Runaway Guide

Chapter 29


Chapter 29 – The Prince Who Fights

With Aiden unconscious in the infirmary, the doctor soon notified Randy.

Randy came to the ward with messy hair, looking very anxious. He rushed to Aiden’s bedside. Sitting there gently stroking his son’s hair, his eyes were full of love and tenderness. Seeing that scene made Xi Wei couldn't help but felt anxious as well.

Aiden falling into this state, the saddest one was of course Randy, his father. Xi Wei also still didn't know what happened between Randy and Aiden's alpha father. He always felt that asking the man directly would be equivalent to opening an old wound and pouring salt into it.

Xi Wei pulled Klaire and Carlo’s arm, and the three of them retreated silently.

Klaire asked: “Why? Do you feel embarrassed asking him?”

Xi Wei sighed and said: “If there was a way to save Aiden, he should be more impatient than us to do it. Perhaps Aiden’s alpha father really was gone. In that case, wouldn't it be very rude if we asked him directly?"

Carlo stood beside him, looking stiffly at the scene in the infirmary. Originally, he thought that Aiden was merely in poor health. He only just knew today that this classmate of his actually had a terminal illness. Thinking of the frail omega who might die at any time, his mind became messy. He couldn't help asking: “He will die?”

Xi Wei frowned: “I don't want anything to happen to Aiden. Can you not talk about death?”

"…… Oh" Carlo scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, “I don’t want anything to happen to him either.”

At this moment, Randy suddenly turned around and saw the three children standing in the window with worried expressions. He came out of the door and said softly: “You have something to say to me?”

Xi Wei nodded, then as gently as possible, he said: “According to the doctor, the best cure to Aiden’s disease is to extract stem cells from his omega brothers or sisters and do transplantation, but Aiden is an only child…”

Randy’s face turned a little pale. A moment later he said, “This will not work, he has no alpha father.”

Xi Wei and Klaire glanced at each other.

Carlo whose temper was more straightforward immediately asked, “How could there be no alpha father?”

“It is not convenient for me to explain to you, you just have to know that Aiden has no father and no brother or sister.” Randy paused, and then continued, “I’ve contacted the doctors at the Imperial Central Hospital who are working on a new type of medicine that has made some progress recently. Before Aiden turned 14 years old, if the drug can be successfully developed, his condition can be controlled. "

Xi Wei asked: “But what if the development is not successful?”

Randy’s expression changed slightly as he answered: “Then I will think of other ways to save him… I won’t let anything happen to him. You are his best friends, thank you for caring about him."

Randy turned back to the ward and sat at Aiden's bedside, one hand gently holding the child’s hand and the other one attaching itself to the child’s forehead.

Aiden looked very peaceful in his sleep. Xi Wei was really afraid that one day he would fall asleep and never wake up again. But as a friend, Xi Wei also didn't want to interfere with Randy’s decision. Not to mention, he was only a child now, no one would take children's opinions to heart.

When they walked out of the hospital, Xi Wei had his head down, no one knew what he was thinking.

Klaire shook Xi Wei’s hand lightly, comforting him without speaking.

At that moment, Klaire suddenly desperately wanted to grow up. Children’s ability was too limited, whether it was being bullied by senior students or ignored by adults, all happened because they were too young.

After he went back to his dorm today, he was worried when he noticed Xi Wei and Aiden hadn't came back in half an hour. He then dragged Carlo to look for them together in the woods. Unexpectedly, they found Xi Wei and Aiden being surrounded by three senior students -Xi Wei's face stained with dirt, and Aiden unconscious.

That scene filled Klaire with anger. He wanted to tear up those three bastards to pieces!

He knew, however, that he could not protect Xi Wei with his present strength. He was too small and his strenght so weak to the point of being insignificant. Even if he stood in front of Xi Wei, it was useless, he would only drag Xi Wei down.

Klaire clenched his fist tightly, in his heart he silently said to himself: grow up quickly, become strong. If even you can't stand in front of Xi Wei, then in this world, who can Xi Wei trust and depend on?

