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Klaire’s proposal scene was extremely grand, so the scale of his wedding naturally couldn’t fall behind.

The royal family had strict ceremonial rules for a prince’s wedding. Today, Xi Wei was forced to wear heavy and complicated royal formal attire and wait for Klaire to meet him in the palace.

He held his temper until Klaire arrived, and then the two of them met the king and queen in the palace main hall. The wedding procession flew around the capital planet with power and momentum.

Actually, Xi Wei hadn’t wanted to make such a big fuss out of his wedding. The way he saw it, a wedding was just like the one Carlo and Aiden had, where their two families sat down for a meal and were done with it. But His Majesty didn’t agree. The eldest prince was finally getting married, so His Majesty just had to hold a grand wedding to celebrate. Xi Wei couldn’t do anything but follow his father’s arrangements.

The banquet was terribly extravagant. His Majesty expansively booked the capital planet’s most high-class floating hotel, and even invited more than a thousand guests.

As soon as Xi Wei arrived at the reception, he got a splitting headache. Klaire smiled and said in his ear, “It’s the occasion of a lifetime, so just grin and bear it. The important thing is that our families are happy, so we have to work with them a bit.”

Xi Wei said helplessly, “What else can I do.”

The friends of the royal family and their colleagues in the military filled the banquet hall with a crowd. Klaire and Xi Wei held their wine glasses and took turns giving toasts, until their legs felt weak beneath them.

After they’d finally made it through the banquet, the two of them flew Egret and Bluestar back to Klaire’s home.

It was a tradition in the empire for an alpha to live alone together with his wife after marriage. This way it was easier for the two of them to grow close, as well as for them to successfully get through their first heat.

Klaire had picked this courtyard out himself. It faced the sun and had plenty of light, and a large villa sat in the middle. There were bright flowers and green trees planted all around, and as soon as you walked in, you felt like the air was fresher.

Klaire and Xi Wei walked into the villa hand in hand. The living room had a simple design. The stairs were made of the real wood Xi Wei liked, the walls were painted a warm hue, and the curtains were Xi Wei’s favorite shade of blue. Their bedroom had clearly been meticulously decorated. The bed was huge enough for them to roll around on it without any worries, and everything was arranged according to Xi Wei’s preferences. It looked very heartwarming.

Xi Wei felt a little moved, and couldn’t help but pat Klaire on the shoulder, saying, smiling, “It’s been hard on you.”

“That’s as it should be.” Klaire hugged Xi Wei easily, and said lowly in his ear, “We’ve gotten married just like that. Doesn’t it feel not quite real?”

Xi Wei nodded. “Of course. Even in my dreams, I never thought of getting married to a man.”

“It’s too late to regret it.”

“I won’t regret it.” Xi Wei said firmly, “We two know each other inside and out. Getting together and spending our lives this way is pretty good.”

When he heard this, Klaire couldn’t resist smiling.

Xi Wei said it right. There was no one out there who had an understanding like the one they had between them. They could probably adapt to a life of caring for each other pretty quickly. It was just that...the problem of Xi Wei’s heat, that came along with his identity as an omega, was still as big of an obstacle as before.

When he thought of this, Klaire couldn’t resist saying softly in Xi Wei’s ear, “What are your plans for tonight? Do you want to sleep in separate rooms, or give it a try?”

Xi Wei: “...”

Klaire said it straight out. Since they’d already gotten married, it wouldn’t be good for Xi Wei to avoid this question anymore. He could only throw caution to the wind, look up and stare at Klaire, and say, “Let’s try it.”

With his expression, he looked like a martyr walking up to the gallows.

Klaire was rocked to laughter by Xi Wei’s expression. He couldn’t help but reach out and softly stroke his hair. He said, “It’s not as scary as you think. I’ll be gentle, don’t worry.”

Xi Wei gave Klaire a glum stare. In the wedding night he had dreamed of, he’d have a cute girl as his bride, and he’d hold her gently and do this and that with her. Now, not only had he himself become the bride, but he had to let his best friend hold him and do this and that with him. There was simply no way to happily pass the night anymore!

Klaire saw his angry face, and couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Don’t be mad, worst comes to worst, I’ll let you top, okay?”

Xi Wei humphed. He felt like that idea wasn’t bad.

Xi Wei had always had a straightforward personality. He’d never been a coy, shy kind of person. Since they’d decided to try it, they might as well get down to business and start.

But it was necessary to clean themselves up first. After all, they’d toasted their way around the room at the reception, so now their bodies stunk of alcohol.

Klaire had thoughtfully asked Bluestar to fill the bathtub with warm water earlier on. Afterwards, he held Xi Wei’s hand and walked towards the bathtub. The bathroom was quite large, and the bathtub was luxurious enough to easily fit the two men. Klaire had been thinking of washing each other like a proper married couple, but Xi Wei strictly rejected him. Xi Wei felt that it’d be too weird for two grown men to take a bath together, and he’d be more comfortable washing alone.

Klaire didn’t force it, smiled and let Xi Wei have the reign of the bathroom.

