Runaway Guide

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Fighting Technique (ii)

Even Tony did not think that Klaire’s rapid progress would unexpectedly increase the fighting spirit of all Alpha students in the class.

“Klaire, who was at the bottom of the class scored 88 points, what would it say about me if I don’t work as hard as him?”

The children in the class all felt like this, and suddenly they were brimming with motivation.

From that day on, every evening after school the students in class A would scramble to the training classrooms on third floor to practice. There were not enough rooms, so some of them had to group in twos or threes to share one sandbag. All the children hurried to book a room, which made Xi Wei and Klaire very flustered. After all, Xi Wei was an Omega who had been disguising his true level. If he met someone from the class in the training room and that person saw Xi Wei’s true martial arts abilities, it would arouse suspicion from the students.

A few days later Klaire thought of a solution-to go to the forest at the back of the dormitory and practice there.

The five-star fruit forest was very large, almost surrounding the entire St. Paul Academy. The trees in the woods were dense and the leaves were all silver, they could disguise themselves among the trees if they wore white clothes.

However, there were no scoring sandbags in the forest; they wouldn’t be able to see Klaire’s progress.

Fortunately Xi Wei had plenty of experience in combat, and he could tell the errors only by seeing Klaire’s posture once, and immediately went forward to correct them. As time passed, Klaire’s posture became text-book perfect, and he was able to throw 50 quick punches without any hardship.

While practicing and increasing arm and fist strength, Xi Wei also did not forget to teach him basic leg movements. From the starting moves of parallel and horse stance, to the subsequent forward lunge, back long stance, and standing on one foot; he gave his all to teach those moves one by one.

With Xi Wei teaching him seriously, Klaire also learned to concentrate. One month later, the students were surprised to find that the previously stupid and weak looking alpha Klaire had become a really energetic person. His performance in fighting class even managed to impress teacher Tony.

However, Klaire was not content with this, because he knew that he was still far from Xi Wei’s true level.

That evening, the two children once again came to the forest at their agreed upon time. Klaire asked, “Xi Wei, I have learned almost all the movements you taught me, can you teach something new?”

“Don’t be impatient. You have to practice these moves for at least one month.”

Klaire was surprised, “One month?”

Xi Wei smiled and looked at him, “This can be considered as fast. I was forced by my master to practice for six months. The foundation must be practiced until it becomes solid, then you’ll be able to learn the following movement easier.”

Klaire nodded, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Anyway, as long as he had Xi Wei by his side, he felt happy doing anything.

After experiencing fatigue during the first few times he began practicing, Klaire was pleasantly surprised to find that the condition of his body was gradually improving. Originally he would feel tired and his body ached after two hours of practice, but now he didn’t feel tired even after four hours of continuous practice—he felt more spirited instead!

At the same time, his appetite grew at an astonishing rate.

As a child in growing period, the more energy he spent daily, the more he needed to replenish the nutrition in his body.

In the past, one bowl of rice was enough to make Klaire full, but now he had to eat at least two bowls of rice and a dozen more side dishes to fill his belly. He also had to eat a fruit after practice, otherwise would be very hungry.

During those days he learned martial arts with Xi Wei, his life was peaceful but happy.

Whenever he thought of that time, Klaire couldn’t help but smile. Xi Wei always taught him very seriously—obviously he was still a child, but he put on a tough teacher’s attitude. When little Xi Wei explained the martial arts movements to him, his chubby face, big black eyes, standard punching posture, everything about him looked lovely in Klaire’s eyes.

His training with Xi Wei in the five-star fruit forest every night was a great source of enjoyment for Klaire.

Time flies and a few months soon passed. The students of St. Paul Academy were about to have their exam at the end of the school year. Students in the second grade also began to devote their time to do intensive review of the lessons. Teacher Kelly hoped that everyone could continue to maintain a 100% passing rate like last year, and that no one would have to repeat.

As the Class President, Carlo naturally took responsibility and supervised the study sessions. If someone encountered a problem that they could not do, he would explain it to them. Klaire soon figured out his roommate’s temper. Despite Carlo’s stubborn character and his unique view of omegas, he was still a very responsible class president.

