Runaway Guide

Chapter 4

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Chapter 04 - The Truth (i)

Usually, if someone were to have a childhood friend who was born on the same day as them, people would think it was a lucky thing—especially when their mothers were very good friends as well. According to normal development, the two small children should have grown up together. They would become really good friends in the future, the kind that would stick with each other through thick and thin.

But the problem was, although Xi Wei had a baby's appearance, he was reborn with a complete memory from his last life. His IQ was that of an adult man, and so, he was not interested in playing with children.

Klaire was really active as a child. He liked to move around a lot, especially when he was trying to get close to Xi Wei.

Xi Wei's crib was large, which made it easier for Klaire to crawl around. More often than not, Xi Wei would slap and push him to the side, but he never gave up. After he was pushed, Klaire would roll a few laps, then tried to climb back to Xi Wei's side—he would scratch at Xi Wei's neck, grasp Xi Wei's fingers, even come up to kiss Xi Wei's face sometimes, always trying in various ways to express his feeling to his favorite person: Xi Wei.

And it was getting on XI Wei's nerves.

Queen Anna and Mrs. Grace often saw the two children fighting in the crib. Xi Wei would come over with his fist raised, and always accurately hit on Klaire's nose. Although a child's fist held no strength and it was not really painful, even after repeatedly being defeated and beaten by Xi Wei, Klaire incredibly still persevered to climb and crawl in order to get close to Xi Wei.

Grace could not resist saying: "Klaire seems to be very fond of the First Prince,"

Anna smiled and said: "Yes. I don't know what will happen when they grow up, but if they can get married, that would be great. "

Xi Wei: "..."

Wait, Queen, don't you think something is very wrong here? Two boys getting married??

Hearing this, Grace smiled and said: "The First Prince's marriage should be His Majesty's decision, right? And when he reaches adulthood, it will be up to the Omega Association to see the genetic match for him. Our family's Klaire might not be that lucky."

Anna's smile gradually faded, she bowed her head and said: "You are right, Xi Wei's marriage, I have no say in it...even though I am his mother."

Seeing her depressed expression, Grace reached out and held her hand, comforting her gently, "Queen, no one knows what will happen in the future. Even if they do not end up as a pair, I believe that these two children will still be able to be good friends."

Anna looked back at the children who were fighting in the crib and smiled , "I hope so. Grace, I have nothing to do every day in the palace, so if you have time, please bring Klaire over to play. "

Grace smiled and said, "Of course, I will visit the Queen more often."


Grace and Queen Anna were very close friends, and she often brought her son along to visit the Queen. So, in Xi Wei's memory, almost all of his early childhood was spent doing a hand-to-hand combat with Klaire.

Klaire, this little guy, was really annoying. It was as if he thought of Xi Wei as a very fun toy. Every time he saw Xi Wei, his eyes would light up, and he'd try to kiss and hug him. Xi Wei really wanted to kick him down. However, his crib had a very high guardrail, so his goal of kicking the other baby down could not be realized for now. The only thing Xi Wei could do was to endure it reluctantly.

Fortunately, this nightmare soon came to an end because Queen Anna was pregnant again.

In her pregnancy this time, Anna's morning sickness was very fierce, so she simply could not take care of her son. Xi Wei was then placed in His Majesty Trent's palace temporarily.

It was Xi Wei's first visit to Trent's palace. The towering buildings looked magnificent, and it was evidently much more spacious than the Queen's Chambers. The palace was divided into three parts: the living room, the reception room and the study. The living room had a silver-white metal door which was locked with a series of passcodes, obviously. His Majesty would meet some important officials here, so confidentiality measures had to be taken. The bedroom's layout was very simple; it only consisted of a very large bed and matching bath facilities. One could see that Trent was not a person addicted to material comforts, as his daily life was actually very thrifty.

However, the place Xi Wei was most interested in was His Majesty's study room. The study room was the approximate size of a stadium, and the walls surrounding it were all filled with an immense collection of books. Those thick books were made of soft materials and were as light as a feather when held. In addition, the large computer in the center of the room also stored many electronic version of books—in short, the book storage capacity of His Majesty's study room was almost comparable to a large library.

It was obvious that His Majesty was very fond of reading. Usually, when he had nothing to do, he would stay in the study room to read. Xi Wei, who was nestling in his arms, looked around in wonder. Seeing his son looking very curious about the books, Trent couldn't help but hold his little hand and say, "Xi Wei, Father will teach you how to write your name, okay?"

Xi Wei excitedly answered, "Yes, Father!"

Incredibly, even though he was only 8 months old, Xi Wei Had already learned to speak during the time spent with his father. Maybe it is because hewas born with high mental strength?

Hearing the child shout out 'Father' in his tender voice,Trent was so surprised, "What did you just call me? Say it again."

