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Chapter 5

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Chapter 05 - The Truth (ii)

Xi Wei found out that every assumption that he had made was wrong. When the monitoring results showed that he was an Omega, he was optimistic that Omega must mean a gifted child with high mental strength. When Uncle Berg said, " You can only stay in the palace like me, and when you reach adulthood, His Majesty will choose the right alpha to marry and have children with you. ", he also optimistically thought that the one who gave birth must be the alpha!

Turns out, being too optimistic was not a good thing.

Because, the truth was so cruel.

It was actually Omegas who had high fertility, and were protected as scarce resources. Even in adulthood, they would have to face the erratic annual estrus, and... what the hell is this "will emit a sweet and seductive "pheromone" to attract alphas in close proximity"?!

So this was why His Majesty did not look pleased to hear the results of his gender appraisal before, because an Omega Prince was evidently not as useful as an Alpha Prince. Alphas could fight and inherit the throne, while Omegas could only wait for adulthood to be married off to an Alpha and later gave birth to some children.

Andhe was expected to just follow these broken rules of society?!

What the hell is this? Did God's brain get drowned in some water?

Xi Wei really wished that it was just a case of him taking the wrong script or going to the wrong filming studio. Surely, reality wouldn't be cruel enough to send him to such a wonderful world as this one...

The world had six type of genders: male alpha, female alpha, male beta, female beta, male omega, and female omega. Alphas could not get pregnant, for betas it would be difficult to conceive, while omegas are the most likely to conceive children. So, the ability to conceive had nothing to do with being female or male, but it was determined by their A-B-O status?

Xi Wei felt like his three views were suddenly completely overturned.

While looking at the pictures in the book, Xi Wei thought of his future self who would have to be completely marked by an alpha, and couldn't help but shudder.

He had actually turned into a fertile omega that was destined to be pressed down by another man.

This wonderful world, how to live in it!


Meanwhile, Trent, who was in the living room reading e-mails, suddenly saw Xi Wei lying down with his face down in front of the sofa. The image was shown from the big screen he had placed in the middle of the room, which was connected with the one in the study room.

Trent was puzzled, he hurriedly contacted Lion King's Intelligence Center, and asked, "What happened to Xi Wei?"

The mechanized voice of Lion King answered seriously: "Answering His Majesty, the Prince today has been playing with some books in the study room. However, not long ago, he suddenly threw one of the books to the ground, then also fell down himself."

"..." Looking at the image of his son who was lying motionless on the ground, His Majesty couldn't help but feel a bit worried and said, "Check whether he is hurt anywhere."

Actually, the study is paved with thick and soft carpet, and the sofa Xi Wei played on was the very short type, so even if he fell down he wouldn't be hurt. However, as a father, of course Trent would still worry about the condition of his child. His Majesty Trent immediately set aside all of his affairs, and headed to the study room. When he arrived, he quickly rushed to Xi Wei's side and hugged him.

Logically speaking, normally when a child fell, they would not be able to hold their cries, but it's different with Xi Wei. He rarely cried since his birth.

Trent smiled as he took a glance at the poor child in his arms who looked like he was in a bad mood. He touched the boy's head and asked softly: "What's wrong? Are you hurt? "

Xi Wei shook his head, "No."

Trent picked up the book on the floor and flipped it open. He was immediately greeted with the sight of images detailing how Alphas would mark Omegas. The scale of those pictures was very large, and some parts were even painted vividly. Trent frowned slightly, put the book back on one of the shelves, and said, "Xi Wei is too young, some books are not suitable for him to see. Re-arrange the books in the study room all over again, then find some children's fairy tale books for him."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The efficiency of the smart machine was very high, and soon most of the books on the shelves were moved to higher places. Lion King also found a stack of fairy tale books and put them in front of His Majesty Trent.

Trent sat down on the couch, propped Xi Wei on his knees, picked up the book of fairy tales and smiled, "Look at this, Xi Wei. "

Xi Wei, "..."

I don't want to see fairy tales, I just want some quiet.

However, the emperor is full of love today, he actually held the book in front of Xi Wei, and began to read the story out loud: "A long time ago, there lived a good elf in the Andromeda Galaxy. The elf had a pair of colorful wings ..."

Xi Wei was so sleepy that he closed his eyes.

Seeing this, Trent who rarely had the opportunity to read books to his son felt his pride hurt a little. He asked Lion King seriously: "Was the way I told the story uninteresting?"

"The King's story was so interesting that the prince must have fallen asleep because he was comforted by it," Lion King said honestly.

Trent nodded, feeling satisfied with his answer. He then carried his sleeping son back to bed, touched his head gently, and murmured, "Sleep well, son."

Xi Wei actually did not fall asleep, he was still struggling to digest what he just read from the book. This knowledge about Omegas, the more he thought about it the more creepy he felt. The book said that Omegas in Estrus would emit a strong pheromone odor, which would affect Alphas and influence them to instinctively marked the omega in front of them ...

Xi Wei couldn't help thinking: Did I really travel to the world's distant future, and not some jungle-themed world?


That autumn, Queen Anna gave birth to a little princess, named Alicia. She was a pale-skinned omega girl who almost died soon after her birth. Fortunately the doctors did their best to save her, and they succeeded. The poor little girl was put into an incubator, and would be cared for by a professional nurse 24/7. Trent also brought the finest pediatric specialist in the Empire to look after and save the child at all costs.

