Runaway Guide

Chapter 9

Chapter 09 – Childhood Sweetheart (d)

Xi Wei's initiative to help Klaire lift the luggage was actually well-intentioned. He remembered that Klaire was born with severe anemia, and often had nightmares. Mrs. Grace even admitted to Queen Anna a few times that she had a fear of losing her son. Although he was an alpha, Klaire’s strength wasn't even on par with Xi Wei.

Besides, Xi Wei's luggage was carried by Craig, so both of his hands were free. Therefore, when he saw Klaire having difficulty, he readily offered his help—after all, they grew up together. He could not just stand idly by as he witnessed the other boy moving as slow as a snail while climbing the stairs.

After he was done helping Klaire, Xi Wei turned to find his own dorm.

There were several buildings in the student dormitory area of St. Paul Academy. The room number written on Xi Wei’s student card was 7511, meaning the 7th building's 5th floor: room number 11. The cold-faced Craig carried his luggage to the room's door, and Xi Wei immediately followed him to open it with his student card.

As soon as they entered the room, they saw a pale-skinned, very beautiful child sitting on one of the beds, with a pillow held in his hands.

The child had short, chestnut-brown hair, and a pair of big, clear, light-colored eyes; they were so bright and appeared like gems under the light. When the child saw the military-uniformed Craig, he only looked at him briefly in curiosity, before continuing to arrange his quilt.

Xi Wei stepped forward, and took the initiative to greet him, "Hello, I'm your roommate… You are called Aiden, right? "

The teacher at the administrative office had told Xi Wei before that he had an omega roommate called Aiden. It was a result of Queen Anna's instruction for the school to arrange an omega to live together with Xi Wei. Anna would feel much more assured if Xi Wei had an omega roommate, and since it was his mother's plan, Xi Wei also had no objection.

The only problem was, this omega seemed to be a little introverted. Xi Wei had taken the initiative to greet him, but he only smiled briefly at Xi Wei, before bowing his head and continuing to do his own thing.

The little boy's smile was very shy, with two lovely little dimples on his cheek. However, his hands were clenched on his side, and he looked so tense and nervous.

Xi Wei could see that the other child was afraid; his eyes always avoided looking at Craig's direction. Obviously, the tall-as-a-flagpole alpha standing in front of him made him uneasy—after all, there was a rumor that General Craig's appearance would often cause omega children to cry. That was one of the reasons he remained a bachelor.

Looking at the situation, Xi Wei then turned back to face Craig and said. “General, you go first. Tell father and mother that I'm fine here.”

“Yes, Prince. " Craig saluted to Xi Wei, then simply turned around and left.

Once he left, Aiden was relieved, and gave a friendly smile to Xi Wei, “Hello, you are the First Prince Xi Wei, right?”

"Yes." Xi Wei looked at his pale face and felt a little concerned, "are you really so afraid of that person just now?"

Aiden nodded, and said honestly, “That Alpha is a bit fierce.”

Xi Wei laughed, “He is the captain of the Royal Guard, General Craig. His appearance does look very fierce, but his attitude is actually really good.” As he said this, Xi Wei suddenly realized something strange, “By the way, you’ve never met him, how do you know he’s an alpha?"

Aiden answered, “An Alpha's pheromone smell is very strong, you didn't smell it?”

Xi Wei wrinkled his nose and sniffed carefully, “I didn’t smell it.”

He paused, before continuing curiously, “Omegas can smell an alpha's pheromone?”

“Most Omegas can do that since a young age, but there are a few that only become aware of it once they become adults,” Aiden seriously explained,” That alpha's pheromone was particularly strong, so I felt a little uncomfortable… Thank you, First Prince, I felt better after he left."

Aiden once again threw a smile at Xi Wei, this time very sincerely.

His character seems very docile, is this a typical omega?

Xi Wei thought this child looked really pleasing, and couldn't help reaching out a hand to touch his head, “It's nothing, after all we are roommates, it's only right for us to take care of each other. Also, don’t always call me the First Prince, just Xi Wei is fine. "

Aiden obediently nodded, “OK, Xi Wei.” "

Xi Wei then went back to tidy up his things, hanging all the clothes his mother had prepared for him in the closet.

However, there was still one thing sticking in Xi Wei's mind. According to the data he read, many omegas are sensitive to an alpha's pheromones; it would made them uneasy and even create an urge to flee within them when they encountered alphas with intense pheromones. On the other hand, when alphas smell an omega's pheromone, they would feel an urge to possess and protect. This was said to be the nature of attraction between alphas and omegas.

Xi Wei and Aiden weren't adult, so their body would not produce any omega's pheromone yet, but Craig was an adult with a very strong alpha's pheromone, which made Aiden's scared reaction very normal.

What Xi Wei couldn't understand is, since he was born, he had never experienced those “uneasy” feelings. He wasn't even fazed by Craig's infamous scary appearance-is this because my mental strength is too strong to notice it? Or is there a problem with my nose function?

Whatever the reason, it was a good thing for Xi Wei.

Since he couldn't smell alphas' pheromones, he didn’t have to worry about being influenced by them.


In the afternoon, when the students were settling into the dormitory, they heard a unified broadcast from the dormitory's AI administrator summoning the freshmen to their respective classrooms.

