Runaway Guide

Chapter 8

Chapter 08 – Childhood Sweetheart (c)

At General Byron’s Home

Klaire checked on the admission results, and couldn’t help but feel disturbed when he found out he had only scored 80 points. If his father knew about it, perhaps he’d be put through some hellish training.

Grace was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She took a glance at Klaire and smiled as she saw his bowed head, “The test result is out?”

Klaire nodded, “Yes, I got in.”

Grace asked, “How many points did you score?”

Klaire fell silent for a moment before finally whispering, “80 points.”

“…” Mrs. Grace, who heard the result, looked back in astonishment. However, upon seeing the dejected look on her son’s face, she only sighed and asked with a slight frown, “How did you get such a low score? If I remember correctly, the St. Paul Academy’s highest test score should be 150 points, right?”

Klaire hung his head, clutching his little hands tightly.

Grace squatted down and rubbed his head softly, saying, “Tell mom, what’s wrong?”

Klaire explained, “I’m too sleepy today, so I fell asleep. When I woke up, there was only half an hour of the test time left, so I didn’t answer many questions.”

Grace: “……..”

So the real reason why little Klaire scored so low was because he overslept.

Grace felt like she got a sudden headache, and pinched at her temple, “This reason, you must not let your father know. Your father hates non-punctual people, he will be very angry if he knows you overslept during your exam.”

Klaire nodded obediently, “Okay, I won’t tell him.”


That night, General Byron returned home early, which was a rare occasion. He was a serious looking middle-aged man wearing a dark blue uniform, with white gloves on his hands, four golden stars on his shoulders designating him as one of the few noble four-star generals in the Empire, and bright patterned stars decorating his hat that symbolized he was a member of the Star Corps.

The reason Mrs. Grace cooked the food by herself today was also because she had received the news of her husband coming home by dinner this evening. As soon as General Byron entered the door, she came up to help him take off his heavy uniform and hung up his coat. She smiled and said, “Welcome home general. I have prepared your favorite dishes today, please go to the dining room to eat.”

Although they were husband and wife, Grace had a great respect for her husband, and always used honorifics when talking to him, somehow creating an unfamiliar feeling between them.

General Byron glanced at her and asked, “What about Klaire?”

Little Klaire immediately leaned back from behind his mother, “Father, I’m here.”

General Byron looked at him and asked with an expressionless face, “You got 80 points on the entrance exam, didn’t you?”

Both mother and son’s forehead instantaneously shed drops of cold sweat.

As a high-ranking member of the military, General Byron’s news connection was really well informed. Klaire had no choice but to whisper, “Yes, I accidentally filled out the wrong answer.”

Byron looked at him gravely, “Out of 150 questions, you mean to tell me that you accidentally filled out 70 of them wrong? You dare to lie to me? ”

Klaire immediately lowered his head in apology, “Father…I was wrong. ”

Byron looked at the golden head in front of him, frowned, and said: “It doesn’t matter, we can’t change what had happened. But I’ll tell you now Klaire, if your results don’t improve once you enter the academy, I will immediately transfer you out of there.”

Klaire quickly answered, “Yes, Father.”

Hearing his affirmative, Byron finally nodded, “You are still young, so you don’t need to mind about this kind of examination. However, when you are 18 years old, I hope you can do well at the Imperial Unified Examination. Entering San Romia Military Academy’s Command Department should be your ultimate goal.”

Klaire nodded earnestly: “Yes, I’ll try!”

The ‘San Romia Military Academy’ that Byron mentioned was directly governed by the Imperial Army of the entire empire, the best military academy. Almost all of army officials graduated from there, so Admiral Byron had determined that place as the direction of his son’s path since early childhood. As his eldest alpha son, he hoped that Klaire would inherit his mantle at the Army’s Star Corps. However, from Klaire’s current performance, he wasn’t really assured of that.

Seeing Klaire standing behind his mother with his head hanging down, Lord Byron’s expression finally softened. He picked Klaire up with one hand, and said, “Come on, let’s eat.”

As for Klaire, after being picked up with a single hand by his father, he could not help but feel a bit envious of his father’s muscular arm. He looked at his own thin arm and thought, “When I grow up, I will be as strong as father, right? Then, I might be able to beat Xi Wei. After all, I’m an alpha.”

The family gathered for dinner. As they were eating, Grace suddenly said: “Ah, general, I remember you and the Headmaster of St. Paul Academy were college schoolmates, can you tell him to put Klaire and Xi Wei in the same class?”

Hearing Xi Wei’s name, Klaire immediately looked up with shiny eyes.

Byron saw this and wondered, “Why do you want to be in the same class as Xi Wei?”

Klaire answered simply, “Because we are good friends.”

Grace explained, “I used to take Klaire to the palace to play with Xi Wei. The two of them grew up together, so they can take care of each other if they are put in the same class. Since childhood, Klaire doesn’t really like to play with other children, so Xi Wei is his only friend. That’s why; can you get the headmaster’s help? ”

Both his wife and son were pleading, so of course Byron was unable to refuse. Anyway it was only for a trivial and harmless matter. He thought for a bit, before he finally nodding, “Okay, I’ll go and talk to the headmaster.”


Xi Wei’s 130-point entrance score was not particularly conspicuous, but it was a very satisfying result for Queen Anna and King Trent.

