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Chapter 17: Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard

Chapter 17: Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard

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"This is the Fifth Dimension World’s Heavenly Cloud Castle!"

Steel and more steel as far as one could see.... Within the horizon, without any exception, were a large number of grandly standing steel buildings. The whole city was made of steel, a stronghold with high walls made of thick steel!

The entire stronghold that was made of steel covered an area equal to a small town but could sufficiently house several million people. This was Heavenly Cloud Castle, one of the seven secondary cities of the Fifth Dimension. It was also the base of the real world’s Heavenly Cloud City in the Fifth Dimension.

Seeing the scene in front of them, all the boys and girls were unprecedentedly shocked. Although they had previously heard about the Heavenly Cloud Castle from many elders, how could hearing about it a million times be compared to the profound sensation of experiencing it personally.

All of them, including Li Yunmu, were filled with great pride towards their Central Continent at this instant. What kind of price and effort would the elders have needed spend to establish this grand steel stronghold. This was the result of the great effort put forth generation after generation by the Heavenly Cloud City together with the 136 other towns.

"I couldn’t have imagined that the legendary Heavenly Cloud Castle would be so shocking. I had heard from my grandfather that this steel stronghold is floating in the sky."

A sixteen year old female recalled while getting lost in her memories.

"What? It’s still moving? It’s a floating steel fortress within the sky?"

Many people blurted out.

"Yes, this is one of the humanity’s grand floating fortress. In the whole Central Continent, we only have seven of this kind of floating fortress. Even while carrying us, it is moving at all times. Only by moving at all times can it be ensured that it will not be jointly attacked by dimensional beasts of the Fifth Dimension."

The youth, who had previously interrupted Li Yunmu and Liu Noujie’s chat, continued the topic started by the previous girl and added in the information he had in this field. It was clear that his knowledge about the Fifth Dimension was far greater compared to people like Li Yunmu.

"As expected of a first ranked Flux Disciple from the first highschool of our city. Senior Luo Jin, you have increased our knowledge about the Fifth Dimensional."

Another red clothed female said with adoration on her face.

"Ahh yes, I have heard that senior Luo Jin’s father is a grand Flux Master, so I think he would definitely be much more knowledgeable about the Fifth Dimensional compared to us."

After the red clothes wearing girl, many people similarly agreed.

"You flatter me, I actually don’t know much, just some things which I heard from my father. I am also at the starting line just like everyone else and have finally entered the Fifth Dimension today."

Luo Jin faintly smiled, his eyes seemed to be searching for someone within the crowd and finally fell on Liu Noujie’s figure.

Li Yunmu suddenly understood everything. It turns out that this Luo Jin’s father was a tyrannical Flux Master. Moreover, this Luo Jin also had a great position, this person was the first ranked talent for Lucky Wind City’s first highschool.

Reportedly, this person’s flux energy strength had already reached the third layer, the realm of the Silver Crystal Flux Disciple. For other newly promoted Flux Disciples, this was very shocking.

Before entering the Fifth Dimension, just by relying on real world’s method to become a Silver Crystal Flux Disciple, even in the whole Heavenly Cloud City, he would be a well-known person.

After all, in real Central Continent, although the dimensional beasts would descend occasionally, but compared to the vast stretch of the whole continent, it was extremely rare. Furthermore, killing large amounts of ordinary crystal and black crystal dimensional beasts was also greatly difficult.

Thinking about the difficulty of reaching the third layer and becoming a silver crystal Flux Disciple before entering Fifth Dimension, it won’t be boasting to say that without a sufficiently deep background and profound resources, it would basically be impossible to reach this level.

"The benefits of having a Flux Master as a father."

Li Yunmu sighed in his heart.

"Junior brothers and sisters, my name is Tang An. Everyone, please follow me, I represent Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild and I will lead everyone to the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard. If there are no accidents, then for the next 3 years, the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard will be your encampment and headquarters."

At this moment, a youth walked forward, he seemed to have been waiting for a long time. He wore a red coloured war gown and on top of the war gown was a tiny seal belonging exclusively to the Lucky Wind City’s fluxer guild. Apparently.... He was the senior responsible for receiving the Lucky Wind City’s newly promoted Flux Disciples.

Here, seniority doesn’t matter, neither does age, only the fluxer’s strength matters. Experts come first and the strong was the king.

Since Tang An had claimed himself to be a senior in front of Luo Jin, then naturally, his flux energy strength was at least at the third layer, or maybe even higher compared to Luo Jin, attaining the fourth layer or perhaps even the peak, the fifth layer.

"Good, then we will have to trouble senior Tang to guide us."

Unknowingly, Luo Jin acted as the representative of the group. However, he did indeed have the qualifications to act as the group’s representative.

Following Tang An, they all came out of the transmission channel’s region and entered the outside world. Once outside, they all faced the main street. Both sides of the path were filled with all kinds of shops and seemed very prosperous.

Inside the Heavenly Cloud Castle, not only the Flux Disciples of all 136 towns were gathered, there were also thirty thousand people residing within this steel castle.

They were all specially approved ordinary people immigrated here and had been living here for many generations. These people were responsible for logistics and supply services for Flux Disciples.

Apart from this, the Heavenly Cloud Castle also had 50,000 alliance soldiers that were armed to the teeth. As well as 10,000 War God troops deployed around the area to ensure its safety and protection.

This Heavenly Cloud Castle was completely different from what Li Yunmu had imagined. Who would have thought that here, if he casually picked anyone, they would all be fluxers. Moreover, there wasn’t much difference compared to real towns.

Sitting inside the railbus, the group of people close to window kept looking in all directions curiously. After navigating through a lot of big and small streets within the castle for a long time, they finally arrived at the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard.

Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard, in reality, represented the courtyard for the fluxers of Lucky Wind City. The other 136 small towns also had their own great courtyards.

The space occupied by every great courtyard within the Cloud Castle was extensively large, almost comparable to a normal village of humans before dark ages. It could certainly hold one thousand people taking everything into account. Every great courtyard was also the place where all the newly promoted Flux Disciples of every respective small town had to report.

The newly promoted fluxer from all small towns would learn flux energy battle skills and all kinds of cultivation knowledge for three years in their respective small town's great courtyard. Naturally, if Li Yunmu didn’t want to take this road, no one would have forced him, but if he had lost this systematic growth, he would also have lost the support offered by the Alliance to the newly promoted fluxers.

Although Li Yunmu had the Super Shadow Hack System, he was greatly excited to gain the knowledge systematically and understand a lot of things, like the problems he had previously encountered on the dimensional battlefield, could also be answered here.

"Senior Tang An, does this world also possess an extraordinary flux energy which is completely different to the flux energy awakened by ordinary people?"

He remembered that Chu Qingyu, whom he had encountered on the dimensional battlefield in the past, after defeating her, he had suddenly obtained a large amount of space elements, so he had guessed that Chu Qingyu was a special person that was different from the other ordinary fluxers.

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