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After they got married, Xi Wei and Klaire spent half a month being intimate in a sweet world made just for two. Klaire really wanted to stay like this forever, but unfortunately, as a general, he still had to take care of his duties at the Morningstar Corps. He couldn’t leave his post for long. The marriage leave the military had given him was about to end, so Klaire could only reluctantly leave the capital planet.

Once Klaire left, Xi Wei couldn’t sit still anymore. After two years of filming, he’d developed a habit for it, and he’d feel anxious if he was away from the cast and crew for a day.

He’d brought up this cast and crew all by himself. After they’d collaborated a few times, they had a good mutual understanding and coordinated well. Xi Wei was planning to officially start up a production company, so that it’d be easier for him to invest and film movies.

Xi Wei swiftly and decisively put the matter of establishing the company on his schedule, and in one short month, he finished the preparatory work. He officially listed the production corporation he created on the stock market, and signed many newcomers with potential as well.

Xi Wei felt quite satisfied being his own boss. He secretly started preparing for the next film.

Life had become both busy and fulfilling.

When he had just arrived in this world, Xi Wei worried that as an omega, he’d only be able to stay home and have children. Now, everything in the empire was changing for the better, and his psychological barriers to being together with a male alpha were gradually decreasing as well. Every time the cast and crew were busy and he got a caring video call from Klaire, Xi Wei didn’t dislike it at all. He felt warm instead.

They each had their own careers. Although they were temporarily separated, their hearts were closely linked.

They thought of each other all the time, and called each other once in a while. It was like they were giving each other a heater in the coldest month of winter. Every time he heard Klaire’s concerned words, the warmth that came from the bottom of his heart and the peace of mind he felt were a happiness and a comfort he couldn’t express in words.

Xi Wei put forth a lot of effort when he was shooting one of his movies. There were times when he’d work into the night for the sake of getting a scene right. Klaire really worried about him. When he led the Morningstar Corps past a galaxy where Xi Wei was shooting a scene, he took two days of leave and went to visit him personally.

When the cast and crew saw General Klaire coming, they took the initiative to hide off at the side, so as to avoid becoming the third wheel.

When Xi Wei saw him, he seemed quite surprised. “How come you’re here?”

In front of so many people, Klaire wasn’t ashamed at all. He took Xi Wei gently into his arms, and said straight-out, “I missed you.”

Seeing that all the workers around them were taking secret glances at the two of them, Xi Wei couldn’t help his face reddening. He pulled Klaire to his room.

This was the so-called “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” That night, without waiting for Klaire to ask, Xi Wei took the initiative to push Klaire down on the bed. Klaire was pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm, and full of excitement, he held onto Xi Wei and did him for the entire night. As a result, the next day, the entire cast and crew went on break—because the director couldn’t get up.

Everyone had a face of understanding, and gladly took the day off.

Xi Wei’s waist ached and his legs were limp. He glared at Klaire and scolded, “From now on, you’d better not visit me at work! Do you understand the meaning of moderation?”

“You were the one who took the initiative last night.” Klaire looked at him innocently, and while gently massaging Xi Wei’s waist, he smiled and said, “I’ve been seeing you in my dreams every night. It was only when I couldn’t take it anymore that I came to see you in person.”

Xi Wei rolled his eyes at him and sprawled comfortably across the bed, enjoying Klaire’s attention.

Klaire only stayed with the cast and crew for a day before leaving. After he went back to work, Xi Wei was immediately bursting with energy. Everyone in the cast and crew felt that the director clearly had an expression of contentment after being taken care of by his own alpha. No wonder his work efficiency was so high!

This time it was a grand-scale sci-fi film. Xi Wei had put in a lot of painstaking effort, starting from the preparatory stages. He had invited several talented screenwriters to help revise the script, found two assistant directors, and spent a great deal of money to hire A-list actors with top quality acting skills.

After a year of filming, the movie was finally successfully finished. Xi Wei brought the cast and crew back to the capital planet.

At the celebratory banquet, wanting to give everyone a toast, Xi Wei had only just taken up his wineglass and gotten out of his chair when everything before his eyes suddenly turned black, and he fainted.

The cast and crew were pale with shock. They immediately sent him to the Imperial Central Hospital and notified General Klaire.

Klaire’s face was ashen when he rushed over to the hospital, and his eyes could almost kill. Xi Wei had been in good health since he was young, and he was usually full of vigor. Could he have suddenly fainted because he had gotten some serious illness?

Klaire felt restless as he paced back and forth in the corridor outside the examination room. They had just gotten together. Nothing could happen to Xi Wei. If something happened to Xi Wei, Klaire didn’t know what crazy things he would do…

After his imagination ran wild for a while, the doctor finally came out. Klaire immediately went up to him and asked anxiously, “Doctor, how is he?”

The young doctor smiled and said, “Congratulations, General. The eldest prince is pregnant, and he’s already been expecting for three months.”

Klaire: “...”

After freezing for a moment, Klaire immediately rushed into the examination room, wild with joy.

Xi Wei was still deeply asleep. Klaire looked back at the doctor and asked, “How come he fainted?”

