Runaway Guide

Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Fighting Technique (a)

On the third floor of the school building, in addition to the fighting classroom, there were several other large classrooms which could hold about hundreds people. Aside from those, there were also many small classrooms designed to resemble a gymnasium for students to practise freely. However, those small classrooms needed to be booked in advance in the school's management before it could be used.

Klaire booked a classroom in advance, and after dinner he called Xi Wei to the third floor. From time to time, the voices of the students fighting during practice were heard in the corridor. Obviously everyone was very enthusiastic about the fighting class. Especially for senior students, in order to prepare for university exam, they must work hard in the fighting class.

Fortunately, the school building was huge and there were a lot of small classrooms on the third floor. Klaire and Xi Wei walked to the end of the corridor and entered their booked classroom together. Klaire unlocked the door and smiled: “Come on, let’s go.”

They took out a pair of loose clothes specially designed for fighting class from their bags. Xi Wei looked back at Klaire and said: “I'll first teach you from the most basic action.”

The child in front of him had a very serious expression, his fist clenched tightly, and his stance was without flaw. While demonstrating, he patiently explained: “When punching, don't rely too much on the strength in your hand, but also rely on your waist, shoulder, thigh. All parts of your body should be coordinated in the movement in order to produce the strongest force.”

“First thing to do is to make the correct punching posture, then let out the force in an instant. In other words, there must be explosive power in the punch."

As he said this, Xi Wei used his clenched right fist to land a decisive punch at the sandbag in front of him. A loud "bang” was soon sounded, the sandbag he punched was flown away!

Klaire: “…”

This guy’s explosive force really is very amazing. He had been holding back during the fighting class in the day, but he did not need to disguise himself in front of Klaire, so he swung his fist with all of his strength. It was simply surprising!

“My master once told me that the key to punching is being fast, accurate, ruthless, and steady. You start from the ‘ fast ‘. Follow the move I just did and punch the sandbag in front of me for 10 times as fast as you can. However, each one of them should be done with the correct posture." After Xi Wei finished talking, he turned back to look at Klaire seriously.

When he learned martial arts, he did it very seriously. Now, when teaching Klaire, Xi Wei of course taught him very seriously as well.

In face of little Xi Wei's serious eyes, Klaire smiled slightly and nodded: “OK, teacher.”

Xi Wei said in surprise: “Did you just call me teacher?”

Klaire smiled: “Of course, it is extravagant enough to ask someone of your karate black-belt level to teach me personally, and you don’t even charge me for tuition.”

Xi Wei smiled and patted him on the shoulder: “Hurry up and practice.”

"Yes." Klaire corrected his stance and began punching according to the posture Xi Wei had just taught.

Martial arts was not something that could be done well only after two or three times. Their current goal was to make Klaire punch 10 consecutive times, this was not difficult to achieve. After Klaire had finished 10 times, Xi Wei walked behind him and lifted his arm to guide him personally: "Place your wrist as straight as possible, and position your first in line with your arm. Yes, that’s it."

In order to personally guide him, Xi Wei stood behind Klaire until he was almost holding the other boy in his arms.

Aware of the little one teaching him seriously from behind, Klaire’s heart felt warm. He suppressed the impulse to hold him back and carefully followed Xi Wei's guidance to make the correct posture.

“Very good, this time the punching is very basic. Maintain the posture and punch again 20 times.”


Klaire punched again for another 20 times. After he was done, Xi Wei nodded and said, “Hit 50 more times continuously.”

He was evidently increasing the intensity of this training gradually. Klaire started to feel a little tired, especially his sore arm, which seemed unable to let out any more power.

Because of the severe anaemia he had experienced since birth, his body was not as strong as other alphas. In addition to that, due to Mrs. Grace distress for her son, she would always hold Klaire in her arms when he was younger, and never let him do any hard exercise. But it doesn’t matter, from now on, all of this will change!

Klaire took a deep breath, stared ahead, and swung a punch.

Looking at his sweating appearance, Xi Wei did not order him to stop and instead continued to watch the time to help him count.

“41, 42 … Good, pay attention to your wrist, stand firm on your feet…"

Learning martial arts would always be painful in the beginning, building the strength couldn't be accumulated overnight, and there was no instant method. When Xi Wei first learned martial arts, he also often pulled his muscles. His body would be in unbearable pain, and most nights he couldn't even sleep, but he gritted his teeth and persisted until he was able to master it. He believed that Klaire would be able to survive this difficulty as well.

Although his clothes was soaked in sweat and his arm felt limp and sore, Klaire persisted in following Xi Wei's guidance. He quickly hit another 50 times before finally stopping.

Xi Wei took a towel and handed it to him: “Wipe your sweat and take a rest.”

Klaire sat cross-legged and wiped his sweat. Xi Wei looked at his sweat soaked golden hair and couldn't help laughing: “You are really tired ah?”

"Yeah." Klaire deliberately leaned against Xi Wei’s shoulder, “a little tired.”

Considering that Klaire was a child of poor health, high intensity training might be counterproductive. Xi Wei asked thoughtfully: “Can you continue? If you can’t, we can take a break. Training should be gradual, you can't learn it all at once."

