Shadow Hack

Chapter 15: Proficiency Can Also Be Increased While Sleeping

Chapter 15: Proficiency Can Also Be Increased While Sleeping

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[Ding, you have slashed and killed an ant, obtaining 1 experience point and 1 ability point.]

"This time, I will show them!"

Li Yunmu raged within his heart, he really hadn’t expected that his shadow could be adapted with the battle soldier combat suit and war blade and successfully inherit the strength of them both.

Previously, he was fighting empty handed, but now, he had a battle soldier combat suit which gave great defense and also an extremely sharp war blade, it simply made him very excited.

As he continued with the hack, it was needless to say anything. With the great increase in the shadow’s strength and the enormous improvement in equipment, all 24 ants were easily annihilated within less than 3 minutes.

Li Yunmu easily harvested 24 experience and ability points. Not long after, he encountered a Grade Three one headed caterpillar.

This time, Li Yunmu didn’t retreat back, rather, he bravely advanced and engaged it. Within a few minutes, this once unrivalled huge and long monster in his view very quickly suffered greatly under the war blade’s chop.

Grade Five grasshopper….. Kill.

Grade Seven house lizard…... Kill Kill.

Grade Ten mantis..... Kill Kill Kill.

Finally, after the first round of testing, Li Yunmu surprisingly discovered that when Admiralty Cover, Copper Body Secrets and the battle soldier combat suit, these three defensive strengths were combined together, the total defensive power was very frightening.

Admiralty Cover reduced the damage taken by 34 percent, then when it passed through the battle soldier combat suit the damage was further reduced. Finally, the damage was reduced once more by the Copper Body Secrets. The effect of this three-layered defense completely exceeded his imagination.

When he killed the Grade Ten mantis, Li Yunmu puffed up his chest. The small amount of damage it inflicted him couldn’t break his defense, it only felt like a mosquito bite.

"Should retreat now…."

For the first time, Li Yunmu had finally experienced the frightening power of the Admiralty Cover, this A Grade ancient cultivation method, when merged together with other defenses.

The effect was certainly not just simple addition, but rather, it had a multiplicative effect.

Flesh, lots of flesh. The shadow at this moment, under the effects of the three defences, was like a giant meat shield. What was there to fear about a Grade Ten mantis, he could slash furiously at the mantis while ignoring its attack. For the first time, Li Yunmu sensed that killing hack monsters was very easy, he simply needed to attack crazily.

[Ding, after tempering yourself continuously through battle for several days, you have successfully comprehended the basic footwork ‘Insect Step’, a basic footwork foundation skill.]

[Ding, after tempering yourself through battle for several days, you have successfully comprehended the basic offensive foundation skill ‘Cricket Cut Kick’.]

[Insect Step: A type of fundamental footwork comprehended through instinct. You have subconsciously imitated and comprehended it. You have grasped the initial stage of Insect Step. Presently, you only have an initial grasp of Insect Step, if you want to upgrade it to higher levels, then you have to practice more.]

[Cricket Cut Kick: A precise cut kick, with the ruthlessness and ferociousness of a cricket. Learned by repeatedly attacking fleas, it has a special effect when used on an organism’s limb joints. Presently, you have an initial grasp of Cricket Cut Kick, if you want to upgrade it to next level, then you need to practice even more.]

When Li Yunmu discovered that he had comprehended two more basic level foundation skill, he was both surprised and amused. Now if the Arrow Evasion Step Foundation Skill was included, then he would have surprisingly comprehended three different categories of foundation skills with upgradable potential. Furthermore, he also has the formidable defensive cultivation methods, Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secrets.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that even if he hadn’t gone to register at the fluxer guild and hadn’t obtained another cultivation method from the system, his body’s strength shouldn’t be any weaker compared to those rookie Flux Disciples who had a strong knowledge about cultivation, it might even be stronger.

It has to be said that the benefits that Li Yunmu had obtained from Super Shadow Hack System were immense.

"What a pity. Recently, I have also been using both my fists, so why haven’t I comprehended any relevant boxing related foundation skills? What dogshit luck."

Li Yunmu was slightly resentful.

[Independently comprehended skills requires the host to be in harmony with that type of foundation skill. If the host and the skill are not in harmony with each other, then it would require the host to further temper himself.]

System aptly explained.

"So it was like this....."

Only then did Li Yunmu understand.

Next evening, Li Yunmu continued his hack. Currently, his strength had greatly increased. With Admiralty Cover, Copper Body Secrets and the battle soldier equipment, all of them combined ensured that his defense had reached an unimaginable stage.

As a result, his laziness began to take over as he immediately turned manual control back to automatic control.

When Li Yunmu switched back to automatic control, his consciousness returned back to his body from the shadow. Losing his control, the shadow naturally lost all intelligence and become even more robotic.

However, now that even a Grade Ten mantis couldn’t easily break through his defence, the hack wasn't affected. In the hack location of the neighbourhood garden, the highest grade monster would be a toad.

[Ding, you have killed a Grade Seven centipede and obtained 7 experience points and 7 ability points.]

[Ding, you have killed a Grade Thirteen bat hanging from the tree and have obtained 13 experience points and 13 ability points.]

With a never-ending stream of monsters being killed, the gains were continuously flowing into his brain. At this moment, Li Yunmu wasn’t feeling too comfortable. He had ordered takeout and was eating fried chicken while drinking coffee, so to constantly hear the reward notifications, his mood wasn’t very good.

Gradually, he learned another fact. Although using manual control to kill monsters was more flexible and rational and resulted in higher efficiency, when compared to endurance, his manual control's long-term efficiency just couldn’t compare to the efficiency of the shadow’s automatic control.

All this basically originates from the fact that the shadow doesn't need to stop and rest, while every time he fought a battle with monsters, he would consume some energy.

It seems like the Super Shadow Hack System’s primary use was still this automatic control.

[Ding, during battle, your shadow has successfully used Arrow Evasion Step and Insect Step. Your Arrow Evasion Step and Insect Step foundation skills have both gained 1 proficiency point...]

[Ding, you have repeatedly jumped and slashed with the war blade. This has further sharpened your instincts towards blades. You have comprehended Leap Strike....]

The fuck, what was all this?

Li Yunmu cheered up. Originally, he had believed that since he had switched to automatic control, the proficiency of his foundation skills wouldn’t rise, but who would have thought that there would be this kind of benefit.

It seems like the automatic control would continuously use foundation skills over and over again, so once in awhile, his proficiency would go up. However, the most important thing with automatic control wasn’t only that it had greater endurance, but also that it didn’t require Li Yunmu to pay attention to it.

Not even several hours has passed since he had used the war blade, but he had now comprehended the Leap Strike offensive foundation skill. In addition to the Violent Blade foundation skill, he was only using blade type weapons, but he had already grasped two blade type foundation skills. It seems like his affinity with blade type weapons was very high.

Unknowingly, Li Yunmu fell asleep. However, the shadow on his computer screen was still automatically searching for monsters, until a trace of dawn appeared on the horizon.

Suddenly, the system gave a loud notification beep which woke him up:

[Ding, the proficiency of you Insect Step has reached the limit and it has been upgraded to the second level. Presently, your Insect Step skill has gained small success.]

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