Runaway Guide

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 - Companionship (iii)

That’s just how Klaire was like in his past life. He always had a friendly smile on his face, but only those who knew him personally understood just how powerful his scheming ability was. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to bring a three-liner actor to the peak of the entertainment industry in such a short time.

He had always been one to keep his composure. So, after realizing his feelings for Ji Ran, he did not rush to show them to the man lest he started keeping distance from him.

But the relationship between them now was just right.

Xi Wei knew that he was his former manager. In this strange world, only the two of them could understood each other’s past. Xi Wei naturally would be closer to him, every problems he faced would certainly be consulted with Klaire first. Over time, Xi Wei would grow to trust him more, to depend on him, and then, Klaire believed that the time Xi Wei would fall for him was not that far ahead.

This “boiling frog in warm water” mode was more suitable for handling Xi Wei. For a guy with such a stubborn character, if one were to force or come on too strong to him, the only reward that person might receive was a broken nose from a punch, not the man yielding. In face of Xi Wei's violent nature, using force was the worse possible method, the most effective choice would be to use tenderness.

Klaire finally recalled everything. He had been given another chance in this lifetime, he absolutely couldn't mess up.

Only by taking a long-term perspective would he have a chance to get Xi Wei’s heart, right?

Of course, the key point was to become strong enough to do so.

Although he was a pure lazybum who hated classes since childhood in his previous life, he couldn't go on like that in this new environment. If he contiuned to be like this, estimated he would fail to get into a good school once he reached 18 years old. So…..he had to work hard from now on.

Klaire walked to the classroom with these thoughts in mind. When he arrived, he saw Xi Wei whispering to Aiden’s ear. Aiden listened carefully and nodding at times, the two of them looked intimate.

Klaire’s heart was filled with a trace of vinegar, he walked closer to them and asked: “What are you whispering about?”

Xi Wei glanced at him and answered, “I was talking to Aiden about the fighting class in the afternoon. The class teacher said he didn’t have to take this class, but Aiden wanted to take a look.”

Aiden immediately nodded: “Yes, I'll just sit on the side and look. Do you think the teacher will agree?”

Xi Wei gently rubbed the soft hair of his roommate and smiled: “Rest assured, let the class president talk to the teacher. I'm sure Teacher Tony will agree.”

Carlo who was sitting in the row in front of them turned back and frowned: “Let me talk?”

Xi Wei answered: “Of course, aren't you the class president?”

Carlo looked at Aiden: “Your health is not good, why do you want to go to fighting class? Want to pass out again? Please just stay in the classroom."

The sad Aiden lowered his head, his face turning pale.

Xi Wei frowned. But when he was about to speak seriously with Carlo, Klaire suddenly held onto his hand and shook his head, signalling him not to speak. The boy then stepped forward and patted Carlo’s shoulder: “You, come out with me for a bit.”

“What's wrong?” Carlo who was called outside the classroom asked with a puzzled face.

Klaire smiled and said: “Aiden is not in good health. If you talk like this, he will be sad.”

Carlo scratched his head: “But why?”

This guy also had a straightforward personality, always speaking without filter and throwing truths without thinking of the consequences. Meanwhile Xi Wei had a quick temper and was especially protective toward Aiden who he had taken under his wings. If the two of them were to quarrel, there would be no end to it, so Klaire simply called Carlo alone outside.

“In fact, Aiden wants to go to watch the fighting class because he is curious. The 34 people from our class all go to the fighting class, leaving him alone in the classroom. Don't you think him sitting alone in the classroom is very pitiful?” Klaire explained earnestly.

Carlo thought it over and said, “It does seem… a little pitiful."

Klaire smiled: “So, as the class president, help Aiden fulfill his small wish you. Let's go to talk with Teacher Tony.”

Carlo nodded solemnly: “Okay."

The two boys went to find teacher Tony and settled this matter easily. When they came back, Xi Wei pulled at Klaire’s sleeve and winked to ask him how it was. Klaire smiled and made an 'ok' gesture, which in turn made Xi Wei smile and give a thumbs-up to him.

Klaire did not like to use force to solve problems. In many cases, saying a few words would be enough to solve the matters, there was no need to use forceful means.

At Friday afternoon, their class had the fighting class.

Aiden happily followed Xi Wei to the fighting classroom. Teacher Tony asked him go sit at the side, which he obediently did. His eyes were opened wide as he carefully watched his surroundings in curiosity. Klaire finally understood why Xi Wei was so fond of this child. Aiden's docile and well-behaved appearance was really very heart-tugging, plus he also had a rare serious illness. According to Xi Wei's personality, it wasn't strange that he'd feel the urge to protect him.

In this fighting class, Tony continued to teach them parallel stance and basic straight punch in order to make them familiar with those moves. Xi Wei also continued to act like he didn't know what he was doing. He would punch the sandbag as lightly as possible, rubbing his fist from time to time, and also showing an “I feel very painful” expression.

