully. He had been living in this world for five years, so accepting his new environment was not difficult for him.

However, the matter of Ji Ran was still an unplugged thorn in his heart. Whenever he thought of that name, he felt like his heart was stabbed by something sharp and prickly. Everything about Ji Ran was crystal clear and memorable in his memory. However, in his past life, he did not even have time to say “I love you” to him; that was the biggest regret he had when he died in that car accident.

If he could really find Ji Ran in this world, he vowed he would never let go of that person ever again.

Klaire took his time checking some information while walking to school. Most of the Empire's children who were born on June 21st lived in other distant galaxies, and gathering their details was certainly no easy task. After spending more than half a year, Klaire finally finished collecting detailed information on over 100 children born on June 21st, including information about their family circumstances, childhood experiences, personalities and hobbies, etc.

His attention was first locked on a child who had also gone to apsychologist when he was younger; a beta boy who lived in the capital star of the Empire. Coincidentally, the child’s home address was not far from Klaire’s home and his father worked as the battalion commander of General Byron's army, Star Corps.

However, the child did not go to St. Paul’s Academy, but studied at another school in the capital star.

St. Paul’s Academy had a closed teaching environment and there was no holidays on weekends, so Klaire was unable to leave the school temporarily—he could only wait for the annual holiday after the end of the first year to find those children. Fortunately time flies, and the first academic year was soon coming to an end in the summer.

As the final exam was approaching, the students began to review their lessons nervously, except for Klaire who was somewhat absent-minded. One day after school, Xi Wei suddenly stopped Klaire and said seriously, “Klaire, why aren't you doing any review? If you fail the exam you will have to repeat the year.”

The management system at St. Paul Academy was very strict. At the end-of-the-year exam, the full mark for each course was 100 points, while anything less than 70 points was deemed as a fail and those who did not pass must repeat the year. It would be difficult for Klaire to explain to his parents if he was held back, and it would also make General Byron lose even more face, so, as his childhood friend, the peacekeeping Xi Wei decided to help him.

Xi Wei compiled the notes in his optical computer into a file and showed it to Klaire, saying, “These are my notes from Imperial History, the class you rarely paid attention to. During the next few days, just recite it everyday and I'm sure you'll past the first exam.”

Looking at the clear eyes of the little boy in front of him, Klaire could not help but smile. He took the optical computer and said, "Thanks, Xi Wei.”

Xi Wei rubbed his head, “You’re welcome.”

Klaire, whose hair was rubbed until it became messy, said with some frustration,”Can you stop rubbing my head all the time?”

Xi Wei smiled very brightly,”Whenever I saw your golden head in front of me… my hands felt itchy ah.”

” …… “Klaire helplessly tried to tidy up his golden hair and changed the subject, "It's holiday soon, do you have any plans?"

Xi Wei answered, "I'm going back to the palace of course. I heard that my uncle's child is about to be born and that my mother is also nearing her due date.I would like to go back and have a look at the two little babies. I already have two omega sisters, so I hope my mother would give birth to an alpha brother this time.”

He learned the news of his mother's pregnancy from his uncle, it was said that Queen Anna’s pregnancy reaction was even stronger than her last two pregnancies with the Omega Princesses. Every day, she would vomit until she became lightheaded, and her physical condition was also worsening with each passing day. The doctor worried that she would not be able to give birth to this child successfully. Anna was afraid of disturbing Xi Wei's study, so during this time she rarely did any video calls with Xi Wei. Xi Wei hoped that his mother would give birth to this child safely, and it would be even better if the child was an alpha prince, so she would not have to bear so much pressure anymore.

Klaire saw the look of worry on Xi Wei's face and comforted him, “Don't worry, there are so many powerful doctors in the Empire, the Queen will certainly be fine.”

Xi Wei nodded his head, “Yes.”

Klaire said,"Then I'll go to do some review first.”


They both bid farewell at the dormitory’s doorway. After Klaire entered his room, he opened Xi Wei's Imperial History notes and looked seriously at it. As Xi Wei said, he had to at least pass the exam—it would be very troublesome if he had to repeat the year.


During this exam-reviewing time, Klaire and Xi Wei also had their birthdays on June 21st.

The class' teacher Kelly previously had set a rule for everyone: everytime a child in this class had their birthday, the rest of the class must personally make a simple e-card as congratulations and send it to the birthday classmate through their optical computer. She arranged this to make the group of children get along more harmoniously.

Klaire received a lot of e-cards on his birthday. Carlo drew the eagle-shaped school badge of San Romia Military Academy on the card and solemnly wrote the following line, “Good luck studying, once we grow up let's go to this school together." Aiden painted a headshot of Klaire on the e-card, with two sprouting meng meng ears on his head followed by a beautiful handwriting, "I wish for the six year old Klaire to be very happy every day. Happy birthday!”

There were various e-cards sent by children, Klaire sorted out all of them in his optical computer only to find out there was one missing.

He walked to Xi Wei's room and knocked on the door. Xi Wei stuck his head out and asked, “What's wrong? Are you looking for me?”

Klaire, “Where's your greeting card?”