Xi Wei suddenly discovered that, from that day on, Klaire worked harder than ever, especially in combat. He spent a great deal of time every day practicing the skills of fighting, punching, kicking, jumping, and the boy was actually progressing at an amazing pace.

Also from that day onwards, Aiden also followed to the doctor’s instructions to increase the doses of his medicines. Every day before eating, he would take out a large pile of medicine pills, and stuffed them into his mouth calmly as if he were eating snacks.

That child might seemed docile and well-behaved, but he got a very strong backbone. Since Xi Wei knew about his condition, even if he was uncomfortable, he would never be embarrassed about it again. He also would never reveal a shred of sadness in front of his father, Randy. He always sat quietly in the corner of their classroom, and except for Xi Wei, he rarely communicated with others, almost like he was living in his own world.

Xi Wei was still worried about his illness, but since Randy said that doctors were developing new medicines for it, Xi Wei also didn't want to interfere. He could only hope that the central hospital experts would be able to successfully develop this new medicines.

Time passed like this for one week, and then it was another Friday. After his selected class ended, Xi Wei was worried about Aiden and dragged Klaire to Design Classroom to pick the boy up. However, soon as they stepped out of the classroom, they unexpectedly saw the same senior students in the corridor.

Xi Wei's expression changed, he asked coldly: “What are you doing here?”

The teenager smiled and said: “What a coincidence, I also chose this course. Hello,Your Royal Highness."

He followed this with a deliberate bow toward Xi Wei. Xi Wei held back the urge to hit the boy's head, rolled his eyes, then pulled Klaire and turned away.

However, the teenager dashed forward and stopped in front of Xi Wei. He smiled and said again: “Let me introduce myself, Your Highness Xi Wei. My name is Joen Orlando. I didn't expect you to be the First Prince Xi Wei, that was naïve and very impolite of me, I apologize.”

“Oh, I know." Xi Wei didn’t talk to him again, and walked away together with Klaire.

His sentence felt more like “I know, you can fuck off” with the way he was glaring at the teenager, his expression of anger was exactly the same as Tran's. Joen looked thoughtfully at Xi Wei's retreating back, his mind filled with doubt: since the First Prince is an Omega, how can his martial arts be so powerful? Did he train in the palace?

Xi Wei had concealed his skill level just to avoid suspicion from his teachers and fellow students. He never expected that he'd have to give a lesson to some senior students in the forest, triggering a series of chain reaction, which grew bigger and bigger like a rolling snowball. Joen clearly had found out Xi Wei's identity, his secret could no longer be hidden. Xi Wei also no longer wanted to hide. As long as his father, The King, gave out an explanation, what could other people say.

Instead of waiting for Joen to play tricks behind his back, he might as well confess to his father and hold the initiative in his own hands.

With his mind made up, when he went back that night Xi Wei contacted Uncle Berg with his communication device and asked: “Uncle, do you know someone called Joen Orlando?”

When he first went to school, Uncle Berg told him to pay attention to the children’s backgrounds when making friends and to not get too close with people from the Orlando family, the Sharman family, and the Stoker family. Xi Wei had always respected his uncle, so he naturally kept his words in mind. After he heard Joen Orlando's name today, Xi Wei remembered his uncle's warning and thought of contacting Uncle Berg to inquire about this situation.

Sure enough, Berg knew of the name and frowned: “Did you say Joen? He is the grandson Thunder Army's Head, Auguste Orlando. He is six years older than you and should also be studying in St Paul Academy. Why? Did you meet him?"

Xi Wei nodded: “Yes, there was some misunderstanding and we had a fight.”

Berg was surprised, "How could you have a fight with an alpha? Did you get injured?"

Xi Wei smiled and said: “Uncle, rest assured that I wasn't hurt, he couldn't beat me.”

Berg: “….. …”

Looking at the boy's sparkling eyes, Berg was speechless. Joen couldn't beat Xi Wei? Is it real or fake?

