Runaway Guide

Chapter 30


Chapter 30 - The Violent First Prince

Amidst the stunned gazes of Alphas, Teacher Tony quickly approached Xi Wei and asked in a confused voice: "Was the rope loose again?”

Xi Wei’s expression was very innocent as he smiled and said: “I don't know ah, teacher, I suddenly feel very strong. I heard my father's fighting skills are really powerful, even when he were a child. Say, don't you think I may have inherited his talent?”

The crowd: “…” You, an omega, actually inherited His Majesty’s fighting talent? Couldn't you inherit something else?

Tony's expression was also very complicated. He looked at little Xi Wei's brilliant smile in silent for a moment before finally saying: “Do it again.”

“All right!” Xi Wei turned to the running line. He quickly ran five step, stopped before the sanbag, turned to the left, raised his right foot, and kicked! A loud bang was once again heard. This time the sandbag didn't just fly away, but was directly smashed by him.

Everyone: “…”

Tony looked down at Xi Wei's feet. This child’s feet looked very white and lovely, how could there be such strong explosive power?

Klaire was the only who knew the reason. It happened because of Xi Wei's coordinated control of his whole body. He could instantly transfer the strength of his waist and legs to his feet, the key parts needed in a kick. Using this technique could even make him shoulder to shoulder with Teacher Tony in term of explosive power.

The whole classroom fell silent. After a long while, Craig, who now stood among the audience, came forward and looked at Xi Wei: “It appears that His Highness is right, you have really inherited His Majesty’s talent in fighting.”

“…” the alpha students surrounding Xi Wei gasped. They took a step back and looked at Xi Wei like he was a freak.

On the other hand, Carlo seemed interested upon seeing Xi Wei’s performance. He stepped forward to challenge Xi Wei: “You really have inherited His Majesty’s fighting talent?”

Xi Wei smiled: “You want to try?”

As he said this, Xi Wei extended his right hand with the palm facing up, showing a standard challenging posture, his attitude was really confident.

This displeased Carlo, who took the initiative to attack, a sharp punch on Xi Wei's shoulder! Xi Wei moved sideways, evading it easily, then followed it with a quick move to clucth Carlo's fist. He pulled at the arm, then used his foot to trip him. With his body losing its center of gravity, Carlo fell to the ground, like a dog eating its own excrement!

Carlo: “…”

The fallen Carlo couldn't believe what had just happened, he stared blankly at Xi Wei with a shocked expression.

Xi Wei retracted his hand, smiled and said: “Still want to fight, Class Leader?”

Carlo: “…”

Carol, who was beaten by an omega, felt like everything he had known his whole life was a lie. His cognition from a young age was that Omegas were very weak, needed to be protected and cared about, would often fall sick, and couldn't withstand the wind and sun. Unexpectedly, now in front of him appeared this omega who managed to not only catch his fist, but tripped him as well.

He looked around and saw Aiden, who was now also sitting among the audience, laughed at him. Carlo flushed and hurriedly climbed up, not daring to speak.

The alpha and beta students around them also did not dare to speak. The Class Leader, Carlo, was the most powerful martial artist among them. With him beaten down so easily by XI Wei, many of them were still stunned and had yet to return to reality.

Craig glanced at Xi Wei and said: “Your Highness, I'm going go to see the headmaster after class .”

With a happy smile, Xi Wei later followed General Craig into the headmaster’s office.

The headmaster looked at the boy, and asked in surprise: “This is the First Prince?”

"Yes." Craig answered calmly, “I have just contacted His Majesty, and His Majesty said that since the First Prince has really inherited his fighting talent, all the First Prince's lessons will be set according to Alpha standards.”

“…” The headmaster coughed awkwardly and asked, “including the field of survival and the law of the jungle courses?”

Craig solemnly nodded: “His Majesty said so.”

That is to say, His Majesty will raise his omega son as an alpha?

Looking at Xi Wei's bright eyes, the headmaster helplessly shrugged. “Very well, but I want to tell you in advance, alpha courses will become more and more difficult as you get to higher grade. Xi Wei, if you can't stand it, then you must tell a teacher, don't be hurt.”

Xi Wei earnestly nodded: “Rest assured headmaster, I can cope!”

From that day on, the news of First Prince Xi Wei being a very powerful fighter quickly spread in St. Paul Academy.

