Shadow Hack

Chapter 23: Buy, Buy, Buy!

Chapter 23: Buy, Buy, Buy!

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After registering for the mission, Li Yunmu went to the fluxer guild’s battle skill hall, where he saw the flux methods and battle skills provided by the fluxer guild for the first time.

After careful comparison, he quickly discovered that the flux methods and battle skills provided by the Alliance are relatively ordinary and were quite inferior to his Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secrets. Only B Grade flux methods and battle skills could be said to be pleasing to his eyes.

Flux Rotating Method: D Grade flux skill, the method is used to rotate the flux energy within his body in a unique way. It is a projectile type battle skills which shoots out the flux energy which was involved in the rotation. Minimum requirements of cultivating it ----- requires the opening of 8 ordinary crystal flux points passing through both arms and both legs. Requires 7 contribution points.

Devil Tiger Fierce Explosion Fist: B Grade flux method, cultivating the Devil Tiger Fierce Explosion Fist will allow both fists to possess the shocking strength of the Devil Tiger Beast and also contain explosive flux energy. Minimum requirement of cultivation---- opening of 17 silver crystal flux points in both hands and chest, requires 300 contribution points.

Flash Step: C Grade Flux method, footwork especially used for frequent dodging. Minimum requirements of cultivation----- requires the 4 ordinary crystal flux points on both legs to be opened, requires 38 contribution points.

Iron Bones: B Grade Flux method, uses the flux energy to refine all the bones in the body to make them as hard as iron. Minimum requirements of cultivation----- requires the person be at least a Black Crystal Flux Disciple and open 18 black crystal flux points in the whole body, requires 350 contribution points.

Dimension Destroying Twelve Continuous Chops: A Grade Flux method, Chops exploding with great temporary power, which could break the dimensional space. Minimum requirement of cultivation---- requires the person to be at least an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple, requires opening all 12 ordinary crystal flux points in the body for better chances of success, it requires a foundation in using a blade or some other chopping type weapon. Requires 1,000 contribution points.


There were rows and columns filled with all sorts of flux methods and battle skills provided by the Alliance. There were much more here compared to hack system’s store. Altogether there were several thousand methods, it has to be said that in the 200 or so years that humanity has been practicing with the principle of flux energy being paramount, the improvements in the battle skills and flux methods have been all-inclusive. This allowed the flux culture to enter its most glorious stage.

And like the hack system’s cultivation methods and battle skills, here also, they were divided into four grades A, B, C, D. The flux methods and battle skills provided by the coalition could only be compared to the effects of practicing, but in fact, they didn’t seem one whit inferior to the formidable techniques in the hack system store.

However, Li Yunmu could finally make out that these flux methods and battle skills had formidable base power but they become lacking in strength later on, they did not have sufficient potential for development.

Simply speaking, for example, the Copper Body Secrets cultivated by Li Yunmu. By cultivating this method, Li Yunmu’s skin experiences a qualitative transformation every ten levels. By the time, he reaches the fiftieth level, the defense of the B Grade cultivation method would have experienced five transformations. Starting from the copper body, reaching the iron body, then silver body, then golden body, then finally heavenly golden body. By the time he cultivates it to the peak, his defense would be simply astonishing.

What about the coalition’s B Grade flux method Iron Bones? Even after practicing it to the limit, the best result was still only having iron bones, its potential had been doomed long ago. What made him even angrier was that it still had a lot of cultivating restrictions and requirements, it also required him to pay a lot of contribution points.

However, it wasn’t like the coalition’s flux methods and battle skills didn’t have any merits. The initial effects of cultivating these skills were very formidable and provided greater explosive power and formidable strength compared to the system’s cultivation methods and battle skills, this cultivation system showed its effects earlier.

After searching for a long time, Li Yunmu found two flux methods which made his heart beat faster. He didn’t have any hopes to use the B Grade Iron Bones for the time being, but there was a C Grade and B Grade flux method whose cultivation requirements were low, only requiring him to be at the Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple level.

The B Grade skill was called Earth Dragon’s Strength, its cultivation threshold was very low. If he cultivates it, his fleshly body would possess the power of an earth dragon, even the term tremendous strength wasn’t enough, it was even more extreme. Just perfect for Li Yunmu to mend the rare weak point in his strength.

It must be known that power was another kind of defense. If he doesn’t have formidable power as his foundation, then even if he has an astonishing defense, the enemy could just attack and flee or perhaps repel him back, thus making his defense completely useless.

Hence, this Earth Dragon’s Strength could both patch the leak in Li Yunmu’s defenses and also increase his offensive potential greatly, killing two birds with one stone. So he couldn’t help but feel excited.

This cultivation method Earth Dragon’s Strength required 180 contribution points, Li Yunmu secretly remembered it. Obtaining this large amount of contribution points was just an extravagant hope for new fluxers.

But he had the Supreme Shadow Hack System. As long as he continues to hack day after day, night after night, then even if he only gained small success each time, the final accumulation of contribution points would be tremendous, hehe.

Another C Grade cultivation method which made him excited was a defensive type flux method, which causes the flux energy to congeal around the five viscera and six bowels in his body.

After cultivating to a high degree, it could be used to strengthen and defend the location of his five viscera and six bowels. Even the Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secrets didn’t provide him with that kind of security. Moreover, he only needed to open 3 ordinary crystal flux points in his chest and abdomen and pay 70 contribution points to cultivate this "Internal Organ Protecting Skill", quite cheap indeed.

Li Yunmu secretly made a note of this too, if he could accumulate sufficient contribution points, then he must definitely get this flux method. It was a must-have, if he got to cultivate both these cultivation methods, then his defenses would be without any loopholes.

After that, the fluxer guild coalition didn’t have any other nice things to see so big Xiong and the others went to find the services of an artificial intelligence in the form of a girl and after paying 1,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins, they founded the Big Bear Battle Squad.

Li Yunmu didn’t break his promise. After interacting with these people for the entire morning, he discovered that big Xiong and his group of three people were quite honest and had a good moral standing. At least compared to hypocrites like Luo Jin, Zhou Jing, they were much better.

Now that he had entered the Big Bear Battle Squad, within a split second, he received frank treatment from the three people. Not to speak of other things, he also received the catchphrase of big Xiong on the lines of loyalty and brotherhood:

"My father lacks many things, but the only thing he doesn’t lack is money."

Well said, indeed, birds of the same feather flock together, only people divide themselves!

Not a long time had passed before, Li Yunmu surprisingly discovered that this big Xiong was an absolutely nouveau riche, his father was the richest person of Lucky Wind City, whose name was Li Daxiong.

Li Daxiong 1 and Li Da Xiong 2 , the names of these two father and son were exotic, tch, this also could be considered as another type of inheritance.

Not only was big Xiong a silkpants, even the brother thin and crooked teeth Qiang were the sons of businessmen, their families were large landlords, each more wealthy than the other.

These three silkpants had come to the fluxer coalition not to do missions to make money, but rather, to increase their contribution points. After all, in the present world, flux energy was considered supreme, being rich couldn’t be considered a privileged anymore.

Thus, big Xiong and his two friends wouldn’t miss the chance to increase their influence.

"Ha ha, all the missions that had any relation to contribution points have been accepted, ohhh...…..are we missing something?"

Their party walked out from the coalition’s office laughing loudly when suddenly, big Xiong slapped his head:

"There is something we are missing. We are lacking a war chariot, having a vehicle is much more efficient, we must purchase one."

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