Shadow Hack

Chapter 22: Money Is Everything

Chapter 22: Money Is Everything

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"So are you coming or not?"

Big Xiong saw the dull expression on Li Yunmu’s face and anxiously asked.

"Sure, I am matter what."

Li Yunmu spoke like a fly had passed through his throat, only at the end did he returned to his normal state and shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

Finally, he joined the big Xiong’s battle squad. Although these few people looked like weirdos, now that he had been talking to them, he realised that no one else would invite him to join their squad.

The most important thing was that because of the existence of the hack system, rather than joining a demanding person like Luo Jin, it was better to join this strange battle squad. At least he would be guaranteed a certain amount of freedom, and once he found a satisfactory location, he could get away from this squad and practice solo.

"Good, very good, hahahaha, we have finally gathered four people, now, we are only missing one."

Feeling immensely proud about swaying Li Yunmu to join them, all three of them began to laugh heartily, Li Yunmu also raised his corner of mouth to give a faint smile.

"Joining with you all is fine but I want sufficient freedom."

Li Yunmu "innocently" raised a condition.

"Ha, freedom? No problem, we big bear battle squad lack everything but not freedom, you can do whatever you want. Now come, we should go to the fluxer guild coalition to get some missions."

The group of four quickly used the railway line inside the castle and soon arrived at the centre of the Cloud Castle, where the largest and most beautiful building, the Fluxer Guild Coalition stood.

At this moment, the guild coalition was packed with new fluxers from the 136 towns under the supervision of the Cloud Castle. Since most of them had rushed here today, their goal was more or less the same as big Xiong, to take a mission.

But at this moment, the hall was filled with people, moreover, all of them were new fluxers. If the common residents of Lucky Wind City saw this scene, they would be scared to death.

Although the probability of completely awakening was very low, when multiplied by the number of people on the entire Central Continent, it becomes quite substantial. Even the Cloud Castle, which was only one of the seven secondary grade cities, was filled with a large number of Flux Disciples.

In the mission hall, there were large screens hanging on all four walls that were filled with missions. Furthermore, there were rows of self-servicing machines in the surroundings to help people accept the mission.

After careful observation, Li Yunmu soon discovered that all the missions in the hall were divided into three categories, first was the joint mission issued by the Central Continent’s regime and Fluxer Guild Coalition, which was to clean up the dimensional beasts, this kind of mission was also the simplest mission.

Kill 100 ordinary crystal dimensional beasts, obtain 1 fluxer guild contribution point.

Kill 100 black crystal dimensional beasts, obtain 10 fluxer guild contribution points.

Kill 100 silver crystal dimensional beasts, obtain 100 fluxer guild contribution points.

Kill 100 gold crystal dimensional beasts, obtain 1,000 fluxer guild contribution points.

Kill 100 rainbow crystal dimensional beasts, obtain 10,000 fluxer guild contribution points. Moreover, all the above five missions could be done over and over again. Simply put, government-issued missions were actually just missions to kill dimensional.

Fluxer were frequently sent to dispose of the dimensional beasts of Fifth Dimension at irregular times. Otherwise, if their numbers were allowed to grow, they could become a menace to every large mobile steel castle and might even lay siege them.

It could even be said that government missions were used to kill two birds with one stone. They allowed the rookie fluxers to train themselves by fighting, while at the same time, remove the menace of excessive dimensional beasts, creating a kind of "equilibrium" in the Fifth Dimension and turning it into a cultivating cradle for human fluxers.

The second type of missions were the monetary reward missions issued by some fluxer or some local power. They were usually much more complicated than the first type of missions and all sorts of missions could be found here.

From requests to collect the furs and skin of the beasts to some other materials, it had everything. Some people had also requested for the collection of plants of some particular area or even stones and soil among many other things. However, the reward of the second type of missions wasn’t contribution points, but rather, common Fourth-Dimensional coins.

Li Yunmu casually picked and took a look at a simple mission requesting for the collection of furs and skin of dimensional beast. Immediately, he became speechless, even this kind of extremely simple mission had a reward of 100 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

Not to mention of the missions with higher difficulty, the reward of a mission which requested the capture of a rainbow crystal grade beast’s cub paid at least several thousand Fourth-Dimensional coins as a start. No wonder the eyes of big Xiong and others were shining when they insisted on coming here to take a mission.

The third type of missions were high-grade missions about some strange tales. Although the number of missions of this kind was very small, each and every one of them was extremely difficult.

Investigating about information of the Netherworld Valley? 5 Fifth-Dimensional coins and 500 contribution points?

Sure enough, just a mission about investigating some information could get you, 5 Fifth-Dimensional coins and several hundred contribution points. Ahh Fifth-Dimensional coins, although it was only paying very few of those, what were Fifth-Dimensional coins?

That was the currency used by the most powerful people, ordinary people couldn’t even hope to come in contact with them. Even new fluxers like Li Yunmu didn’t have much access to them for the time being. One Fifth-Dimensional coin was equal to 10,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins. This vast difference was the reason why Fifth-Dimensional coins were something that the Fourth-Dimensional coins couldn’t even compare to.

"Brother thin, what is the use of these contribution points?"

Compared to people like big Xiong, Li Yunmu’s experience was like comparing a grown man to a child. Although he had learned a great deal in the past few days, there was much he still didn’t know.

"These contribution points are very good things, it is even more precious than Fourth-Dimensional coins. It also has many great uses, if we want some flux battle skills, then they cannot be purchased without contribution points. Moreover, if you urgently need some money, then you can also exchange the contribution points for Fourth-Dimensional coins. One contribution point is equivalent to 1,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins, so you tell me aren’t they good?"

The glasses wearing thin boy adjusted his glasses and said with a fascinated expression on his face.

"Brother thin forgot to add one point. If you accumulate 10,000 contribution points, then you can gain the right to live in a primary city of Central Continent and gain many other privileges and catch the eyes of many people. If you can get one million contribution points, then you will obtain the rights to enter the War God Hall and participate in the purchase of Sacred Spirit Skills."

The crooked teeth male supplemented from the other side.

"Sacred Spirit Skills?!"

Li Yunmu was completely shocked. As a citizen of the Central Continent, who didn’t know about the War God Temple and that above the War God Temple was the War Spirit Temple, which was the most formidable military organization on the Central Continent with no match.

As for Sacred Spirit Skills that frightened people even more, according to legend, they were different from the common grade battle skills and cultivation methods circulated by the fluxer guild. Like its name implies, it was a sacred skill, a godly technique!

Only the most powerful and influential people and clans of the Central Continent could access these Sacred Spirit Skills, ordinary people and even ordinary fluxers have no way to access them. But now, this crooked teeth person was saying that they could be accessed by using contribution points. Although it requires one million contribution points, it was the only way to gain access to Sacred Spirit Skills.

"Then what are we waiting for, let’s accept a mission."

Li Yunmu couldn’t remain calm after hearing all this. Although he hadn’t killed dimensional beasts before, he now knew that killing an ordinary dimensional beast was equivalent to 100 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

Killing five was equal to his father’s previous monthly salary and it could gain him even more privileges. Only a fool could remain calm after hearing this.

Everyone says that once you become a fluxer, your wealth could rival the entire city.

Although these lines were somewhat exaggerated, they were not that exaggerated. Even a Flux Disciple could make money so fucking easily.

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