All of them heard of the curious class leader who challenged him, only to be put down by XI Wei.

The class leader was frustrated; the other alphas in the class also didn't dare to provoke Xi Wei, they could only secretly ponder: “Is Xi Wei really an omega?" "I always feel that his identification result must be wrong, how can he be braver than an alpha?” “Why did he inherit His Majesty’s genes and not the Queen’s?”

No one could explain this mysterious problem. In any case, many of the students at St. Paul Academy knew that Prince Xi Wei had inherited His Majesty’s fighting talent, could fight very well, be it punching alphas or kicking betas, no one in the same grade could beat him. Even a senior student, Jeon, was said to have been beaten by him.

Joen, who had heard the rumor, looked rather ugly—being defeated by this younger Omega, could he still have face?

Joen waited for a chance to finish this Xi Wei.

The elective course on Friday presented a very good opportunity. He along with his two friends all chose “Film Appreciation”, and coincidentally Xi Wei also chose this course.

Sitting at the end of the classroom, Joen looked closely at Xi Wei’s movements. After the class, when he saw Xi Wei and Klaire leaving together, Joen immediately winked and asked his two companions to follow them.

Xi Wei and Klaire discussed the content of the film while walking. They chatted happily: "Today's movie is pretty good. War theme is actually very difficult to shoot, the director is not bad. The special effects on the climax looked especially good."

Klaire said: “Those special effects should be made with optical computer. You like the climax?”

“Of course, I like movies with strong visual effects. The climax was very enjoyable, unlike those kind of emotional dramas that I don't want to see.”

As he was saying this, Klaire suddenly grasped Xi Wei’s hand gently and wrote a few words in his palm with his forefinger: “We are being followed.”

Surprised, Xi Wei looked at Klaire, right into his smiling eyes.

Klaire leaned into Xi Wei’s ear and said softly, “Believe my judgment. In our past life, the paparazzi used to follow us all the time. Wasn't it because of my direction that you always manage to escape? They are about ten meters behind us, on the back of the right tree. There should be three people."

Xi Wei was too lazy to look back, he merely smiled and asked: “Three people? I can guess who they are."

“Those three seniors, Joen Orlando, right?”

They shared an understanding look and continued to walk.

“Actually, emotional movies can also look good. Wasn't the one teacher let us watch last week very good? Many students cried watching it.”continued Klaire.

“I didn't think it looked good, I fell asleep halfway.” Xi Wei said.

While chatting, they deliberately moved toward the five-star fruit forest behind the dormitory building.

On Friday night, most of the students went to the school’s playground to play. There were very few people in the forest. They walked deep into the woods, their surrounding was so quiet, one could even hear the rustling sound of the wind-blown leaves, those oval-shaped leaves shook with the wind, flashing silver sparkles.

Xi Wei exclaimed: “Although we have come here many times, but this place feels more beautiful each time."

Klaire said: “Unfortunately, there are always some people who want to destroy the atmosphere here.”

With that, he turned around and looked at a piece of clothing peeking through behind the trees. He smiled, “Three seniors, don't you want to come out?”

Not expecting to be found out, Joen’s expression changed. He stepped away from behind the tree, sharp eyes fixated on the two younger boys: “Prince, the rumor about you knocking me down, who spread it?"

“I have no idea?” Xi Wei gave him an innocent smile, "I don't remember knocking you down that time."

“…” Joen smiled and said, “I was only so merciful to you because Your Highness Xi Wei is younger than me. You don’t really think I can't beat you, right? Because you’re an omega, I didn't know what to do with you. Do you understand?"

Xi Wei laughed: “Never mind, even if you really want to harm me now, I still won’t tell the teachers.”

Jon was waiting for this sentence. If the teachers knew, causing harm to an omega could get him punished. Since Xi Wei said he wouldn't tell the teachers, then he could safely and boldly gave this boy a lesson. Of course, he wouldn't leave any obvious injury, but who said he couldn't leave internal injuries.

Thinking of this, Jon’s eyes narrowed slightly, preparing to start. Klaire suddenly moved forward, keeping Xi Wei behind him. He smiled and said: “I will fight you.”

Startled, XI Wei was about to protest when Klaire interrupted: “This small matter, we don't need to have the master teaches them personally. Just leave it to me.”