Looking at his faintly-breathing sister in the incubator, for the first time, Xi Wei finally realized what was truly meant when he read the description stating that "Omegas have a very weak body" in one of the books.

The number of omegas was small to begin with, and combined with their high infant mortality rates, no wonder their number had been declining year after year. And Omegas were the only ones able to conceive offspring with the purest lineage. If the number of Omegas kept on declining, it would lead to a terrible negative growth rate in the empire's entire population and decreased quality in its bloodlines.

As a result, because they were a scarce resource, Omegas were highly valued and would be protected from the moment of their birth.

Like Xi Wei, the data of Princess Alicia was also registered by Omega Protection Association. Because her body is very weak, she had to stay in the incubator, so Queen Anna would often bring Xi Wei to visit her in the hospital. After a full six months, Alicia's body condition gradually began to improve, and she was finally allowed to be taken back to live in the palace.

Xi Wei knew that his sister's condition was not good, so he really took care of her. Although at that time he was still a child, he could do small things like giving some toys to her. The feeling between these two siblings was very good, which made Queen Anna really happy.

There was one thing Xi Wei felt curious about though. After his sister was born, Grace, who was previously so close with Queen Anna, unexpectedly never visited her. Xi Wei raised this question to Queen Anna. She smiled and replied, "Because Lady Grace is pregnant, she has no time to see me. Why, do you miss your good friend Klaire?"

Xi Wei: "..."

Mother you are really funny. Why would he miss that brat Klaire...


Time passed quickly, and soon Xi Wei would be three years old. Children in the empire would not receive formal education before the age of three. However, Xi Wei knew how to do self-study, so it did not really matter to him. He would often find the opportunity to run to His Majesty's study, and read some books there.

Since, in the previous life, he was used to reading and memorizing scripts, he now had a very good memory and was able to remember the things he had read in the books. He knew that stacking up on knowledge would only bring advantage and no harm to him. He had already accepted his fate of being born as a tragic omega prince in this strange world, but he could not accept the fate of his grown up self who had to be marked in the future, so he must find a way to change his destiny.

When Xi Wei was two and a half years old, Mrs. Grace gave birth to an omega little boy. After she recovered, they became frequent guests in the palace once again.

Of course, she would still take Klaire, who was now also two and a half years old, to play with Xi Wei. Klaire was learning to walk and talk now, so he did not roll around in Xi Wei's bed as he did when he was a baby.

Little Klaire wore a custom-made white suit and a neck tie, dressed like a little gentleman by his mother. Xi Wei found his staggering figure very funny, and thought, wearing such a get-up, this child really looks like those dolls in a boutique house.

When Klaire saw Xi Wei, his eyes immediately became bright. He rushed happily to Xi Wei's side before asking, "You are Xi Wei?"

Xi Wei nodded, "Yes. "

Klaire stretched out his hand and said, "I have a present for you."

Xi Wei took a look, and found the other boy holding a set of miniature toy armor that small children loved to play with. It was only the size of a palm and could be assembled freely, however, having seen his father's S-class armor, Xi Wei had little interest to small toys like this. Still, he took it from Klaire's hand and said, "Thank you." "

Seeing no change in his expression, Klaire felt a little unsure, "You don't like it?"

Xi Wei said, "I like."

Klaire immediately cheered up.

Not far from them, Queen Anna watched as Klaire gave a present to his son, and could not help but smiled: "Klaire is really sensible. He is still so young, yet he already knows to give things to Xi Wei."

Grace said, "Yes, when he heard that I want to bring him to the palace, he was very excited. He immediately picked one of his most precious toys to give to Xi Wei."

Anna laughed, "Let's just let them play by themselves, we can go to the garden."

After the two mothers left, Xi Wei put the toy in his hands down and sat down on the couch, holding a book.

Klaire peered at him curiously and asked, "What are you looking at?"

The blond haired and blue eyed little guy leaned close to Xi Wei. His soft hair was slipping over Xi Wei's cheek and tickling it gently.

Xi Wei brushed his hair aside, raised the book in his hand, and replied, "Basic Principles of Piloting an Armor"

Klaire was puzzled, "What is that book?"

Xi Wei flicked his head, and answered, "It's a book that you can't read."

Klaire, "..."

The despised Klaire had to sit back silently. While playing with the toys in his hands, he would secretly glance at the book the First Prince was reading.

After returning home, Klaire asked his mother curiously, "What is the basic principle of piloting a machine?"

Grace smiled, touched her son's head and said, "You are still too young, this is what Alphas will learn after age 10."

Klaire wondered, "Isn't Xi Wei an Omega? Why does he read this book then? "

Grace explained, "He should think that the pictures are very interesting to look at. It's a complicated book, so he can't possibly understand it."

"Oh." Klaire thought about it and made a decision, "I want to read the same book as Xi Wei."

Grace reluctantly had to bring the book back to her son. Klaire opened it, took a look, and immediately found out that his mother was very right—he really could not understand anything.

The next day, he once again came to the palace with his mother. Xi Wei was reading a different book this time. Feeling curious, Klaire approached him and asked, "What book are you reading? It's not the same one as yesterday's book, right?

Xi Wei stretched out his hand, "Stay two meters away from me and don't bother me."

Klaire, "....."

Klaire who was pushed away couldn't help but wonder.

Xi Wei has a pretty big strength, not at all like the 'weak-and-needs-to-be-protected Omega'.

Is the Queen mistaken? The First Prince is actually an Alpha, right?


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