Shadow Hack

Chapter 21: Three Weirdos

Chapter 21: Three Weirdos

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"That’s right, here are 30 pieces of survivor armour, which were prepared by our Lucky Wind City for all of you new fluxers, now everyone come and pick. Use the two days time to familiarize yourself with the survivor battle armour."

Tang An nodded his head towards the equipment in the two boxes, verifying that it indeed was the survivor battle armour.

"Heavens, it really is the survivor battle armour."

Many people gasped in admiration. But some others like Luo Jin, Huo Wu as well as Liu Nuojie, Zhou Jing, a total of seven people didn’t make any movements.

The reason was very simple, these seven people had already congealed their own flux battle armour, although the weapons of humanity had advanced, they still couldn’t catch the attention of these people. After all, these battle armour were an external object made with science, so how could it compare to the formidable flux battle armour.

Li Yunmu also hadn’t moved because he already had the War Shrine's battle soldier equipment passed onto him by his father, which was much better compared to these survivor armour. One was named survival, while the other was named battle soldier, the difference between the two battle equipment could be seen from just their names.

Strictly speaking, the survivor battle armour could only be considered as a battle armour and hadn’t reached the grade of battle weapons. In general, battle weapons substantially increase the user’s overall battle strength and not just simply increase their defense.

But the battle armour also has a few practical functions to increase the survival of the user apart from increasing their defense. For example, it is extremely temperature resistant, it can keep the user warm even at temperatures as low as -50°.

It even has an emergency oxygen supply for three hours installed in it and could absorb the moisture in the air and transform it into a limited amount of clean water, thus ensuring that the minimum requirement of water by the user was maintained.

Honestly speaking, if Li Yunmu didn’t have the battle soldier equipment, then this survivor battle armour would have been his first choice.

"Li Yunmu, what are you standing there for? You must know that this survivor battle armour is equivalent to a second life for people like you."

Seeing that Li Yunmu hadn’t moved, Zhou Jing became very angry.

As Liu Noujie’s best friend, these past few days, she hated that a person like Li Yunmu was together with Liu Noujie. He neither had strength nor background, only heaven knows why Liu Noujie even talks to him.

"Why not, they shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste. After all, this item was sold in the Alliance for a price of 5000 Fourth-Dimensional coins."

Li Yunmu obviously knew why Zhou Jing didn’t like him, but he didn’t take the bait. Initially, he didn’t want to be too greedy and waste the Lucky Wind City fluxer guild’s resources.

But now, since he had been forced by these people, hehe, then he wouldn’t refuse their kind intentions. He would accept it with a smile.

At the worst, if he doesn’t need it, then he could just sell it at the market in the real world. It could also be resold for 2000-3000 Fourth-Dimensional coins, it must be known that this many Fourth-Dimensional coins weren’t a small figure and were basically equivalent to the yearly expenses of an ordinary family.

Soon, he moved forward to pick a survivor battle armour and also picked a war blade as a weapon from another suitcase.

This war blade clearly couldn’t compare to the war blade given by his father, which was made of titanium alloyed steel. Although it was only made of a gold and steel alloy, as a war blade which was mainly made of steel, it was still quite durable. Even if it could only be used to deal with some low-level dimensional beast, that was sufficient for him.

Most of the people excitedly received their equipment and began to rub their fists in anticipation for these two days to pass. All of them believed that this was a holiday trip outside the Cloud Castle for new fluxers, but they didn’t realize this was everyone’s first time fighting in the wilderness in the Fifth Dimension. Because Li Yunmu’s father had been stationed at frontline camp, he was aware of the dangers and cruelty of the wilderness.

Thus, after receiving the equipment, he didn’t stay to talk with these lunatics, neither did he go to the library that evening. He began to prepare for his first trip.

After entering the Fifth Dimension, he hadn’t started levelling with the hack system because he was busy acquiring knowledge about the Fifth Dimension. Originally, he wanted to become familiar with his surroundings before carefully choosing a hack location for the hack system, but now, he didn’t have the time to slowly prepare.

[Ding, starting the Supreme Shadow Hack System, automatically choosing the previous hack location, District Garden.]