The doctor patiently explained, “His Highness only suddenly fainted because his recent filming had exhausted him too much, and led to him having low blood sugar temporarily. I’ve already given him a careful inspection. Everything’s normal, so there’s no need to worry, General.”

When he heard the doctor say this, Klaire could finally relax. He sat down by the bed and gently stroked Xi Wei’s hair.

—Xi Wei had already been pregnant for three months. That meant that when he visited the cast and crew and passionately slept with him, it caused him to accidentally get pregnant.

On their wedding night, Xi Wei’s heat had arrived ahead of time. After his first time permanently marking him, Klaire took the initiative to offer him contraceptive pills, because Xi Wei didn’t want to have children.

During their heat, omegas had a 99% rate of conception, but when they weren’t in heat, their conception rate was very low.

When he visited Xi Wei and the two of them rolled in the sheets all night, he hadn’t been in heat, so Klaire hadn’t prepared any contraceptives. When an omega wasn’t in heat, the possibility of them getting pregnant was very low. He hadn’t thought that even with such a low probability, he’d still get pregnant. They’d practically won the lottery...

Klaire held Xi Wei’s hand tight. He was in a bit of a complicated mood.

With Xi Wei’s personality, he might not want this child. After he found out about the situation, it could very well be that he wouldn’t be able to accept it, and would abort the child.

This baby had come very unexpectedly. The time and place weren’t right, and Xi Wei definitely hadn’t been prepared. But this was an innocent little life, after all, and it had the blood of both parents running through its veins…

Klaire didn’t want to give up the baby.

This was his and Xi Wei’s flesh and blood. He even felt that, with the low probability of this happening, this was like a favor God had granted them.

In the afternoon, Xi Wei finally woke up. He had fainted so suddenly, so when he woke up, he was still at a bit of a loss. But when he saw Klaire sitting beside his sickbed, holding his hand tightly, he smiled with relief and asked, “Was it because I was too tired that I fainted?”

Klaire stroked his hair lightly and said softly, “Being too tired was only part of the reason. The doctor said that the more important reason was’ve already been pregnant for three months.”

“...” Xi Wei froze. He quickly realized that it was three months ago that Klaire visited him at work, and caused him to accidentally get pregnant.

Xi Wei reached down and touched his stomach. The expression on his face was like he’d eaten something strange. After being at a loss for a long time, he said in a low voice, “Even a man can get pregnant, this really feels...very strange.”

Klaire couldn’t help but laugh. He took Xi Wei’s hand lightly and put their hands together over his stomach. He said lowly, “I know this baby came very suddenly. Do you want to keep it?”

Xi Wei was silent for a moment, then asked, “What do you think?”

“I want this child,” Klaire said honestly. He paused, then added, “But I’ll respect your opinion.”

Xi Wei’s heart moved slightly. He knew that if he said something like “Let’s give up the child,” right now, although Klaire wouldn’t be happy, he’d definitely support his decision. He would never force him to give birth to the child.

—But did he really have to give it up?

After all, this was an innocent little life, and Klaire was really looking forward to its arrival. If he got rid of it, Xi Wei was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sleep easily afterwards. Maybe every time his dreams came at midnight, he’d see that pitiful little baby, asking him in a wronged voice: “Why didn’t you want me, Daddy?”

That’s right, why didn’t he want it?

The two of them were both in good health, they were at a good age for having children, and they had no familial or financial burdens. With their capability, they could absolutely raise this child well.

With a situation like this, if he got rid of this baby, Xi Wei wouldn’t have an easy conscience.

As a man, getting pregnant and giving birth to children still made Xi Wei feel very uncomfortable psychologically, but after he calmed down and thought about it a little, having a little baby by his side in the future and watching it grow up was actually the joy of being a parent.

—Fate had given them the privilege of becoming fathers, so they should treasure it.

After he’d thought it through, Xi Wei said decisively, “Let’s keep him after all.”

Klaire looked at Xi Wei in disbelief, thinking that he’d been hearing things.

Xi Wei smiled and gently took Klaire’s hand, saying, “Since we already have a baby, we shouldn’t snuff out this little life. I’m pretty curious about what our child will grow up to be. Let’s keep it. In any case, pregnancy only takes ten months, and three months have already passed. I just have to bear with it, and the last seven months will pass in the blink of an eye.”

Klaire hadn’t thought that Xi Wei would be this open-minded. He hugged Xi Wei tight in excitement, and said, choked-up, “Okay, we’ll raise the kid together.”

Xi Wei was kind in nature, after all. Even if he wasn’t delighted about being pregnant, he wouldn’t be cruel enough to kill off this little life. Klaire was very thankful for this child’s arrival. This baby was the crystallization of his and Xi Wei’s love.

The news of the eldest prince’s pregnancy soon spread throughout the entire empire. The imperial citizens said, one after the other—

“What if he gives birth to another little beast!”

“It’d better not be an omega, one omega like Xi Wei’s enough for us to take. Another little omega prince would do us in.”

“It’ll be even scarier if it’s an alpha, okay? If an alpha prince with Xi Wei’s off-the-charts combat strength messes around thoughtlessly, all the omegas in the empire will be done for.”

No matter what the people said, Xi Wei wanted this child, and he’d decided on having it.


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