Runaway Guide

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Accident

When Xi Wei came back to the palace, King Trent frowned upon seeing the little kitten. Fortunately Queen Anna also fell in love with the little kitten, so Trent didn’t say anything and agreed to Xi Wei’s request to raise the cat as his pet.

The little kitten’s body was pure white with no trace of impurities, lying obediently there while yawning. Xi Wei touched the kitten’s head and said: “Mother, this kitten is a gift from my classmate’s father. When I go back to school, can you help me to take care of it?”

Queen Anna was very happy with this and smiled: “Of course, when you are away, it can accompany me to relieve boredom.”

Inside the crib beside them was the Fourth Prince Caesar who had learned to speak. He looked curiously at the furry creature, raised his hands to hold the cat’s paw, then looked up at Xi Wei and asked: “Royal Brother, what is this?”

Xi Wei answered, “This is a cat.”

Caesar asked again, “What is a cat?” ”

Xi Wei said, “It’s a small animal with Meow Meow voice.”

Caesar was curious, “Why doesn’t is say anything ah?”

The Queen hugged Caesar, smiled and touched his son’s head: “Why do you have so many questions? Don’t bother your brother.”

Xi Wei smiled: “Being curious enough to learn since childhood is a good thing. He will have to inherit the throne in the future.”

Caesar asked curiously: “What is the throne?”

“You will know when you grow up.” Xi Wei gently pinched his brother’s face. Even if he explained,the child would not understand. He picked up the little kitten and said,” Mother, I’ll go back now, you also don’t sleep late.”

Anna smiled, “Alright.”

After returning to his palace, Xi Wei received Klaire’s invitation to communicate. Through the video call, he could see Klaire holding the black cat while sitting at the edge of his bed. The black cat’s eyes were beautiful gold, when it saw the white cat resting in Xi Wei’s bosom, the small creature stretched out its paws as if to greet its small friend. The small white kitten also began meowing when he saw the black cat.

Klaire laughed: “Is this video for us to talk, or for them?”

Xi Wei also smiled and said: “These two only know each other. It’s not like we can understand what they say.”

Klaire put the black cat down: “Just ignore them, let’s talk.”

After being put down, the small black cat immediately ran to the holographic projection screen, stretched out its paw curiously. The white Cat also ran over, two of the little guys stretched out their paws but found out that they strangely couldn’t touch each other, and started meowing non-stop.

The two masters ignored them, and talked themselves.

“We have one month of holiday, do you want to go to Aiden’s house again?” Klaire suggested.

“Forget it.” Xi Wei said, “I feel that Uncle Randy is quite closed against outsiders. He appread to be deliberately avoiding us today. Aiden only live together with his father, we shouldn’t destroy their peace. I told Aiden to video call me if he doesn’t understand something.”

“That’s fine.” Klaire continued, “then you will stay in the palace for the rest of the holiday?”

“Yes, my brother Caesar has learned to talk, and in a few days Wncle Berg will bring his son Brian over. I’ll just play with them for a few days.”

Klaire smiled and said, “Then I’ll see you at school.”

Xi Wei had become accustomed to his role as a “Big Brother. During this rare holiday time, he naturally wanted to spend more time with his mother and younger brothers and sisters, plus his identity as a prince made it hard for him to go out often. Klaire didn’t want him to come out and meet him reluctantly. Anyway, they’ll have many opportunity to meet later, he wasn’t in a hurry.

The calm holiday soon passed, and St. Paul Academy once again welcomed the start of the school year.

Klaire’s brother Kevin has reached the age for school, the second princess Alicia also took the test for St. Paul Academy. Princess Alicia’s birthday happened to be just after the date of enrollment, resulting in her having to learn every night for six months. But this is a good thing, Kevin would have a friend in school.

They were arranged to the same class, both Xi Wei and Klaire were busy helping their younger siblings settling in all day until all was finally arranged properly.

On the first day the school year, in addition to new students, senior students who failed the exam also had to take part in the unified curriculum make-up exam. Because of the change of the school’s rules, all the students who failed to pass the exam this year had a chance to fix their grade in a make-up examination. Aiden were to participate in the math test, there were only about 10 people from their grade who took this mathematic remedial exam. Once they entered the examination room, they logged-in to the net to answer the exam questions. Aiden answered very seriously, even after one hour had passed, his eyes was still glued to the optical computer in front of him, looking very focused.

Seeing his serious expression, Carlo who stood outside couldn’t help but think: this should be it, right? If he fail again then he must be really stupid.

After the exam, Aiden walked out of the examination room looking very happy, but when he saw at the examination room’s doorway, his expression changed to one of surprise. He asked: “Class President, what are you doing here?”