Xi Wei bent over and laughed, "My birthday is also today, If I send you an e-card, then you'll also send me an e-card, every year we'll have to send one to each other, it's too troublesome. Let's just not give one to each other, the teacher will not know.”

Klaire:” …… ”

Xi Wei continued confidently: “Anyway, you haven't finished the card for me, right?”


“Don't do it, I don't want to do one for you.” Uttered Xi Wei while reaching out his hand and patting Klaire’s shoulder gently, “Go do some review, don't be held back!”

Klaire actually did not want to do this formalized thing as well, and Xi Wei's idea of “mutual exemption” coincided with what he had in mind. The exam date was close, there was not much time left. Thinking of this, Klaire immediately turned back and went to his room to review his lessons.


Xi Wei’s notes really helped Klaire a lot as the content was explained very clearly.

At the annual exam in July, Klaire scored 75 points or so in several courses. Although the score was not high, fortunately the clearance limit was 70 points, so at least he did not have to repeat the year.

After the test, St. Paul’s Academy finally entered the one month long vacation period that the students had been looking forward to. Many of the children’s parents waited at the school gate, including Randy. Aiden immediately rushed over once he saw Randy and hugged the man's legs happily, “Dad!”

Randy smiled, hugged his son, rubbed his head and said, “Hello there, how is your exam?”

Aiden said, “All passed!”

At this moment, not far from them a row of neat platinum suspension cars suddenly stopped. A man dressed in pure white uniform stepped out of one of them, his expression radiating indifference and as cold as ice. The man looked around before walking to Xi Wei's direction, he bowed and said,"Prince, Her Majesty asked me to pick you up.”

Xi Weinodded, "I know, let’s go.”

The man was Craig, the leader of the Royal Guard. Aiden was a little afraid of Craig and hid instinctively behind his father, Randy immediately picked up his son and turned away.

There were so many parents in attendance at the school gate that various suspended vehicles were parked over St. Paul’s Academy. The Royal Guard’s suspension car fleet quickly left by the high lane, Xi Wei who was sitting in the vehicle asked nervously,"How is my mother?”

Craig answered seriously, "The Queen's due date is near, and because her body condition is not very good, His Majesty had her sent to the Imperial Hospital in advance.”

Xi Wei said, "Let’s go directly to the hospital. I want to see her.”


When Xi Wei arrived at the hospital, His Majesty was standing in the hallway with a very heavy face. Xi Wei calmly walked up to him, before bowing slightly in salute, “Father.”

Trent nodded and said gravely, “Your mother’s condition is not very good, the doctor just entered to attempt a rescue.”

Xi Wei's heart felt tight, he immediately held onto his father’s hand and said, “She will be fine.”

Trent squeezed Xi Wei's hand gently, clasping his small hand tightly. The father and son stood side by side in front of the operating room, waiting for the woman who was very important to them to come out of the operating table healthily and safely.

Perhaps the prayers they uttered in their heart were useful,or perhaps because the central hospital’s doctor's level was indeed superb; from the operating room soon came a baby's voice crying loudly, “wah woo woo…wah wah!"

The surgeon in charge came out of the room, and Trent quickly went up to him and asked, “How is Anna?”

The doctor answered, “Both mother and child are safe.”

Trent finally felt relieved, Xi Wei could feel a layer of cold sweat on his palm.

The doctor paused, then said, “However, the Queen’s body was severely damaged during the process, and it may be difficult for her to get pregnant again after this child.”

Trent fell silence for a moment before saying, “I understand."

Although it was very easy for omegas to conceive, most omegas have a weak body. Childbirth also brought great damage to their body, so an omega could only gave birth to a limited number of children in their lifetime. According to the doctor, this may be the last child of His Majesty and the Queen.

Xi Wei could not help but feel worried in case the child was not an alpha. The empire would have no heir then, and his father and mother would certainly be very sad.

A moment later, the weak Queen Anna was pushed out of the room together with the little prince, Caesar, who had just been born. The little baby was put on a soft stroller, his mouth opened in more cries and both his legs were kicking wildly, seemingly very energetic.

After the birth, the expert group responsible for the second gender identification once again came to the hospital with their tools. The grey-haired Professor Brown drew some blood from the baby, and soon the identification result was out. He said excitedly, “Congratulations His Majesty, congratulations Queen, the result of the appraisal is an Alpha Prince!”

Trent and Anna glanced at each other, both showing a happy smile on their faces.

Xi Wei remembered the moment of his own birth; at that time His Majesty, who was informed of the appraisal's result, was not very happy. But now, with the birth of Caesar the alpha prince, finally His Majesty and the Queen could let some pressure off their shoulders. His father needed an alpha son to help him with the government, and the empire also needed an alpha prince to inherit the throne, so Xi Wei cound fully understand why His Majesty and the Queen were so looking forward to having an alpha son.

However, looking at Caesar who was still crying and kicking his short legs in their father's bosom, Xi Wei could not help feeling a bit worried—as an Alpha, his younger brother Caesar would have more responsibilities and burdens than Xi Wei himself.

I hope when he grows up, he will not fail to live up to the expectations of father and mother.

As a brother, Xi Wei also would do his best to help him.

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