Understanding what he meant, Xi Wei smiled and said: “Okay, then you help this master to teach these boys a lesson.”

Their conversation filled Joen with anger. He yelled and rushed forward with clenched fist, aiming directly to Klaire’s face. This fierce offensive almost smashed Klaire’s nose!

To be so vicious when fighting a younger boy, obviously, this guy has no intention of showing mercy.

– Since you are so merciless, why should I be merciful to you?

Klaire's eyes turned cold. With a quick movement, he turned sideways, then instantly moved his fist to the other boy's back. Joen didn't notice, he only felt like there was a flower suddenly in his sight, then Klaire disappeared, and soon it was followed by a sudden pain on his spine. Klaire had taken the opportunity to attack him from behind, landing a puch to his back!

“Bang” Joen let out a muffled yelp, it felt like this punch almost made a hole in his lungs!

Unexpectedly, this blond haired, blue-eyed, docile and harmless looking boy could throw a mean punch!

Jon tried to suppress the urge to vomit, He turned and stretched out his leg, doing a sweeping motion to trip Klaire. It was no use. Seemed like Klaire had guessed his intention long ago. The boy jumped, making Joen's leg swept at nothing, then fell down following gravitation, making sure his foot landed on the enemy's knee that had yet to retract.

Crack… Xi Wei thought he heard the sound of bones being dislocated.

“Ah ah ah!” Jon hugged his right leg and rolled around in pain.

Klaire came up to him, leaned into his ear, and said, “How is my level? Is that enough for you?"

“…” Jon stared at Klaire with a vicious gaze. If not for his dislocated knee joint, he'd love to rush over and kill this boy.

Klaire went on: “I am an alpha and Xi Wei is my teacher. If you have any dissatisfaction, then come to me. You can’t even beat me, yet you still want to touch Xi Wei? I don't know what to do with you."

Joen: “…”

Klaire smiled slightly, his eyes cold, and continued: “Stay away from Xi Wei.”

After saying this, Klaire walked back to Xi Wei. Xi Wei smiled at him and gave him a thumbs-up, then they left together.

Joen looked at their backs and climbed up with gritted teeth.

The two teenagers behind him moved forward to help hold him: “Joen, let’s not bother with those two little guys anymore.”

“That’s right, you are just wasting your time on those little punks.”

Jon limped forward and said angrily, “Klaire, you wait, one day, I’ll make you taste death!”

Xi Wei left with Klaire. When they walked out of the forest, he asked curiously, “What did you say to Joen? Why was his expression turned so ugly? "

Klaire smiled: “I told him that Xi Wei is 10 times times more powerful than me, he was scared."

“Really?” Xi Wei smiled happily. A moment later he patted Klaire on the shoulder and exclaimed, “Seriously, if I didn't just see you fighting, I would never believe how far you have progressed. if we fight now, I won't be able to beat you so easily."

Klaire looked back at him: “Are you afraid that with my progressing pace, I'll surpass you one day?”

“It doesn't matter.” Xi Wei waved his hand and said cheerfully,”Your father is a general, you will certainly take the test to the Military Academy. Learning some martial arts is a good thing for you."

Xi Wei's trust on him warmed Klaire's heart. He couldn't help grabbing they boy's hand and said: “Rest assured, even if one day I become stronger than you, I will never bully you.”

Xi Wei smiled and patted the back of his head: “Bully me? You think too much!"

Klaire grimaced: “Can you stop patting me on the head? Haven’t you ever heard that patting someone's head will make them stupid? "

Xi Wei answered: “So what, you are already stupid, becoming a bit stupider is not a big matter.”

Klaire: “…”

Looking at the bright smile on Xi Wei’s face, Klaire could not help but smile.

Xi Wei was at his side, and the two had nothing more to say. This intimate relationship between them was built on mutual trust, this fact made him feel very at ease.

He struggled to learn how to fight, forced himself to make rapid progress in such a short term, all for one purpose– to protect his loved ones.

Today, he could finally stand in front of Xi Wei, helping Xi Wei to solve his problems with his own hands, relieving Xi Wei of the need to personally clean up those rubbish. This is already a huge improvement, isn't it?

He could see that the guy named Joen was a very small-minded, vindictive person, the type that would secretly follow others to take advantage of their unawareness. He was definitely not a fair-minded man. Getting rid of such a villain was as annoying as chasing away a fly.