Carlo said gravely: “You are a student from our class, as the Class President I’ve come to check on you during this remedial exam.”

“Oh, I’m done.” Aiden said and then turned away.

Carlo: “……..”

Isn’t he supposed to say “Thank you Class President” “You’ve worked hard Class President” or something? “Oh” and then he leave just like that?

Carol, who was left there, frowned and thought: This Omega is really impolite.

Xi Wei and Klaire were unable accompany Aiden because they had to help their younger siblings. When they went back to the dormitory at dinner time, Xi Wei finally found out that Aiden had finished his test. He approached him and asked: “How about the test? Is the score out?”

Aiden said happily: “I just saw the score, mine is 85 points.”

Xi Wei also smiled and rubbed his head gently: “Really good, you have studied very hard this holiday. For mathematics as long as you understand the basis, learning the rest will be easier. After school, you can ask me anything you don’t understand.”

“Okay!” Aiden nodded, a moment later he continued, “Yes, I saw the class president at the entrance of the examination room today.”

Xi Wei was surprised: “What was he doing there?”

“He said he was checking on me for the exam, I ignored him because I was afraid he would scold me again.” Answered Aiden. Obviously, being scolded by Carlo had left a psychological shadow on him. One moment he said Omegas are troublesome, then he said the reason Aiden fell two points short was because he didn’t study hard enough. If he talked to him, maybe he would say that omegas should give up on make-up exam. Aiden didn’t want to hear him, he slipped away soon after he saw him.


Since the class once again had full passing rate, teacher Kelly was very pleased. Many students also took initiative to comfort Aiden, after all, there were only 35 students in the class. they did not feel comfortable knowing if one of them had to repeat the year. Aiden passed the make-up exam was really for the best.

This school year, they would began learning formulas in math class, grammar class would also began teaching about formal writing of various paragraphs and articles. Imperial History course would continue the modern history lesson as well as adding federal history lesson, so that students could understand the hostile history between the empire and Strandian Federation. In addition, schedule for the fighting class was changed from twice to three times a week. There was also public elective courses that they could choose themselves.

Public elective courses were created to enrich the students’ daily life and increase the children’s knowledge, so the examination was very simple. Xi Wei picked Film Appreciation class, and Klaire naturally followed along. Aiden chose the Basic Interior Design, apparently he was interested in designing. Carlo chose a ball game, obviously really passionate about strengthening his physique. There were all sorts of courses to pick according to one’s interest.

After the class officially started, the students became busy immediately.

Xi Wei and Klaire went to the public elective course every Friday evening, the film appreciation class was a very easy course, the teacher would put film around 1.5 hours long for everyone to see, then for the remaining half an hour, the students would be asked to analyze the meaning of the film and express them. There were so many students who picked this course. Children of all sizes sat together in a lecture hall which could hold thousands of people to watch a movie, it was a rare leisure time of the week for them.

On one Friday evening, Xi Wei and Klaire went back to their dormitory after watching the film. On to the road, Xi Wei said, “I did not expect just how advanced the film technology now, not to mention using holographic analog images, the actors used are not necessarily have to be real people as well. After data processing, 3D characters now can be made to look exactly the same as real person.”

“But 3D character image is fabricated after all. Their expression and action, even though they look realistic, the effect is not as good as interpretation of real people.” said Klaire.

Xi Wei nodded: “Acting still depends on the actor’s understanding of the character. Eyes and emotions can be used to attract the audience. Something feels lacking with 3D characters.”

Xi Wei was obviously still interested in his old line of job. Klaire looked back at him and asked: “Don’t you want to return to be an actor once you grow up?” Although with Xi Wei’s level of skill he could definitely become the empire’s number one superstar, how could His Majesty King allow the Prince to act?

Xi Wei also understood this. He waved his hand and said: “Forget it, I’m a prince now. It’s impossible for me to be an actor. I never thought about going back to the entertainment business in this era. But if there is a chance, I would like to try writing my own scripts, then be the director, I want to create good movies. As long as I’m not using ‘Xi Wei’ and just take a stage name, I think my father will agree.”

As he said this, Xi Wei looked back to Klaire and smiled: “Of course, this is just my idea. I don’t know whether it can be achieved or not. I have a feeling that there will be too many resistance.”

Klaire patted his shoulder lightly and said, “If you work hard on this, I believe you will be able to do it. ”

Xi Wei nodded earnestly. He knew that no matter what others thought, Klaire would always understand and support him.

They kept talking for the rest of the way and soon they arrived near the dormitory building. Klaire glanced at the five-star forest behind the dormitory building and couldn’t help saying: “It’s still early, why don’t we go there to train?”

Xi Wei agreed: “Okay.”