Xi Wei went on to say: “Uncle, there is a secret I want to tell you. I think I have a special talent in martial arts. I learned fighting from Teacher Tony for a year. Everything he taught me, I could remember immediately. When I fought that Joen in the forest a few days ago, I actually beat him. Say, don't you think the gene I inherited from father and might be too strong?"

Xi Wei of course had no intention to say anything about having his past life's memories, instead he just found an innocent reason: 'Having talent.'

In any case, talent was a difficult thing to explain. For example, some people were born to sing while some others could draw. Xi Wei merely said he was born to be good at martial arts.

An omega with talent for fighting, it was a scary thing to say. However, looking at Xi Wei's serious face in the projection, Berg fell silent for a moment. Finally he smiled and said: “Maybe it's because of your father's gene? Your father is very powerful in fighting, he already got black belt at 18. His martial arts level is one of the highest in the entire empire. Unexpectedly, you actually grow up just like your father. "

Berg also thought it was very funny. An Omega Prince, yet instead of inheriting Queen Anna's gentle character, he inherited his father’s bravery.

If Xi Wei really had inherited His Majesty Tran’s combat skills, it would be a surprise that could shock all Alphas.

Xi Wei also never thought that his casually made up excuse actually coincided with his father's combat talent and could be tied to genetic reason, truly like a blind cat encountering a dead mouse[1]. This was a good explanation, the so-called 'a tiger father could never have a dog son'. His Majesty Tran got his black belt at 18 years of age. Although the First Prince was an omega, His Majesty’s powerful blood still flew within him. It made a really good point, so he didn't have to pretend anymore.

Thinking of this, Xi Wei couldn't help but smile and said: “Uncle, can you help me tell Royal Father about this? If there are opportunities, I want to ask father to teach me a few moves."

Uncle Berg: "I’ll tell him, but I reckon your Royal Father would be scared of you."

Imagining His Majesty Tran being frightened, both nephew and uncle laughed. Berg smiled for a moment, then said: “Xi Wei, the royal family has had a lot of good descendants in these many years, but for an omega prince to be so good at fighting, you are the first one.”

Xi Wei smiled very happily: “That is because my father's gene is too good!”

Berg also smiled: “Since you inherited His Majesty’s gift, do not waste it, learn it well.”

Xi Wei nodded: “I know, Uncle!”

After this conversation, Berg immediately sent a video call request to His Majesty Tran's communication device. Tran soon accepted and asked: “Berg? What are you calling me so late?"

Berg smiled and answered: “I want to tell Royal Brother a good news. Xi Wei inherited your talent in fighting, in school he fought with Joen Orlando, who was 6 years older than him, and incredibly won.”

Tran: “….. …”

The solemn expression on His Majesty’s face crumbled. He could not believe it. "What did you say? Xi Wei fought with an… alpha? And he won?"

Berg smiled and nodded: “That child is quite special. Unexpectedly, your fighting talent was passed onto him, his fighting skills seem very powerful. I guess Joen was planning to bully him, but he got beaten by Xi Wei instead."

Tran: “…”

After a long silence, His Majesty said awkwardly: “He is an omega, are you sure this is a good news?”

Tren felt a little uneasy. An omega being so violent, what would happen to him when he grew up?

On the other hand, Berg was happy about this. He smiled and said: “I think it’s a good thing. Royal Brother, I suggest we train Xi Wei well so that when he grows up, he will at least not be bullied by others. He can use his fighting skills and his high mental abilities to protect himself."

If Xi Wei was really interested in fighting, as a father, Tran didn’t want to disappoint his son. Although an omega learning martial arts sounded a bit strange, but like Berg said, if Xi Wei learned it well, he'd be able to protect himself in the future. He wouldn't be bullied after his marriage, which was a good thing.

Thinking about this, Tran finally made a decision: “Very well, I’ll send Craig to school one day to see Xi Wei's skills level.”

One Wednesday afternoon, Craig led the royal escort to St. Paul Academy. The students were surprised to see the neat platinum-gold suspension car in the air, however, General Craig's face was still as expressionless as ever. Craig looked at the surrounding children, then went straight to the fighting classroom on the third floor.

