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Chapter 20: Survivor Battle Armour

Chapter 20: Survivor Battle Armour

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"I also don’t know anything about this, jeez, fellow student Yunmu, I have already told you numerous times that this a secret which only the high-level people know about, how can I have any information about this."

"Look into my eyes, fellow student Liu Noujie, your evading gaze has betrayed you."

Li Yunmu looked into her eyes and said. Liu Noujie’s face turned red. After hesitating for a long time, she finally started telling him about the secret after being continuously pestered by him.

There was indeed another method to obtain the destruction type flux energy, but this method was extremely difficult and also has an enormous risk. One has to kill a king class dimensional beast and if possible, obtain the king class dimensional beast’s dimensional crystal, then the fluxer would have a certain probability to absorb the king class dimensional beast’s attribute power, which would lead to an astonishing transformation in his own ordinary flux energy.

This secret was known only in the circle of the upper class of the Alliance. An ordinary fluxer may not know about it and there were some reasons for why it hadn’t been made public.

One was that if this information was made public, then it would cause many fluxers who overestimate their abilities to go after a king class dimensional beast. For those who don’t have enough strength, it would be the same as throwing away their little lives.

Another reason was that the upper class doesn’t want to share this secret. Because if they did, then it might lead to the rise of many competitors.

After being pestered by Li Yunmu for a long time, Liu Noujie finally revealed this secret. In fact, this secret couldn’t be considered much of a secret. Anyone who has a certain amount of power and status knows about it. Liu Noujie didn’t want to give this information to Li Yumnu because she didn’t want Li Yunmu to overestimate his abilities and risk his life.

"King class dimensional beast!"

Now Li Yunmu finally understood everything.

In the past several days, he had learned a lot of information regarding most of the dimensional beasts of the Fifth Dimension from the library, so naturally, he wasn’t unfamiliar with king class dimensional beasts.

It has been reported that king class dimensional beasts could be considered as kings among dimensional beasts. It possesses frightening destructive powers. Apart from that, it would certainly have a large number of dimensional beasts flocking around it.

Honestly speaking, one person’s strength simply wasn’t enough to kill a king class dimensional beast. According to the warnings in the books, even if all the students in the Great Compound of Lucky Wind City were dispatched, it would not be certain that they would be able to kill a king class dimensional beast.

Within a moment, all such information pertaining to king class dimensional beast appeared in Li Yunmu’s mind. He deeply remembered all the information about his target, the king class dimensional beast.

As for killing the king class dimensional beast, for others, it might prove to be extremely difficult, but for him, he had a greater chance than them. When he cultivates his Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secrets to even higher levels, then the group of dimensional beasts at the side of the king class dimensional beast, regardless of their number, wouldn’t be able to break his defences and that would be his chance!

While Li Yunmu was contemplating all this, Zhou Jing, who had been inseparable from Liu Noujie from the start, hastily rushed over:

"Nuojie, I got information from senior Tang An. After two days, the Heavenly Cloud Castle will stop temporarily at the Lamu River Zone, we finally have the opportunity to go out and cultivate."

Zhou Jing didn’t have any intention to suppress her voice, which quickly echoed in the whole library.

"What? Finally, we have reached Lamu River Zone, good, very good, we have been waiting for this day for a long time."

"Yesss, I can’t wait anymore, according to rumours, the concentration of dimensional beasts in the Lamu River Zone is very high and the strength of the dimensional beasts are also weak, which makes it one of the ten cultivation holy land where new fluxers like us can go out and train."

"It’s not so easy, I must return back quickly and prepare."

When others heard this information, most of them were extremely excited. Why had they entered the Fifth Dimension? There was no other reason except to increase their strength.

The levels of Flux Disciples could be divided into five big layers, from lowest to highest it was divided as, Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple, Black Crystal Flux Disciple, Silver Crystal Flux Disciple, Gold Crystal Flux Disciple, and finally, the highest was Rainbow Crystal Flux Disciple.

Every Flux Disciple who wants to increase his cultivation of flux energy could not just go into closed-door cultivation every day and disregard everything around him. Because through this method, one won’t be able to increase their flux energy strength by much, it was considered as the most idiotic and slowest method of cultivation.

After integrating the wisdom and knowledge of elders for several hundred years, finally, 230 years ago, an extremely formidable fluxer created a new path to cultivate quickly, it was the path of seizing!

From then on, the speed of humanity’s fluxer cultivation increased, their strength also became more formidable. From then on, flux energy came to be regarded as supreme and replaced the military force developed by science and technology, which was used before dark ages. Thus, humans once again obtained more space for living and finally stepped foot into the higher dimensions, leading to the appearance of huge mobile steel castles as headquarters.

This newly created seizing path was actually based on fighting over dimensional beasts of different levels. By killing them, humans could absorb the flux energy within the dimensional crystals into their bodies. The five layers of Flux Disciples were actually divided according to the different power levels of dimensional beasts.

When the new fluxers want to enter the realm of Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple, they have to satisfy two conditions. The first was that they must absorb sufficient flux energy from ordinary crystal dimensional beast, ignite 12 flux points within the cultivator’s body and let the flux energy stored in the body to go through a fundamental change. This could be considered as half step into the first layer of Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple.

The reason why satisfying the first requirement could only be considered as half a step into the first layer was because the second condition also needs to be satisfied. They had to compress the ordinary crystal flux energy to form a flux battle armour which belonged exclusively to oneself. Only after satisfying these two requirements could one be considered to have genuinely advanced.

One of the reasons why Luo Jin couldn’t contest to become the chief of new fluxers when they arrived was because, although before entering the Fifth Dimension, he had killed and absorbed sufficient dimensional crystals and had advanced to a half step Silver Crystal Flux Disciple, he couldn’t satisfy the second requirement.

Not to mention the small Lucky Wind City, even if viewed in the entire Heavenly Cloud City, he would be a well-known figure with this kind of cultivation speed. This precisely was the place which he knew possessed formidable natural resources, and now, after waiting for a long time after they had entered Fifth Dimension, his opportunity had finally arrived!

Sure enough, when everyone had set aside their important affair and rushed to Maple Forest Small Courtyard, Tang An was together with two other seniors, waiting for them.

"You all received the information very quickly and all of you returned back so soon, I hadn’t expected that."

Tang An’s gaze swept past all of them, then he said with a faint smile:

"I believe you also know the reason why we have come to this place. After two days, the Heavenly Cloud Castle will reach the Lamu River Zone and will stop there for one month’s time. This one month is precisely the opportunity to go out and cultivate which you all have been waiting for."

"Our Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard is very small town, so it wouldn’t be able to provide much assistance to everyone. However, it has still prepared some equipment and battle armour for you. Although their quality isn’t very good, they can be considered to give a better chance of survival to everyone. Now, everyone can come over and pick."

Currently, Senior Tang An was the chief cultivator of Lucky Wind City. Before he advances past the fifth layer, his position in the Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard could roughly be considered as equal to the leader of a college student union. The Lucky Wind City fluxer guild had given him the duty to guide new fluxers.

Although this responsibility wasn’t counted as much, it was considered as a profound experience at the fluxer guild. Thus, the accomplishments of the new fluxers could also be considered as important for himself, so he couldn’t help but be meticulous about it.

With one clap, the two seniors opened the two big silver coloured suitcases which they had brought with them, revealing one neatly folded battle armours after another.

"It’s survivor battle armour."

Someone who knew what it was, softly cried out in surprise.

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