[Ding, District garden hack location does not exist anymore, detecting the transformation in host’s world, the system will upgrade the old map with a new one. The time required for the upgrade to complete is 38 hours 56 minutes 17 seconds, requesting patience from the host...]

"What? The system is upgrading again? And the time required this time around is so long?"

Li Yunmu was startled, he checked once again and only then did he manage to remember that he wasn’t at Lucky Wind City anymore, rather, he had now entered the special realm of the Fifth Dimension.

But wouldn’t this newly upgraded system’s hack map cover the entire Fifth Dimension? Once he thought of this, Li Yunmu didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

Only, the time required to upgrade the map last time simply paled in comparison the time needed this time, approaching close to 39 hours? My god, wasn’t that almost two days?

Ah, Li Yunmu finally realized that rushing to increase the level of his Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secrets before he started his journey outside wasn’t possible.

After realizing this, he didn’t do anything else and had a good rest. The next day, he woke up early and discovered that all the fellow students in the little courtyard were excitedly preparing for their first cultivation journey outside.

"Hey friend, we were preparing to go to the fluxer guild coalition, do you want to come along?"

Li Yunmu had barely stepped out of his cabin when an anxious-looking male student, took the initiative to greet him.

Li Yunmu looked at the precocious boy who clearly hadn’t become 17 years old yet but looked like a 30 years old uncle, he left a very deep impression. Not to mention others, just his matured and aged face would certainly leave an impression on anyone who saw it the first time.

He remembered that this precocious young male was called Zhang Daxiong, everyone loved to call him big Xiong. Apart from his face, his body also had a large stature. He appeared to be very crude and came from eighth high school, so he wasn’t much better than Li Yunmu who had come from sixteenth highschool. He was also one of the leftover weaklings who had mocked him.

"You know me?"

Li Yunmu was startled, he couldn’t believe his ear. Today, these people had surprisingly taken the initiative to invite him.

"Naturally, apart from us elder brothers and you, who else is there."

An elder brother mischievously smiled and walked towards him, he then patted Li Yunmu’s shoulder to show his "goodwill".

"Why are you going to fluxer guild coalition?"

Li Yunmu didn’t pay attention to these people, but the mysterious expression on the face of big Xiong and other two evoked his curiosity.

Since he could not use the hack machine and also wasn’t in the mood to go to the library to cram additional knowledge. So at this moment, Li Yunmu was absolutely bored, he wasn’t afraid of anything except the fear of the pain of staying idle.

"The fuck, you don’t even know this? Naturally, we are going to receive missions. We want to use the opportunity of going out tomorrow to complete some missions and gain some contribution points, earning a big profit."

Big Xiong raised his heavy fist and waved them excitedly.

"That’s right, I heard that after becoming Flux Disciples, the quickest way to earn money is to complete missions. As long as we succeed in completing it, then our future generations won’t have to worry about money."

The fellow student wearing glasses that was standing alongside also nodded his head to confirm.

"Yes, how about forming a battle squad. Yesterday, I asked around and found out that Luo Jin, that arrogant guy, had already formed his battle squad and after going out of the castle tomorrow, they will abandon us to our own fate. However, our big bear squad cannot fall behind, if you join us, then we will only need to find one more person."

The third student used the opportunity to invite Li Yunmu.

Li Yunmu couldn’t endure seeing at the third student's wretched face anymore. Just by looking the crooked teeth protruding out, it seemed as if a strong punch had landed his face.

One was big Xiong, another was the thin glass wearing boy and the final one was the crooked teeth male. What the fuck, this assembly of weirdos had surprisingly taken fancy to him. Li Yunmu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

What could he say, although he didn’t look particularly handsome, in the end, he stature was according to the norm, his facial features were outlined clearly, making him worthy of a second look. God knows why these weirdos thought that he was similar to them.


Li Yunmu almost coughed up a mouthful of blood, he now understood everything. Originally, these exotic flowers had been abandoned by Luo Jin and the others, and they now wanted him to enter to make up for the number. With these people greeting him and cordially inviting him to join them, no wonder it seemed like the sun rose from the west.

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