Klaire was a bit depressed since Xi Wei couldn’t spare as much time to tutor him in fighting as before. In addition to doing his own review of the lessons, Xi Wei also had to help Aiden—Aiden always listened to the lectures very seriously, his grammar and his history grades were also really good, but the child’s math was worrying. He had difficulty in three-digit addition and subtraction, for example he would calculate 101 as the answer for 897 minus 798. Klaire also felt bad for him.

The second year students in the empire had began learning multiplication and division in their Mathematics Course, but Aiden wasn’t even good at addition and subtraction. Every day Xi Wei spent at least one hour tutoring his roommate Aiden in math, so naturally the time he spent alone with Klaire would be reduced.

Fortunately, June came once again, which meant Klaire and Xi Wei were about to have their seven-year-old birthday.

On June 21st, Klaire prepared a birthday cake in advance. After dinner, he sent a message to Xi Wei, “8 o’clock at night, the usual place.”

The so-called ‘usual place’ was of course the place they used to secretly practice martial arts, deep in the five-star fruit forest at the back of the dormitory building.

Xi Wei thought this guy wanted to learn martial arts, so he changed his clothes into something loose-fitting and came to the five-star fruit forest.

To his surprise, when he arrived there he saw a large circle of candles of various colours on the ground. In the middle, there were candles placed to form the words, “Xi Wei, Klaire, Happy Birthday”. Little Klaire stood in the middle, holding a birthday cake in his hand. When he saw Xi Wei walking over, he opened his mouth to sing the birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you, happy Birthday to you…”

After he finished singing, Xi Wei jumped into the candle circle, looked at Klaire and said, “It’s just a birthday. ”

Klaire smiled, “High-tech things are so hard to use. You see, these birthday candles are made of special materials, there is no fire and smoke after lighting, only candlelight in a variety of colors. They look particularly beautiful…You don’t like birthdays celebrated like this?”

The colorful candles surrounded by the silver-white woods; the scene was indeed very beautiful. Xi Wei also couldn’t help but feel moved.

He had a birthday like this once when he was still living as Ji Ran. It was a very memorable night. The candles were lit up when he opened the door, his fans used various colors of candles to put “Ji Ran Happy Birthday” on the ground and then invited him to the center of the candle circle. He blowed the candles with local fan representatives, ate cakes with them, and also received a lot of gifts given personally by the fans to him.

That year, he was still a small actor with little fame, the number of his fans was not much. That 23-year-old birthday party was organized by his manager Yu Qianhe. In order to make Ji Ran happy, Yu Qinhe invited a few local fans to come to celebrate his birthday. Ji Ran had had many special birthday celebrations after that, but his 23 birthday was something unforgettable for him.

Today, Klaire’s intention of doing this again was quite clear.

– Even if everyone in this world doesn’t know about your past, you still have me.

Xi Wei felt his nose turned slightly runny. He couldn’t help himself, he stepped forward and hugged Klaire tightly, whispering, “Thank you.”

Klaire’s heart softened, he reached out a hand to touch Xi Wei’s hair gently and said, “Hey now, no need for that, we are not strangers. This life, we were born on the same day, after this we will celebrate every birthday together, okay?”

Xi Wei nodded with a smile, “Okay!”

Then he rubbed Klaire’s head and said, “It’s good to have a brother like you.”

Klaire: “…”

Can you not add this sentence ah, the lethality is too powerful.

Klaire looked somewhat helplessly at Xi Wei. He knew that in Xi Wei’s heart he was merely a “good friend” and “a good brother”. There was an inseparable gap from the “like” he was aiming for, but changing Xi Wei’s mind was not something that could be done in a day or two.

Klaire was not in a hurry though.

The two of them were still underage. He had the chance to spend his birthdays every year with his loved one and watch that loved person grow up year after year, this was also a rare and lucky occurrence.

While thinking of this, Klaire divided the cake in his hands into two halves and handed one-half to Xi Wei, “Eat this, it’s your favorite strawberry flavor.”

“Thank you!” Xi Wei happily took the cake. He sat down with Klaire and opened his mouth wide to eat it.

Seeing this lovely act from the boy beside him made Klaire smile.

-Xi Wei, from today onwards, I will accompany you in every birthday. Until you reach the age of 18, the day of adulthood.

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