"Father," cried Xi Wei.

As a father, of course Trent was very happy. He smiled and squeezed his son's face softly, "Good."

Xi Wei was also very happy to have such a gentle and loving father. In his previous life he did not even dare to dream about having one.

It was a pity that as a king, Trent was very busy and spent only one or two hours a day looking after Xi Wei. Most of the time, Xi Wei was left with his machine armor.

His machine armour was called the Lion King. According to Uncle Berg, this should be one of the empire's few S-Class intelligent machine armour. Its IQ was almost comparable with a human, and it was capable of carrying on a conversation fluently with Xi Wei. Not only that, it can also change into a variety of different solid shapes. Xi Wei was very interested in this kind of transformable, high intelligence machine armour. However, he did not dare speak to the armor until he was clear about the specific functions and IQ of the armor, because it would be troublesome if he were suspected.

Fortunately, there were numerous books in His Majesty's study. Relying on his excellent understanding and imagination, Xi Wei followed His Majesty's action and opened a few books. Bit by bit, he gradually became able to read some of the words. Fortunately, no one would become overly suspicious if they saw a child turning pages in one book after another. Even His Majesty would only think that his son was playing with the books like they were toys.

But, in actuality, Xi Wei was checking out the details of the world he found himself in.

According to the records in the book, they were presently in the cosmic era, and the place humanity lived on now was no longer Earth. This era used a 'Cosmic Calendar' to calculate dates. Xi Wei was born in Cosmic Calendar year 774, while the empire was founded in year 576.

The cosmic calendar began the year that humanity moved away from Earth into the universe. The Empire was founded nearly 200 years later. At that time, there was an outbreak of a large-scale war among the humans, it was known as the 'Battle of the Issyville Galaxy'. This battle caused countless casualties until, eventually, the humans divide themselves into two major regimes: The Lacey Empire regime centered on the Cepheid Galaxy, and the Strandian Federation regime centered on the Phoenix Galaxy.

Xi Wei's country was the Lacey Empire, located in the Cepheid Galaxy, and His Majesty Trent was the Seventh Emperor of the Empire.

The Empire and the Strandian Federation had been fighting for years, and the Issyville Galaxy was the junction of the two powerful forces. It was a dangerous place where cosmic sandstorms could occur at any time. At present, the Legion of Glory was guarding the border. Last year, a war broke out on the border between the Lacey Empire and the Strandian Federation, so His Majesty Trent was so busy that he did not have time to visit the newly-born prince for months in a row.

In other words, although Xi Wei was a noble prince, his empire was not an empire of peace, and a hostile force was eyeing it from the distance.

After figuring out the country and world's background, Xi Wei began searching for data on Omegas.

Fortunately, like the saying goes, 'hard work will always pays off.' Xi Wei finally found a book introducing Omega-related data. The book was titled "About Alpha, Beta, Omega: Detailed Knowledge of The Three," and the author was Dr. Brown from the Imperial Central Hospital.

Dr. Brown, isn't that the old professor who took his blood the day he was born? Since it is a book written by an expert, it must be very scientific.

Xi Wei opened the book with a curious feeling and his three views were immediately refreshed.

The book said that, in order to adapt to the new environment during the long migration into the universe, human beings experienced physical changes, resulting in three new sub-genders: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Alpha were natural leaders, strong, high in spiritual power, liked to conquer, and possessive. Most of the generals and rulers of the Empire were Alphas, the best leaders in the human race. However, Alphas could not conceive and bear offspring, so they must be paired with a Beta or Omega.

The majority of human beings consisted of Betas, and their abilities were mediocre in all aspects. Although Betas are capable of giving birth to offspring, their fertility rate is low, their birthing process was very difficult, and the children born have a high mortality rate.

Omegas comprise the smallest percentage of the population, but have the strongest fertility. Omegas, when paired with Alphas, could give birth to a strong lineage of children. After they turned 18 years old and became adults, Omegas would have an erratic estrus every year. It was difficult for Omegas to maintain self-control during estrus. They instinctively yearn for an alpha's embrace, to be marked, and taken as their possesion. They will also emit a sweet pheromone that will attract any Alphas in close proximity. After being completely marked by an alpha, if they did not use contraception, the probability of pregnancy occurring for the Omega is as high as 99%.

Xi Wei had some doubts about what this 'mark' could entail, and continued to flip through the book's pages. As a result, the author of the book simply put an illustration there, followed by a large text that explained the entire process of an alpha marking an omega in great details, with many explicit images.

"Bang", Xi Wei threw the book to the ground. He thought, God must be playing a big joke on me.Is it possible to cross back now? I really want to go back to my original world, to continue filming that science fiction movie. Even a movie script will not be this deceptive!

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