Shadow Hack

Chapter 19: Liu Noujie’s Helplessness

Chapter 19: Liu Noujie’s Helplessness

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"In the future, this Maple Forest Courtyard will be your home. There are many rooms here but I will not participate in the allocation, everyone can choose the one which they like."

Tang An bid farewell to everyone after finishing his assignment.

"Noujie, that small two-storied building at the middle has good light during the day, the two floors are perfect for four people to reside, how about we go inside first."

After senior disciple Tang An left, Luo Jin completely ignored other people and took the initiative to choose his residence in the Maple Forest Courtyard, a two-storied small house which had the best position in this place. One floor for him and Hou Wu and another for Lin Noujie and her best friend, two people on each floor.

"I want this place, no one should fight me for this."

"Wow, this house on the west side has a fishpond, I like them, I want this one."

Soon, the group of youngsters chose the houses they liked. Regardless of the time or place, everyone only pursued one policy that in dimensional age, strength was supreme.

The most powerful person should pick first, followed by others, as for the weakest, he could only take what’s left over.

From strong to weak, most of them who felt their strength was pretty good quickly rushed to choose a place, leaving only 7-8 students behind, who looked at the leftover houses without an owner with helpless expressions.

"I want this place."

Li Yunmu hadn’t said anything, all the residences in the Maple Forest Courtyard had a much better environment and facilities compared to his own family house, thus, he hadn’t rushed to fight with those people over this. Moreover, he also had his own thoughts about the house. Because of the shadow hack machine, he clearly couldn’t choose any kind of eye-catching house.

Finally, his eyes rested on a small cabin at the left corner of the second row. This small cabin seemed quite unremarkable and its position was also at the extreme corner.

When Li Yunmu chose this cabin, no one among those remaining people fought with him. Instead, it was the exact opposite, everyone looked at each other with a faint smile as if saying:

"At least you know your place."

Naturally, Li Yunmu observed the expressions of these weakest companions and inwardly shook his head. These people were clearly the weakest but they still had the mind to mock him? It really serves them right to be the weakest.

Without paying any more attention to these people, Li Yunmu pushed open the gate of his small cabin. Its area was the smallest compared to other houses, but that was only relatively speaking.

In fact, the space and facilities in this independent cabin were pretty good. Compared to his own bedroom at home, it was much better. It also had an independent washroom.

Li Yunmu was fully satisfied with everything, the first thing he did was to wait until night and secretly place the hack machine at the backyard of the cabin, which was his main reason for choosing this place.

"Ahh, Flux Disciples are indeed Flux Disciples, this kind of life is great, free food, free lodging, free drinks and free education."

Li Yunmu fell on the soft bed in the room and muttered, feeling completely satisfied. The rest of the day quickly passed.

Soon, several days had passed. Everyone had also become more and more familiar with the Heavenly Cloud Castle. Life in the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard was filled with both calmness and full of vitality.

Only the ones living here knew that the method of education which Li Yunmu had imagined was not the same as what was followed in the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard. Here, there was more emphasis on freedom and independent cultivation.

The Fifth Dimension was a very special world, apart from Flux Disciples, no formidable fluxer could enter this world because the formidable flux energy leaking from their body would basically prevent them from being able to cross the transmission channel to enter the Fifth Dimension.

Because of this, there were no cultivation classrooms here, neither did it have any cultivation tutors, so there weren’t many people who would interfere and supervise your life or your cultivation speed. Every newly promoted Flux Disciple who had entered the Fifth Dimension had to rely on themselves to gain knowledge.

In the whole Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard, apart from Li Yunmu and the 26 other students who had graduated at the same time as him, there were over a hundred families of ordinary people living in the great courtyard. These people were responsible for maintaining the daily affairs of the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard like cleaning, laundry, cooking and other menial tasks, to make the life of the Flux Disciples more convenient.

Apart from this, in the small courtyards, there also many senior students living there. In many years, those who had good innate talent had all entered the ranks of Flux Masters and entered the Sixth Dimension.

In the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard, there were still many senior students living here as they couldn’t enter the Sixth Dimension because they still haven’t entered the realm of Flux Masters.

Since there were so many different courtyards, the great courtyard felt like a school campus. Normally, all of them were divided according to their years and have similar independent communities. Each of them had their own lifestyle and cultivation, so normally, different grades don't have much contact with the others, but everyone had similarly come from Lucky Wind City.

These past few days, most of Li Yunmu’s time would be spent at the library established in the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard, which contained the most detailed information pertaining to the Fifth Dimension.

It also had plentiful detailed resources on the distribution of dimensional beasts in the wilderness. All the newly promoted fluxers have to learn all of this information as soon as possible.

As for the battle skills and cultivation methods knowledge which everyone was looking forward to, it could be found at the largest fluxer guild alliance present at the center of Heavenly Cloud Castle. Although everyone wanted to learn these systematic battle skills and cultivation methods, they weren’t free of charge. Each and every one of them was extremely costly and require contribution points to be purchased.

This fluxer guild alliance was the coalition of all the fluxer guilds in the world and was the most powerful organization on the earth. The Lucky Wind City fluxer guild was only a small particle under the rule of this alliance.

"Fellow student Noujie, I have read a lot of books and archives in the past few days, but haven’t found any information about the transformation of ordinary flux energy into dark flux energy..."

Among the ones who had entered with him, the only student that Li Yunmu spoke to was fellow student Liu Nuojie, as for other students?

He felt embarrassed. Who didn’t know that he was the only one among them who wasn’t from the first six ranked high schools. Heaven only knows how to talk to this group of morons who looked at the people below them like they were dogs. Did they really think that the students representing the lower ranked high schools all had low strength?

In fact, Li Yunmu’s existence itself firmly answered that last line, naturally, it was not so!

However, in reality, this was the cold hard truth. Because those people who have high innate talent and have the potential to awaken were snatched by the top few ranked high schools before they had the choice to enrol in other schools, therefore, in the past few years, no fully awakened Flux Disciple has come out of any high school ranked lower than the tenth. If Li Yunmu didn’t have the hack system, his special case certainly wouldn’t have happened.

"Fellow student Yunmu, why are you so obsessed with dark flux energy?"

Helplessness flashed through Noujie’s face, for the past few days, Li Yunmu had repeatedly pestered her with this question.

"You don’t say. Who wants to live at the lower rung, who doesn’t want to possess flux energy which had an even higher destructive ability."

Li Yunmu rolled his eyes, his reply was as it should be, but only he knew that the reason why he felt so strongly about the dark flux energy was due to space elements.

After being at the library for past few days, he had read books about the rules of matchmaking at the dimensional battlefield. If you want to have a higher probability of matching up against opponents with dark flux energy then there is only one prerequisite and that was that you must also be a dark fluxer yourself.

This was the only reason he was so obsessed with information about dark flux energy, naturally, he couldn’t tell this information to others, even if it was Liu Noujie who always treated him favourably.

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