Xi Wei quickly finished bathing, came out, and then rushed Klaire in to bathe.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for Klaire to finish his bath, Xi Wei felt his thoughts run amok. He felt that tonight, he’d experience something that would turn his world upside down. But what could he do? He wasn’t a little kid anymore, and they’d already gotten married. It was their wedding night. They couldn’t just hold hands, pull up the covers and do nothing but chat, could they?

He was a normal man, and he had physical drives too. Although the demands of his libido fell a bit far from the real-life circumstances…

While his thoughts were running wild, Klaire finished his bath and came out.

This guy was actually pretty handsome. Xi Wei especially liked his beautiful golden hair, and on top of that, his body was slender and well-proportioned. When he walked towards Xi Wei wiping his hair, with his bathrobe half open, the picture he made was actually quite tempting.

Klaire stood still in front of Xi Wei, and seeing how Xi Wei was looking at him, he went and sat down next to him, reached out and hugged him, and rubbed the top of Xi Wei’s head with his chin. He said in a low voice, “Couldn’t wait anymore?”

Xi Wei rolled his eyes. “Can’t you talk properly? Don’t you feel cheesy saying that?”

Klaire smiled, took hold of Xi Wei’s waist, and kissed him gently.




The early morning sunlight spilled quietly into the room. After Xi Wei woke up, he went to get a hot shower, and found that he’d already been cleaned up. He couldn’t help but internally praise Klaire’s attentiveness. After he washed up and brushed his teeth, he went to the dining room to eat in glowing spirits.

Klaire had already made breakfast, so Xi Wei went ahead and dug in. He hadn’t eaten properly for three days, and he was starving. Even after eating two fried eggs, his stomach still felt empty as anything.

Seeing the big beast getting his energy back, Klaire couldn’t help but smile a bit. He passed him a plate of freshly-baked bread.

After he finished his breakfast, Xi Wei said, “I have to go back to the palace to see my mother. I haven’t come back for three days since we got married, she must be worried.”

Klaire said, “We should. I’ll go back with you.”

Xi Wei left to change. After he changed and came out, he found that Klaire had put a box of medicine and a glass of warm water on the table.

“What’s this?” When Xi Wei picked it up for a look, he soon recognized the pills. These were the morning-after pills the Underground Alliance had developed a while ago. According to what the doctor said, they gave pretty good contraceptive results.

Klaire walked over and gently stroked Xi Wei’s hair. He said, “I think you probably don’t want to have a baby this soon. Permanent markings have a high pregnancy rate. To be safe, you’d better take a morning-after pill.”

He really was the one who understood him the most. Xi Wei looked at the gentle smile on Klaire’s face, and couldn’t help but feel moved.

He really didn’t want to have children this fast. Xi Wei had just mentally adapted to Klaire having him, and that was already quite hard. If you wanted him to get pregnant and have a baby right now, that would just be making things difficult for him.

What’s more, the two of them were still young, and Xi Wei’s career had just gotten started. He was in the middle of preparing for his next science-fiction movie. This wasn’t the right time to get pregnant.

Xi Wei decisively took a gulp of warm water and swallowed the pill, looked at Klaire and said, “Klaire, I want to discuss something with you.”

“What’s that?”

“Is it okay if we don’t have children right now?” Xi Wei said cautiously, “I don’t want them for at least the next five years.”

He thought Klaire would be very disappointed, and didn’t expect that he would actually smile tenderly and reach out to stroke Xi Wei’s hair, saying, “You don’t have to feel any pressure. I’m with you because I love you, not for the sake of having offspring. If you don’t want to raise children, then we won’t have them for now. We can have them later, after you’re mentally prepared, and can accept the idea of a man getting pregnant and having children. It won’t be too late then; in any case, we have time.”

Xi Wei was moved once again. He felt like his Klaire was really the most considerate alpha in the empire.

The two men returned to the palace. When the Queen found out that the son she doted on the most had gotten marked, she couldn’t help but feel a little regret. His Majesty, on the other hand, was very cheerful. He pulled Klaire to one side on the sly and said, “Are you planning to have children? I’ve already thought of the names.”

Faced with his father-in-law’s optimism, Klaire was speechless. He laughed and said, “Xi Wei doesn’t want them right now. Wait a few years, after our relationship has settled, and we can think about it then.”

His Majesty Trand was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t be a grandfather. However, he knew Xi Wei’s temper. He hadn’t been willing to get married for this many years, and it was already difficult for him to marry as he had now. He definitely wouldn’t be pleased with having children this fast.

Trand patted Klaire’s shoulder and said, “Ah, we spoiled Xi Wei rotten as a child. From now on, we’ll need you to take charge of taking care of him.”

“Don’t worry, Father.” He looked at Xi Wei’s face, which was full of joy upon seeing his loved ones. “He’s the one I love the most. I’ll take care of him like the treasure he is.”

As if he’d noticed Klaire’s eyes on him, Xi Wei looked back at him. At the moment when their eyes met, Xi Wei couldn’t help but smile as well.

It was just a simple exchange of glances, but a thread of intense happiness rose up in Klaire’s heart.

—Xi Wei, you don’t know just how much I love you. We have many days ahead of us, and I’ll always be at your side. I’ll let you understand, slowly, that to me, you are my world.


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