During vacation period where they did not see each other, Klaire’s fighting level had progressed rapidly. Xi Wei initially wanted to test him, but incredibly the other boy managed to avoid him with ease. This finally made Xi Wei serious, he turned around and swept his right leg out, intending to trip Klaire to the ground. With sharp eyes, Klaire leaped to the side to avoid his attack, then he used his left hand to grasp onto Xi Wei’s shoulder. Xi Wei moved, Klaire expected him to use his backhand to slap his hand, but the boy grasped his wrist instead.

His movements were smooth, Klaire praised him: “Not bad.”

Xi Wei just let go of him, smiled and said: “You progress is very fast ah, have you been practicing on your own during holiday?”

Klaire nodded: “Yeah.”

As they were talking, they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. Their eyes widen, and they immediately stopped talking. Klaire walked forward and, unexpectedly, found a very familiar child. Dressed in a pure white clothes, holding a large basket in his hand –it was Aiden.

Xi Wei was also very surprised. He walked over and called, “Aiden? What are you doing here?”

Aiden scratched the back of his head, smiled and said: “You are also here ah? I come here to collect some leaves. The teacher assigned a homework and I want to use the leaves of five-star fruit tree to design a fruit plate. ”

Klaire asked, “Is it homework for design class?”

Aiden nodded: “Yes!”

In his chosen class, Basic Interior Design, the teacher taught the kids some ideas about how to design gadgets, and then let the kids unleash their imaginations to create their own freely. Today’s homework was to design a fruit plate, Aiden thought of the very good-looking, glowing silver leaves of the five-star fruit tree. If he used silk and silver leaves to decorate the fruit plate, the result must look very special, so he went to the fruit forest to pick up some leave.

Xi Wei soon understood the situation. Even though Aiden was still young, he inherited his father’s talent in design. His family’s villa, interior decoration, flower pot decoration, all of them must be designed by Randy himself. The fresh and elegant style also very consistent with that man’s character.

Thinking of this, Xi Wei asked: “How many leaves do you want to collect? Let me help you.”

“Thanks, picking up leaves that have fallen on the ground will be enough to get me a basket.” Aiden said before squatting down and began picking up a few silver leaves from the ground.

Xi Wei also squatted down, he looked up to Klaire and said: “You go first. By the way help me tidy up the notes for public elective class. I’ll help Aiden collect some leaves before going back to the dormitory.”

Klaire nodded: “Okay.”

There are a lot of broken leaves on the ground, so they had to pick carefully. After half an hour, they finally got enough. When they were about to leave, they saw several big, tall students coming their way. The three newcomers were laughing as they talked. Xi Wei recognized two of them: aren’t they the the students who tried to bully me before? The two seniors who in the end got taught a lesson by me?

The other party apparently also recognized Xi Wei, one of them exclaimed in surprise: “Why is it you again?”

The teenager next to him raised his eyebrow and asked: “You know him?”

“Yes, this little fellow looks docile and cute, we thought he was an Omega, but turns out he is an alpha with more than 120 innate mental strength.” The other guy explained.

Xi Wei was someone who couldn’t tolerate sand in his eyes[1] . It was impossible for him to ignore bullies. When he taught the two seniors a lesson, he said he was alpha to avoid trouble. For Xi Wei, it is only a small detail that could be ignored. He did not expect that a year later, in such a large campus, he would meet these two bastards again.

And this time there were three of them. The one walking in the middle seemed to be the eldest, as the other two appeared to be very respectful and listening to him. In school, it was common forstudents to be forming groups. Xi Wei didn’t they their identities, but he also didn’t want to have more trouble. He winked toward Aiden and said softly: “We are going.”

He wanted to leave, but the other party did not want to let him.

Hearing the child was an alpha born with more than 120 mental strength, the young man was obviously very interested. With slightly narrowed eyes, he stretched out his right hand suddenly, moving fast snf aiming straight to Xi Wei’s shoulder!

Xi Wei’s reaction was also extremely quick. He stepped to the side and dodged the boy’s hand. The resulting wind from the fierce palm attack blowed Xi Wei’s bangs up, apparently this senior teenager once did not want to be merciful.

Seeing Xi Wei managed to avoid him, the juvenile attacked again, his strong punch almost hitting Xi Wei’s chest directly! Xi Wei’s expression turned cold, he bent down and leaned over, once again succeed in evading his attack!

Having both his attacks continuously avoided, the teenager was obviously very dissatisfied. He stretched out his hand to catch Xi Wei’s arm. Meanwhile, during this moment, the two other teenagers approached Aiden, trying to catch him together. They smiled and asked: “This brother should be an Omega?”

“Such nice skin, how old are you this year?”

“What’s your name? How about marrying me when you grow up?”

Aiden’s face turned very ugly. He opened mouth and bit hard at the teenager’s hand.