Klaire smiled and said, “Yes, rest for another five minutes.”

Deliberately leaning against Xi Wei to rest, feeling Xi Wei’s body temperature so close to him, the exhaustion on Klaire's body seemed to dissipate instantly.

Xiwei turned to look at the golden head on his shoulders, but did not push him away. He opened a bottle of water to drink.

After taking a few gulps, Klaire suddenly said: “I also want to drink.”

Then he had the gall to take the bottle Xi Wei was holding, and drank from it casually.

Xi Wei was puzzled: “Didn’t you bring your own water?”

Klaire said: “The lid isn't open, drink yours first.”

“…” What is this reason? However, looking at Klaire's tired appearance, Xi Wei also did not argue with him. He let the other boy rest for a few minutes, then asked, “Are you ready?”

Klaire stood up with a smile, “Yes, let's continue. What’s next?"

Xi Wei also stood up and answered: “We've been practicing punches, so now we'll continue to leg training. Horseback stand, or also known as squatting stance. "

“This needs to be practiced as well?”

Xi Wei confirmed with no hesitation: “Of course, instability is a big taboo in fighting. This is the entry position. In every martial arts, this move is something that must be practiced by everyone. Practice well, then if your legs are able to stay stable, at the very least you won't be knocked down to the ground that easily by other people."

Xi Wei performed a standard squatting posture in front of Klaire, and Klaire had to follow him.

Xi Wei looked back and found that Klaire’s posture was not very good. He came over and used his hand to help Klaire correct his posture, then patted his waist: “Straighten your chest, stomach, shoulder, don’t let them collapse. Keep your eyes straight ahead, breath evenly… Right, keep it that way, 10 minutes first, I’ll be timing it. "

With the teacher Xi Wei so serious, Klaire had to obediently stand still in squatting stance.

The two children in the classroom, one teaching, one learning. Echoes of their voice could be heard from time to time in the otherwise empty room.

Time passed quickly. Although Klaire was tired, his heart was extremely happy- because, in this confined space, there were only him and Xi Wei, they would not be disturbed by anyone. It was rare for them to be alone, so he cherished every minute and every second of it.

They practiced for hours and only went back to the dormitory at 11 o’clock in the evening,

Klaire went back to the shower and went to sleep. Probably because he was so tired, he fell asleep immediately after lying down on his bed. He slept very deeply and only woke up the next morning. His calf and arm muscles were still a bit sore, but he was in a very good mood, so he felt refreshed. Klaire knew that it was normal for the body to feel tired when exercising for the first time, but as long as he persisted, he would be accustomed to the intensity of the training and his body would gradually become stronger.

Thanks to Xi Wei, Klaire had made a rapid progress this week.

In the Wednesday afternoon fighting class, teacher Tony called out Klaire's name first and asked gravely: “Klaire, have you practiced this week?”

Klaire answered: “Yes.”

“Well, let me see the result of your practice." Tony came up to him and said, “If you don’t pass the exam, you’ll run around the classroom for ten laps!”

Tony’s teacher put down the exam-specific sandbag and let Klaire stand in front of him.

Klaire breathed deeply, stood firmly on his feet, clenched his right hand, and jerked forward


The sandbag shook violently for a moment, before finally showing the score: “88 points.”

All the students were stunned- completely couldn't believe that Klaire who had only scored 68 points las week, actually could get 88 points this time.

Last week, the only one who scored 88 points was the Class President Carlo, the other alphas all got about 85 points. Unexpectedly, in just a week, Klaire managed to progress so much, it's like he opened a cheat!

Teacher Tony was obviously surprised as well. He looked at Klaire doubtfully and said, “Try again.”

Klaire smiled and once more stood in front of the sandbag, swinging his fist with all his might-

Still 88 points!

Teacher Tony looked like he had seen a ghost as he asked, “Have you been practicing hard this week? You progressed very quickly!"

Klaire answered earnestly: "Yes, teacher, I have been practicing e

very night."

Tony was pleased and patted his shoulder: “Good job! As an Alpha, you should work hard and strive for progress!"

Then he looked back at the other students in the class, “You see, student Klaire trained hard for a week and able to progress so quickly. When you get back, you’ll have to practice like Klaire, you hear?"

The crowd shouted at once: “Yes, Sir!”

Klaire returned to his place, bright eyes locked on Xi Wei. He leaned over and whispered in the other boy's ear: “Thanks, Xi Wei.”

Xi Wei smiled and replied with eyes: you are welcome.

Klaire looked at the smiling child in front of him and felt his heart pounding. He liked this boy very much.

He couldn't resist reaching out and holding Xi Wei's hand in his gently. Xi Wei’s hand was obviously as soft as a normal child’s, but Klaire knew how amazing the explosive power it held when the guy was punching.

He could make progress so quickly in such short time, part of it was thanks to his previous experiences of seeing Ji Ran practicing, he unknowingly picked up some martial arts theories. But the most important reason was because he had Xi Wei by his side- Xi Wei personally taught him one on one so seriously, how could he have the nerve to disappoint him?

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