Shadow Hack

Chapter 18: Shooting His Mouth

Chapter 18: Shooting His Mouth

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"Extraordinary flux energy?"

Hearing this, Tang An, who was leading them in the front, suddenly stopped. Astonished, he turned around to look at Li Yunmu.

"Yes, I was once matched with a female having a special kind of flux energy on the dimensional battlefield. When she released her flux energy, it caused me to have a burning sensation, it was extremely painful."

Li Yunmu said while recalling.

"What did you say? You have once been matched with an opponent that used dark flux energy? Did everyone hear him, what a great joke indeed. Li Yunmu, haha, you really can shoot your mouth to the heaven!"

Before Tang An could reply, a boy with a big head, spiky hair and a vicious expression from their group, sized up Li Yunmu with a strange glance.

From the self-introductions given by everyone previously, Li Yunmu recognized that this large and fierce boy was called Hou Wu. He was seventeen years old and his strength couldn’t be looked down upon, he had already reached the second layer, the realm of the Black Crystal Flux Disciple.

"Dark flux energy? What’s that? Don’t tell me that opponents with dark flux energy are extraordinary?"

Li Yunmu suddenly discovered that it was not only Hou Wu looking at him strangely, there were many people in the group who were looking at him with odd expressions.

He hadn’t expected this kind of response. He had just told them a fact that’s all. From the time he had defeated Chu Qingyu, he was troubled by this problem. After all, among his many opponents on the dimensional battlefield, he had only received space elements that approached triple digits from Chu Qingyu, so he couldn’t help but be curious.

"Haha, Junior brother Yunmu, dark flux energy isn’t just amazing, it is also extremely difficult to deal with. If I am not wrong then the flux energy with burning property you just mentioned should be dark flux energy. This kind of power compared to the flux energy that we have awakened has a great difference in quality."

Tang An explained not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. Even if he didn’t have any prejudice towards Li Yunmu, at this moment, he couldn’t help but think that this person really could brag.

The opponent matching by the brain of the dimensional battlefield was done according to the rule that both parties should have equal strength. Moreover, it had never made a mistake, so there wasn’t much difference between the flux energy strength and grasped battle skills between the opponents.

Otherwise, if there was a huge disparity between the strength of the opponents, then it would lose all its meaning to training people and would only remain a place where the stronger will trample over the weak.

He could clearly make out that Li Yunmu had recently awakened flux energy, so the strength of his flux energy certainly hadn't reached the first layer, the realm of Ordinary Crystal Grade. But now, he was saying that he was matched against an opponent with dark flux energy, no wonder Hou Wu mocked him, saying his mouth could shoot to the heavens.

"Fellow student Li, let me tell you something, even if I, who is at the third layer, the silver crystal grade, encounters an opponent who uses dark flux energy, even though they are only at the first layer, the general crystal grade, I am not able to defeat this kind of opponent. So you tell me whether this kind of fluxer, who uses dark flux energy is formidable or not?"

Luo Jin gently laughed. He was delighted, he found this ignorant and loud mouth boy to be amusing. Previously, he had almost considered this idiot to be his rival, it was indeed stupid of him. But now, Luo Jin was finally relieved, he secretly glanced at Liu Noujie. As expected, she also had her brows creased as if not expecting this from Li Yunmu.

"So formidable? What kind of existence is this dark flux energy?"

Li Yunmu didn’t pay any attention to other people’s ridicule, he was only thinking about this kind of power.

When he had encountered Chu Qingyu, her flux energy strength wasn’t that formidable, only slightly stronger compared to him.

So according to his estimation, she had also recently awakened flux energy and should be an ordinary crystal grade.

But according to Luo Jin’s words, his current battle strength was even more formidable compared to Luo Jin, who had reached the silver crystal grade?

Oh my god, Li Yunmu cried loudly in his heart, for the first time, he finally had a trace of understanding towards his battle strength.

"The general definition of dark flux energy usually means that the flux energy is different from the ordinary flux energy. However, our alliance has a more comprehensive definition, they must have a type of destructive characteristic. These destructive flux energies are different from the ordinary flux energy. The burning property which you just spoke of should be a type of dark flux energy containing fire attributed destructive force..."

"Therefore, regardless of whatever attribute of dark flux energy they possess, the destructive strength of the dark fluxer is far more formidable compared to us ordinary fluxers, who use ordinary flux energy."

"If a person is fortunate enough to awake flux energy among thousand ordinary people, then only one among a thousand ordinary flux will naturally awaken dark flux energy. We usually call these naturally awakened dark fluxers as divine experts, implying that the heaven had favoured these people."

In place of Senior Tang An, Liu Noujie explained to Li Yunmu.

"This junior sister speaks correctly, those who have awakened flux energy among a thousand people are called heavenly experts and those who have awakened dark flux energy among a thousand ordinary fluxer are called divine experts."

Tang An nodded approvingly towards Liu Noujie.

This girl had beautiful looks, a pleasant voice and her temperament was calm and peaceful. Tang An hadn’t expected her to have such extensive knowledge, she didn’t seem like someone belonging to Lucky Wind City.

As their senior Tang An was excited, the heavens seemed to have decided to help their Lucky Wind City, the newly promoted talents were extremely good. Only…...Li Yunmu, this country bumpkin who only knew how to shoot his mouth without knowing anything, Tang An subconsciously neglected him.

"So it was like this."

Li Yunmu seemed to have finally cleared some of the confusion in his heart. But simultaneously, a trace of despair also rose in his heart. After calculating the probability of the appearance of a dark fluxer from a thousand fluxers, with each fluxer only having a 1:1000 chance of appearing from every thousand ordinary people, in other words, he was trying to calculate the probability of running into another dark fluxer on the dimensional battlefield.

"Senior, are we destined to remain lower compared to the dark fluxers?"

Asked another girl who had clearly heard about the existence of dark fluxers for the first time, and couldn’t help but feel despair.

Before they had entered the Fifth Dimension, they had been recently promoted to a higher status. Who among them wasn’t considered a heavenly chosen in their respective high schools, but now, someone had suddenly informed that there were people more outstanding than them, even more superior compared to them. Those who had heard about it for the first time were really greatly shocked and unwilling to lose.

"It’s not like that, although it is true that those divine experts who had awakened dark flux energy are greatly fortunate, if we continue working hard, it is possible for us to catch up to them in the future. As long as we continue to take great pains, we also have the chance of becoming a dark fluxer, so do your best."

Tang An smiled and forcefully encouraged everyone.

Subsequently, after the official matters were done, everyone’s excitement had also waned. Afterwards, they entered the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard led by Tang An, who also could be considered to have completed his mission.

"Maple Forest courtyard? This is the little courtyard where we will be staying in the future?"

The group of people walked into a courtyard. The area occupied by the entire courtyard wasn’t very big and extended only to 300 meters square. But the scenery and landscape inside were very peaceful and beautiful, it had fish ponds and rocky gardens, multi-storied pavilions, the surroundings of the boundary were filled with red maple trees, the light wind flowing around made everyone feel comfortable and subconsciously, their spirits were also raised.

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