A class of students had a fighting class that afternoon. It was preparation time, the children had changed their uniform into the loose clothes prepared for fighting class and were currently running barefoot in the classroom to warm up. Craig's arrival naturally aroused the children’s attention, and occasionally one or two would look curiously at this serious man.

What surprised Craig was the lone student he saw sitting in the corner who was staring curiously at the running students with his chin propped in his hands.

Isn't that the child who bit me that day? The one called Aiden?

The tooth print left by the child's bite on the back of his hand had long disappeared, but that scene was engraved clearly in Craig's heart. When Aiden bit him that day, he suddenly had a strange feeling. Therefore, the moment the child bit him, his hand loosened and let go of the child’s father.

Seeing Aiden once again in school -the child's soft chestnut hair, the light color of his eyes- gave him a strange familiar feeling.

Feeling puzzled, Craig couldn't help walking over to Aiden.

When the child saw him, he blinked. Then, like an angry cat, his round eyes stared at him with a watchful look, before he stood up to take a few steps back.

The awkward Craig had to stop and said: “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

Aiden still stared at him with a watchful face, as if he were not a grown man in a military uniform, but a beast that would eat men.

Xi Wei discovered this situation and immediately ran over: “General? What are you doing here? "

Craig turned and whispered, “His Majesty has asked me to come and see you. He said the Great Prince is gifted in fighting."

Xi Wei pretended to scratch his head innocently, smiled and said: “Yes, I only discovered it recently.”

Craig said: “Don't mind me, you go to class. I'll sit here and watch.”

Soon after he said this, he sat down. Aiden looked at him, and immediately got up and moved aside, leaving about 10 metres between them.

Seeing how this child moved away from him, Craig couldn't help looking back and scrutinized him. The soft chestnut hair, the light color of his eyes, his soft exquisite features… it tugged at something in his heart. Messy memories came tumbling out in his mind, leaving Craig feeling lost.

At this moment, a man's voice was suddenly heard yelling loudly: “All of you, stand up for me! Class, pay attention!”

Craig turned to see the center of the room.

The children quickly moved to stand side by side. Right away, Tony said: “When fighting, it's not enough to just stand still, especially if you are fighting with more than one enemy. You must always be quick to find a breakthrough from the enemies surrounding you, and to do this you need to constantly run and jump! Today I'm going to teach you the skill of kicking people while running!"

Teacher Tony stood at the front and began doing demonstration: “Use your left foot first, then run five steps. When your left foot is stable on the ground, rotate your body slightly to the left. Then use your waist and leg's strength, lift your right leg upward, and kicked the enemy! Pay attention to the angle of your legs, pay attention at how I'm doing it first!"

With a violent move, Teacher Tony kicked out his leg, hitting the sandbag in front of him with a loud “bang”. It flew three meters away.

“…” The children applauded excitedly.

Tony clapped his hands and said, “Come on, one after the other!”

After explaining the student’s practice task, Tony went to the side and greeted Craig, “How come the general is here? To see the First Prince?"

Craig nodded: “Your Majesty send me to see the First Prince’s fighting skills. I heard he inherited His Majesty’s fighting talent.”

Tony snorted and smiled: “Ah? You mean Xi Wei? How could he inherit His Majesty’s talent? He couldn't even move the sandbags! "

There was a sudden noise in the classroom. Tony looked back and saw little Xi Wei running quickly a few steps, before suddenly stopping in front of the practice sandbags. He rotated his body to the left, lifting his right foot at the same time, then kicked the sandbag. A loud 'bang' was soon heard-the sandbag that he kicked had flown away!

The crowd of students was stunned, Tony's jaw also dropped, even the usually expressionless General Craig couldn't help the twitch on his mouth.

Is this really an omega?

Only Klaire, who stood behind Xi Wei, had his lips raised up in a smile upon watching Xi Wei kicked the sandbag decisively.

This is the real Xi Wei, so dazzling that people couldn't take their eyes off him.

He guessed that from today onwards, the Alphas in the entire school would be scared of the violent omega prince.


[1] A blind cat encountering a dead mouse = Having a blind luck

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