By attracting the hatred to himself, Klaire only hoped that the seniors would stop pestering Xi Wei and targeted him instead.

This was his obscure way of protecting Xi Wei. One day, Xi Wei surely would understand.

He knew how powerful Xi Wei was, how violent he could be. Hell he even put down the class leader, making the other alphas in the class hid from him like they were hiding from monsters. Xi Wei was also happy with this situation, every day he could just hang out leisurely with Klaire and Aiden.

On the other hand, there was Carlo, who had always looked down upon omegas. Ever since he was beaten down by Xi Wei, the look in his eyes would turn unreadable every time he caught sight of the omega.. Xi Wei knew that this guy's pride must have taken a great hit, so he always took the initiative to smile at him. Carlo's face would become stiff then, before he quickly turned and disappeared without a trace.

Xi Wei fought so powerfully, and since Aiden followed him every day, Xi Wei naturally became Aiden's umbrella. In the school no one dared to bully Aiden. Aiden continued to eat his daily dose of medicines on time. With his condition controlled, his originally pale face also gradually recovered a trace of color.

In a blink, the children began to grow taller and bigger. After most of the students had had their 9th birthdays, Tony took the initiative to bring them to take the Fighting Association's annual assessment. According to the Imperial Fighting Association, martial artists' levels were differentiated by the bands worn at their waists. From lowest to highest, there were a light yellow belt, a red belt, a blue belt, a green belt, and a black belt at the highest level.

To no one surprise, Carlo and the rest of the alphas in their class passed the level-two red belt test, while both Xi Wei and Klaire got the level-three blue belt. This happened not because Xi Wei hadn't done his best, but because of his physical limitation. It would be difficult for him to pass the black belt test for now, and even though getting the green belt was possible for him, he felt getting the blue belt was simpler. Xi Wei didn't want to take the green belt test too soon. He wanted to accompany Klaire to take the test together next year. For now, this temporary blue belt was already quite good, otherwise , his father in the capital city would be frightened.

“I heard that the First Prince got the blue belt even though he is only 9 years old. Will he be like His Majesty, getting black belt at 18 years old?"

“Do you know how terrible the test for getting the black belt is? I heard they'd have to endure being attacked by 10 people for half hour without being hit at any key parts, then the test would continue with them attacking 10 robots in continuous attacks. If their offensive and defensive abilities are deemed enough, they will be declared as having passed the test and will be awarded with Black Belt Certificate by the association! Is it possible for Xi Wei to test for the black belt?"

“Who knows? Didn't he inherit His Majesty's talent. Maybe he will be the first omega to get the black black."

“Even some alphas failed to get black belt. It'll be terrible if he really gets it!"

“So terrible… How will such an omega have any prospect of marriage once he grow up? "

“It’s not our problem to worry about, let His Majesty worry about it!”

The whispers of such comments could be heard every day in the corner of the St. Paul Academy, and Xi Wei’s story became a hot topic for students. Xi Wei continued to mind his own business. He not only got the blue belt, but also scored high on all theoretical courses, the highest one in the whole year, beating a lot of alpha students.

Another school year passed, Xi Wei's title as the “violent prince” quickly spread across the whole school, and even throughout the empire.

It was said that when babies cried, some parents would frighten them by saying: “The First Prince will come and eat you if you keep on crying."

When the little babies heard that the first prince would come, they were too scared to cry.

Knowing the news, Klaire could not help laughing: “How did this happen? Everyone seems to be afraid of you, always calling you monster secretly. "

Xi Wei calmly said: “Because I'm an omega, I'm different from the norm. Which other Omega can easily beat an Alpha? They probably think I am not normal, so they secretly call me First Monster instead of First Prince."

“Do you mind?” asked Klaire.

Xi Wei smiled very happily: “Why should I? Isn’t that a good thing? When I grow up, after hearing about all my deeds, most alphas must be scared away, and those who aren't will just be driven away by me personally. Then I won't have to be forced to marry by my father! How nice!"

Looking at Xi Wei’s bright eyes, Klaire smiled and couldn’t help thinking: Not all alphas will be scared away by you. At the very least, there is one alpha around you who will keep on liking you no matter what you become.

– –

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