The green skyscraper that they saw from the suspension car before was the first school building in St. Paul. Xi Wei and Aiden walked together under the building. In close proximity, it was clear to see just how distinctive the design of the building was. It was obviously built in mimicry of a real forest's tree, in the summer, standing under it gave off a feeling like standing under a tree's shade; just look up, and they'd see green leaves, brown branches and mottled pieces of light and shadow.

Looking at the building in front of him, Aiden couldn't help saying, “Very beautiful!”

Xi Wei was still very calm, he smiled and said, “Let's go in, we don’t want to be late.”

When they arrived at their designated classroom on the 11th floor, the inside was already filled with people. Many of the five-year-old children had grouped together, chattering around like sparrows; the classroom was as lively as a market, which Xi Wei had already expected.

To his surprise, as soon as he entered the classroom, he saw a familiar golden head—Klaire sat in the final row, looking at the door frequently. When he saw Xi Wei, he immediately he ran over to him with bright eyes, and a face full of joy, “Xi Wei, you came.”

Xi Wei nodded, “Yes. "

Klaire noticed the little valet behind Xi Wei, and couldn’t help asking, “Who is he?”

There was obvious hostility in his eyes; he looked as if the other boy had taken Xi Wei away from him.

Xi Wei introduced them, “He is my roommate, Aiden.”

Aiden put out his small hand and said, "Hello. "

Klaire glanced at him, then immediately ignored him. He continued to look at Xi Wei as he said, “I heard that our class has 15 alphas,18 betas, and only 2 omegas, Xi Wei you sit next to me, I will protect you.”

Xi Wei smiled and looked back at Aiden, “In that case, I think it is better if us two omegas sit together better, what do you think, Aiden?”

Aiden immediately nodded, “You are right!”

Then two children ignored Klaire’s gaze and walked to the back side of the classroom, picking a seat.

Klaire: “……..”

Sure enough, Aiden, this guy, had already become an annoyance. Klaire cursed him silently, and took a seat in the row in front of Xi Wei's.


After a while, a tall woman dressed in a white dress and sandals walked up to the podium. She smiled and said, “Hello Students, welcome to St. Paul Academy. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly, I'm the teacher of Class 1. If there are children who don't belong to Class 1, or have entered the wrong class, you can leave now.”

At once, a few children stood up and walked out of the door; apparently they had gone to the wrong place.

Kelly continued: “The rest of you are class 1's students, right?”

The students chorused,”Yes!”

Kelly nodded, “Then you remaining 35 students will be classmates from now on. I will be your head teacher until you are 14 years old. In these 9 years, I will accompany you as you grow up, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult me. I will be responsible for everyone’s daily life and the arrangement of group activities, while other courses will be taught by professional teachers. Remember that your classroom is on the 11th floor, room number 1, do not be mistaken."

Kelly paused, smiled, and said: “You will stay in this class for at least 9 years, so, I hope that we can get along with each other during these years, become very good classmates and friends. First of all, we are going to do a self-introduction to make you more familiar with each other. "

The teacher let the students in the first row start the introductions. The children’s self-introductions were not creative, many of them didn't know what else to say after introducing their name, and some were so timid that their speech was stuttering.

These boring self-introductions went on like this, and it soon reached the bottom of the second row. There was a boy there with a particularly serious expression. The boy walked up the podium and said loudly, “Everyone hello, my name is Carlo, I am an alpha, from the Berch family. I'm very happy to be classmates with all of you, and I hope we can get along well.”

The name “Carlo” had left an impression on Xi Wei; it was the name of the student who scored 148 points on the admission test. Xi Wei looked at him. Not only did he score first on the test, but his self-introduction was also done without a hint of nervousness; he was still young, yet had such calm temperament, obviously a very ambitious alpha.

After his introduction, it was Klaire’s turn.

Although Klaire was also an alpha, there was absolutely no domineering alpha's aura coming off him. During this whole time, he was sleeping on his table, and once it was finally his turn, he stumbled on his way to the podium. Klaire scratched his head, and said with a drowsy voice, “I'm called… Klaire, I’m an alpha as well. "

Xi Wei could see "dislike" written in the eyes of many of the students. Obviously, the lowest scorer in the test, Klaire, must be an alpha with low IQ ah- he really brings shame to alphas, this was what many of them had in mind.

“By the way, I have a best friend in this class, too.” Klaire finally woke up, and looked at Xi Wei's direction, his eyes suddenly turned bright. He said seriously, “His name is Xi Wei, the two of us are born on the same day, we grew up together and have very good feeling between us. He is an omega, so I hope everyone can take good care of him. "

Xi Wei: “…”

You come down here Klaire, I promise I will not kill you.

Do you know what “self-introduction” is, classmate? Who told you to drag me down with you?

Xi Wei who was sitting in the back of the classroom rolled his eyes. The teacher seemed to think that Klaire’s “self-introduction” was very interesting, and laughed, “Then please, can you bring your good friend here to give us a self-introduction as well?”

“Okay." Klaire nodded, and came down to lead Xi Wei to the podium, but after being stared down by Xi Wei, he immediately took his hand back.

Xi Wei walked to the front of the classroom by himself. He looked calmly at the students under the podium, and said: “Everyone hello, my name Xi Wei. I am an omega, but I am not lovely, not cute, not gentle, also do not need to be protected. If you had the wrong understanding about me before, I hope that you students can correct them as soon as possible, thank you. "

Xi Wei smiled and bowed, meanwhile, the students sitting under the podium felt a slight chill down their back.

Wait, is he really an omega? How can he have a stronger momentum than alphas?

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