Shadow Hack

Chapter 16: Entering the Fifth Dimension

Chapter 16: Entering the Fifth Dimension

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Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild was located in the heart of the central city district of Lucky Wind City. Today, this building was successively welcoming many new Flux Disciples that had passed this year. Among them were both men and women of ages between fifteen to eighteen years old. A looming pride was present on every one of these elegant and tender face.

However, this group of boys and girls did indeed have a reason to be proud. Because to ordinary people, they were fluxers, they were considered to be unexcelled in the world and they represented the current world’s most powerful and formidable future.

"15, 19, 23, 26....oh? There is still one missing, who still hasn’t reported?"

The person responsible for taking roll calls was a famous elder of Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild.

"Making a report to the president, there’s still someone called Li Yunmu remaining, belonging to the sixteenth high school, selected last month, 17 years old, recently awakened."

A pretty female dressed like an assistant replied.

"Li Yunmu? Who is this? Humph, he is very arrogant to make so many people wait for him."

The expressions of the group of young boys and girls turned extremely ugly.

"Sixteenth high school? Ha? Did I hear wrongly, a completely awakened fluxer had come from sixteenth high school? As far as I know, in the past two years, there had been no completely awakened fluxer coming from the schools below ninth high school?"

All the young boys and girls present in the plaza were astonished, they all knew that in the Lucky Wind City, there were a total of nineteen high schools that were ranked accordingly. The sixteenth high school, like its name implied, was third from the bottom in terms of talent, and the person they were waiting for was surprisingly from this school.

Immediately the expression of even more people became disgusted. It must be known that the majority of this group had come from the top six high schools, their inborn talent was considered much more superior than someone coming from the so-called sixteenth high school.

These people were also completely awakened Flux Disciples, so what about a graduate of the sixteenth high school. Under ordinary circumstances, he wouldn’t even be worth a glance from these people.

"Let’s wait for 10 more minutes, if he still doesn’t come, then it will be that he has automatically abstained."

Said the elder, also known as president Lao Zhe of Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild, as he wrinkled his brows but didn’t say any more. Although the elder was very resentful at this future fluxer for coming late, he couldn’t say much. As Lucky Wind City was only a remote city on the northern shore, he placed great importance on each and every initial level Flux Disciple’s registration.

Afterwards as one second after another began to pass, people began to grow more and more impatient, but this late fluxer still hadn’t shown up.

"Should we wait some more?"

The female assistant looked at her wristwatch, seeing that there wasn’t much time left until the end of the waiting time, she cautiously asked.

"No need to wait, since he isn’t willing to come and register, then let him emerge and perish on his own."

Lao Zhe faintly sighed, a trace of despair appeared on his face, he commanded:

"Start the transmission channel."

"Yes, president."

The few guild members in the surroundings promptly began to work on starting the transmission channel.

Regarding the Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild, starting the transmission channel was not a simple task since starting it would consume a dimensional crystal. Thus, only once every year when new blood enters the Fifth Dimension would it be activated.

Following which, on top of the fluxer guild’s plaza, a large number of veined lines were illuminated by the energy poured in from the dimensional crystal.


The empty space in the middle suddenly slightly jolted, a small nick began to grow bigger and bigger and finally stabilized after it reached a radius of 3m.

"You all can enter the channel now, but you must control the flux energy flowing outside, otherwise, this can cause the channel to become unstable or in the worst case, the channel may collapse....."

Lao Zhe emphasized heavily.

Just when the 26 boys and girls, were excited about entering into the legendary Fifth Dimension passage, they heard a distant but loud yell:

"Wait wait….I am late, oh my god, luckily I made it just in time."

That person excitedly rushed in and said in a rough voice while panting.

Indeed, Li Yunmu had finally caught up. Otherwise, if he had missed this opportunity, he would have to wait until the next year for his chance, which he would regret forever.

"Haha, indeed worthy of being called a prodigy from a lower ranked school..."

Before everyone could enter the channel, the last new Flux Disciple finally appeared after being late.

This person called Li Yunmu had a long and ordinary face. His height was also average, barely reaching 175 cm. His looks seemed average, but what about his nature?

With one look, it was clear that he was an idiot, with that moronic appearance, how wasn’t he? If he wasn’t idiot, then he wouldn’t have been so fucking thoughtless to arrive late for a major event like entering the Fifth Dimension.

Within a few seconds, all 26 newly promoted Flux Disciples had formed an unfavourable opinion towards Li Yunmu, even a few females had decided to ignore him.


Li Yunmu hadn’t gone blind, in a moment, he knew that he wasn’t liked by the group because he was late, but he didn’t think much about it. Since he had just caught up within the last minute, he couldn’t be considered as late.

He also was being pathetic, due to the excitement yesterday, he kept using the hack system late into the night and after fall asleep in a daze, he didn’t realize until morning that today was the day to enter the Fifth Dimension, so he hurried over as fast as he could so as not to be late.

"Hi, my name is Liu Nuojie, nice to meet you."

One female extended her fair little hand and said in a pleasant voice. Her voice attracted the attention of many other people in the surroundings. Moreover, she also looked extremely sweet.

Just one glance would cause anyone to fall into a daze and feel delighted and cheerful from their hearts.

"Yi, you aren’t blaming me for making you all wait?"

Li Yunmu was very surprised but managed to respond quickly and give her a slightly friendly smile while shaking her hand.

"Everyone has their problems and I am confident that if not for some major problem, no one would willingly come late for such a major event. Besides, there is still one minute left."

Liu Noujie smiled.

"Good, you have made yourself a friend, I am called Li Yunmu. Oh, by the way, your voice is really sweet."

Li Yunmu praised from his heart.


"Noujie, it’s time, quickly go in! That Li someone, remember, when entering the channel, don’t use flux energy or we will all kill you."

Suddenly, a youth with a bad expression squeezed himself between the two and interrupted them.

Li Yunmu was slightly displeased, but he clearly understood that this wasn’t the time to flirt and followed the rules, entering the transmission channel with a curious expression.

The legendary Fifth Dimension, he had never expected that this moment would come.

This was the divine land which everyone yearned for, ordinary people could only live their whole life hearing about it, while never having the chance to personally enter and take a look, thus ending their dream.

When all of Lucky Wind City’s 27 newly promoted Flux Disciples had entered and disappeared through the transmission channel, only then was the fluxer guild’s president roused from his shock.

"Grandfather, what's with that youngster? I saw you pay a lot of attention to him."

After all the outsiders had left, the female dropped the act she used in front of others and intimately asked Lao Zhu in bewilderment.

"Quite odd, this youngster’s body was a little eccentric, when he rushed to come over, his footwork slightly resembled the long-lost Heavenly Insect Step... But then again, I don’t dare to be certain."

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