On the side, Klaire who had been stealing glances at Xi Wei while practicing on his own suppressed a smile.

Really is worthy of his title as one o the best movie actors. Even though he is still so small now, his acting is still so vivid.

Klaire knew that if Xi Wei were to use his real strength, he could even bring the whole class down to their kness with his punches.

Learning ordinary lessons like history, grammar, mathematic were very boring for the children, so fighting class every Wednesday and Friday was quick to become the most popular lesson. In addition, teacher Tony's beautiful muscles also became a subject of envy in many alpha students' hearts. Those children were eager to grow up just so they could build their bodies into a strong figure like Tony.

However, desired result in exercise could not be achieved overnight. For a physical skill like fighting (martial arts), repeated practice is needed to improve.

Tony had made a plan for this course, which was to teach slowly in order to make the students progressed step by step.

After two hours down, Tony could see that most of the children had learned the straight punching posture. He gathered everyone together and said: “Okay, students, let's check out the result for the two fighting classes from this week! Come in front of me and punch the sandbag one by one!"

Tony put down an examination-specific sandbag. This sandbag was not the same as the usual sanbags the students used in practice, there was an electronic sensor implanted in it. After a punch was thrown, it could automatically sense the angle and intensity of that punch and make a corresponding rating. Of course, he had set the grading standard to that suitable for students in the primary stage.

Tony asked everyone to try one by one. The first person up was naturally the class president Carlo. He had always listened very seriously in class and also very hard-working in practicing, so his posture was very good as he stood in front of the sandbag. He swung his fist and the electronic sensor immediately popped out a digital score–88 points.

Teacher Tony nodded in satisfaction and patted his shoulder: “Student Carlo is worthy of being the class president. Since we have only been practicing for two classes, this result is very good! Next one!"

Next, the students went up according to their student number. The Alphas scored mostly around 85 points, but no one was higher than Carlo. While Beta scored mostly in 80 points. When it was Xi Wei's turn, he deliberately held back and scored 70 points. Teacher Tony shook his head and said: “Don't mind it, you are an omega, getting 70 points is a good result.”

The last turn was Klaire. Klaire gently flicked his wrist and stepped forward, before punching the sandbag!

“…” The sandbags did not budge and no results came out. Tony frowned, “Hey, hit the center.”

Klaire withdrew his fist, clenched it once again, and swung!

The sandbag finally popped out a score: 68 points.

Everyone: “…”

A group of alpha students turned their heads in disbelief, they really didn't want to admit knowing this Klaire.

Xi Wei also felt helpless, he thought: I have deliberately scored 70 points, yet you still surpass me to be the last one? You’re so obsessed with being the last in ranking? Can you stop being last? Do you have the nerve to say you’re an alpha? Can you even beat Aiden?

Aiden who watched it from the side could not help but laugh.

Teacher Tony was furious: “Are you really an alpha? You’re embarrassing all alphas! Klaire, did you even listen to me? After you go back, remember to practice hard! If you still don't pass in the next class, I will let you stand here to be everyone's sandbag!"

“…” everyone looked at him sympathetically.

Meanwhile, Klaire who was scolded looked on expressionlessly.

After class, Klaire took the initiative to approach Xi Wei and complained: “My body after reincarnation is not good.”

“Even if the body is not good, can't you score more than 68 points?” Xi Wei looked at him and said, “I think the two of us should swap, I become an alpha, and you’re an omega.”

Klaire smiled and leaned into Xi Wei’s ear to whisper: “Everyone is against me, do you also dislike me?”

Xi Wei laughed: “That's not it, I know you were anemic before. Your live until now has not been easy.”

“My body needs to undergo exercise slowly to get better, can you coach me after class?” Klaire’s eyes were very sincere as he asked this, "You are so good at fighting skills. After class, the school let us use the classrooms for practice, so we go to find an empty classroom. You make time to teach me, or else I’ll be scolded again by the teacher after class next week."

To his earnest pleading eyes, Xi Wei's heart turned soft. He readily agreed: “Okay, I'll teach you.”

Combat skills was very important to alpha. Once they grew up, they would have to use combat skills to manipulate low-level machine armor. According to Xi Wei's knowledge, machine armor manipulation exam was also important in the overall score of University Entrance Exam. As an alpha, Klaire could not stay the way he was. He was born with severe anemia and had poor health since childhood, but he was still young now, his body could be trained to gradually become strong through exercise. Since it was for a good friend, Xi Wei also didn't think much about helping him.

But little did he know, behind him, Klaire's mouth was raised in a slight smile when he heard Xi Wei's promise.

The actor could act, and he who had stayed by the actor’s side for so many years naturally would also be able to act.

He could get Xi Wei’s sympathy and concern by pretending to be weak. Moreover, learning more fighting skills from Xi Wei would only benefit him in the future. He would no longer be beaten by Xi Wei.

For the sake of future happiness, Klaire decided to recognize Xi Wei as a teacher for now and learn how to fight.

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