Queen Anna had already prepared several tailored suits for him, and helped him to dress up. After they were done, Anna’s smile turned brighter as she look at the cute appearance of her son in his new clothes. She touched Xi Wei’s head gently and said, “Xi Wei, starting next week, you will go to St. Paul Academy. When you are there, remember to listen to your teacher and get along well with your classmates. You’re an omega, don’t argue with Alphas, don’t fight, and study diligently, okay? ”

Xi Wei nodded, “I know. You can rest assured, mother.”

Anna was worried Xi Wei would suffer in school because of his omega status, but truthfully, she didn’t have to. Xi Wei wasn’t interested in fighting with his classmates. He had practiced karate until black belt in his last life, so if he were to hit someone, he might send them directly into hospital.

A week later, the school year in the empire finally started. Xi Wei also departed to St. Paul Academy with his luggage. Queen Anna wasn’t fond of going out in public, and King Trent was busy, so the task of sending Xi Wei to school fell onto the head of Royal Guard’s captain, Admiral Craig.

The ‘Royal Guard Corps’ led by Craig was a pro-royal guard. Craig only answered to the orders of His Majesty Trent; even the imperial Army Marshal had no power over him.

He was a very cold man, with a typically expressionless poker face, and his speaking tone was always very cold as well. Because the way he carried himself was so much like a hard stone that had just come out of the fridge, many Omega did not dare to approach him, so he was still a bachelor even now.

Xi Wei sat down in the royal suspension car with Craig, as still as a statue, seated opposite him. There was nothing to talk about, so Xi Wei turned his eyes to the window.

It was his first time out of the Imperial Palace, and the capital of the Empire’s Galaxy, “Lichfield Planet” was even more prosperous than he imagined, with high-rise buildings almost filling up the place. The capital’s traffic was divided into the upper, middle and lower layer. The planet’s first two layers were using air suspension lanes, while the bottom layer was an ordinary ground-road. Just imagine, if you were to walk on the road, and raised your head, you’d be seeing many colorful suspension cars floating above you.

The sky here was as blue as water, dotted with cotton-like white clouds, and a few planes were flying through it at the speed of light. Obviously, the view was much more advanced than all the sci-fi movies he had ever seen.

As they were nearing the school, Xi Wei looked out and saw the complex layout of St. Paul Academy. The complexes were designed to form a complete hexagram shape, with the six buildings in each corner built high and painted silver-white in color, which made them appear as if they were shining under the glare of the sun. In the center of the hexagram was a towering green building, built in the shape of an inverted triangles, and carved with many vines and flower patterns. It looked like a big living tree, which created a large shady area for the students.

The green building was surrounded by a large square, with several musical fountains and many seats built around it as places for people to rest on. On this day, there were students from all grades coming and going out of the school, it was obviously a very busy day.

Xi Wei was sent to the school entrance for freshman students. Craig took him to finish the enrollment procedures, received his student card, and then helped him to carry his luggage to the dormitory building.

Not far from them, someone asked curiously, “Whose child is that?”

“They came here by a platinum suspension car, so he must be royalty, right?”

“I heard that the first prince turned five years old this year, just in time for him to start school. I guess the child who passed us before is the prince.”

“I heard he is an Omega, he must be very gentle and lovely…”

Hearing this discussion coming from behind him, Xi Wei couldn’t help but laugh: A gentle, lovely Omega? I’m sorry, students, I’m afraid you will be disappointed.


Unexpectedly, as they arrived at the dormitory building, Xi Wei met Klaire.

Though he had not seen him for two years, Xi Wei recognized him at a glance—Klaire’s golden hair and clear blue eyes were very unique, and Mrs. Grace was particularly fond of dressing her son as a little gentleman. Today’s Klaire was still the same as in his memory; he was wearing a white shirt, a small black suit, and a black bow tie, overall looking like a mini version of the dolls in a boutique house.

When Xi Wei saw him, he was carrying a suitcase, whining endlessly as he tried to climb up the stair. That suitcase was half of his size, so he had difficulty to even lift it. After each successful stair he climbed, he would take a brief rest; his flushing face was wrinkled slightly, making him looked like a steamed stuffed bun.

Xi Wei felt a bit funny and decided to approach him. When Klaire saw him, he was surprised for a moment before his eyes suddenly turned bright, “Are you Xi Wei?”

Xi Wei nodded and asked: “You can’t move? Do you want me to help you? ”

Klaire said: “It’s nothing, I can lift it. You are an Omega, not to mention something this heavy…”

His words had yet to finish leaving his mouth, and Xi Wei had already lifted his suitcase with one hand and walked calmly up the stairs.

Klaire: “………..”

Five-Year-old Little Klaire stood still in shock, staring blankly at Xi Wei’s chic figure.

Xi Wei is an Omega, how come he has this much strength? How come??

With a complex mood, Klaire quickly climbed to the fifth floor. Xi Wei had arrived there first with his luggage, his face did not even turn red in the slightest.

Xi Wei turned to look at him, smiled and said, “New students should live on the fifth floor, but I don’t know which one is your room. I’ll leave your luggage here, you should be able to carry it the rest of the way yourself. Goodbye.”

Klaire: “…… Goodbye. ”

Klaire, who was helped by an omega to lift his luggage, looked at the huge suitcase, then looked at the relaxed smile on Xi Wei’s face. He thought to himself, something really seems wrong here!


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