The bitten hand started bleeding and the teenager’s expression changed. He pulled Aiden away. “Are you a puppy? You dare to bite me!”

Xi Wei finally snapped after seeing his roommate being bullied. He turned back and quickly grasped his opponent’s hand and twisted it a bit, at the same time, using his left leg on the ground as support, he raised his right foot directly to the teenager’s abdomen!

The boy obviously did not think that this little guy would have such strong power. He reeled back a few steps after being kicked.

Xi Wei took the opportunity to rushed towards Aiden, beating down the two people holding the other boy easily. Then he asked Aiden anxiously: “Are you okay?”

Aiden’s face was pale, but he said: “I’m fine…”

Xi Wei’s expression turned grimm, the doctor said that Aiden couldn’t have too much stimulation, but looking at his white-as-paper face, those idiots must have done something to him.

However, the two bullies soon got up and rounded up towards the two. Xi Wei’s height and physical strength were after all still inferior to the senior students. Against three enemies, he might be able to protect himself, but he felt worried about Aiden. He couldn’t count Aiden to fight.

As he was pondering the situation, he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from behind: “Let them go.”

It’s Klaire!

The teenagers looked back and found two more people approaching them. One of them had blond hair and blue eyes which, at the moment, looked as cold as ice. The other was had brown short buzz and amber colored eyes, his expression very serious as he looked at the teenagers surrounding Xi Wei and Aiden. He asked in puzzled voice, “What’s going on here?”

Xi Wei quickly said: “Don’t ask so much, first bring him to the hospital!”

He picked up Aiden and handed him over to the confused Carlo. Carlo looked down, saw Aiden’s face pale and closed eyes, obviously already fainted. Shocked, he immediately put Aiden to his back, and turned running to the hospital.

Xi Wei then moved to Klaire’s side, watching the three people in front of them with a guarded look.

Feeling worried, Klaire took hold of Xi Wei’s hand and asked, “Are you alright? Any injuries?”

“I’m fine.” Xi Wei wiped the dirt on his face then looked at the young man –the leader– in front of him, “What do you want?”

The young man smiled: “Get to know you, make friends.”

Klaire denied coldly: “No thanks, we can’t accept this way of making friends. In addition, for you seniors to be bullying and injuring your school juniors. If you want to add more black points to your school record, then I don’t mind to talk more with you.”

Xi Wei added calmly: “That omega is my classmate, he has poor health. If something happened to him, I will make sure everyone knows you are to blame. Be smart and don’t let me see you again!”

After saying this, they turned and left, leaving three senior students looking at each other.

A moment later, the middle boy sneered: “Who are these two guys? Check it then report to me!”

Carlo was so worried that he wished he could fly to the hospital with a pair of wings.

It was his second time carrying Aiden. The weight of Aiden’s body on his back still felt really light, his breathing still so faint like it could stop at any time. The boy’s pale hands circled gently around his neck, soft face glued to his own. It was very strange, yet Carlo also felt a little… Distressed。

This omega isn’t going to die, is he?

Carlo thought, although the Omega is a little troublesome, he still did not deserve to die.

Fortunately, he finally arrived at the hospital. Carlo awkwardly put Aiden into a vacant bed, and the doctor immediately came to check.

“I already said that he can’t be stimulated too much, are you an idiot ah?? What happened?!”

Carlo was so embarrassed that he touched his nose and asked, “How is he? Is it serious?”

The doctor gave him an annoyed look: “He just lose consciousness temporarily, he should be fine after taking a rest. But after that, his medicine dose will have to be doubled.”

Soon, Xi Wei and Klaire also rushed over just in time to hear the Doctor’s words, which finally made them feel relieved.

After the doctor left, Xi Wei then walked to the bedside and touched Aiden hair in distress: “His illness should not be dragged any longer. I think we should talk to his father as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll call Uncle Randy tomorrow,” Klaire frowned and continued, “Aiden is 8 years old, there are only 6 years left before he becomes 14. In six years, even if he did get brothers or sisters every year, there is no guarantee they would be born as omegas. And if it’s not from an omega, the probability of matching stem cells is slim.”

Carlo stood there with a puzzled face, listening to the two boys talking about such a strange topic. Finally he couldn’t hold himself back and interrupted them: “What are you talking about? What stem cells match? Didn’t Kelly’s teacher say that Aiden just fainted from heatstroke?”

Xi Wei glanced at him then said bluntly: “What do you think? Does heatstroke require a weekly blood test? Think it over with your head.”

“…” Before, he was scolded by the doctor, now he was scolded by Xi Wei. Carlo stood there, looking at the pale Aiden on the bed. At that moment he finally knew that the weak omega in fact had a very serious disease, and he could die any time…

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