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Chapter 24: Just One Word "Rich"

Chapter 24: Just One Word "Rich"

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"Welcome to the motorized war chariot company, I am Qing Zi, serial number 0168, it is a privilege to serve you lords."

Li Yunmu entered a motorized war chariot trading company for the first time. There was also one outside Lucky Wind City, but regardless of whether it was the grade or the amount, the Lucky Wind City’s trading company was much inferior to this one.

However, even if the scope of that locomotive war chariot trading company was inferior, it was still not a place that the former Li Yunmu could enter. Because, although the difference between war chariots and car trains was only of one character, the difference between their price was as high as the difference between as heaven and earth.

The quality and extent of this war chariot trading company of Cloud Castle was even higher, as far as the eye could see, the entire exhibition hall of the trading company was filled with different types, model numbers and designs of motorized war chariots. Among them, the lowest type of war chariot had a starting price of 100,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

Among the differences between car trains and war chariots, the main one was vehicle armour, the car train didn’t have any while the war chariot did. Therefore, all the private vehicles going out of the cities were war chariots, as for car trains, they could only be used for travel within the city safely.

Both of them didn’t have anything to be compared on apart from the main difference, the price of a war chariot was ten or maybe a hundred times more than the price of a car train. Another important characteristic was its endurance and resistance.

In the wilderness of the new age, if your vehicle has many defects and frequently breaks down, then congratulations to you, you’re screwed! The longer you stay in the wilderness, the higher your chances of death becomes. Thus, another feature of the motorized war chariots was that they were of far higher quality and far more sturdy compared to car trains.

From something as small as a thumb-sized screw to something as important as the engine, as long as it wasn’t severely attacked, then the war chariot itself wouldn’t break down. Even if some small malfunctions appear, it wouldn’t be major enough to affect normal travel. Thus, the war chariots of this age could only be enjoyed by the wealthiest and most powerful people, not even those who were just rich could enjoy them.

As the son of the richest man of Lucky Wind City, big Xiong naturally had the capacity to purchase a war chariot. But even then, he didn’t have many choices to pick from as the price of war chariots of relatively higher grade weren’t something a person like him, who was the son of the richest person of only a small town, could afford.

After all was said and done, he was only the son of the richest person of a small town, that’s all.

After strolling about for a long time, big Xiong finally stopped in front of a two-wheeled motorized war chariot.

"Alright, this is the one."

Once Li Yunmu glanced at the price, he immediately took a deep breath. Your mother, he had really underestimated this person’s old man. Evidently, in order to facilitate his cultivation, big Xiong had chosen a motorized war chariot with a price of 300,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

How much does 300,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins represent?

He couldn’t even imagine!

Even the general price of a piece of land in Lucky Wind City was only 500 Fourth-Dimensional coins for one sq.m, these 300,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins were sufficient for him to purchase a piece of land with an area of 600 sq.m.

How large was an area of 600 sq.m? Large, extremely large!

Nowadays, the wilderness had been occupied by variation and dimensional beasts, the space for private residences in the city had become extremely cramped. If the 600 sq.m. of land was used to make a multi-storey residential building, then it could easily house over 1,000 people. So it could be clearly imagined how enormous this sum of money was.

Within half an hour, the four of them came out of the trading company while sitting in a vehicle known as "Delta Thunder God TX12 All Terrain War Chariot" and began to travel on the main street.

This delta thunder god war chariot belonged to the 12th generation, even in a city filled with fluxers, it was very flashy and eye-catching, enough to suck in the eyeballs of all the pedestrians.

The shape of this war chariot was quite the same as the cross country locomotives used before the ancient dark ages. This car-shaped vehicle had a length of seven meters. There were huge battle wheels at the front and back with a diameter of five meters and a thickness of half a meter. The rim was full of spikes, providing it with incredible traction while increasing its defense explosively. It also possessed the ability to automatically inflate and was extremely heat resistant.

There were several thousand independent spores allocated on the inside of the wheel, so even if hundreds of steel nails were hammered into the wheels, the independent inflating pores would make sure that the war chariot’s driving equilibrium wasn’t affected.

The vehicle armour with a deep silver metal luster ensured that it could resist the attacks from an 18 mm caliber cannon and also the attacks from a gold crystal dimensional beast; no need to speak about its shock absorption and suspension system. Travelling on mountains or any other uneven ground with it was like going for a picnic.

After opening the war chariot’s vehicle armour, the scenery of the wilderness could be properly enjoyed. After closing the vehicle armour, it could travel on both land and water. The name, all terrain war chariot, wasn’t simply bragging. The whole body of the motorized war chariot had five seats, in the front was the cabin from where it could be controlled, behind it were two rows of two seats, just perfect to hold five people.

Seeing that big Xiong had brought it so that it could be used as a stronghold where he could cultivate while outside, not only did he staked his all, he also needed his old man to support him extensively or else he wouldn’t have bought this war chariot which would even make his family bleed money.

"Haha, with this war chariot, after returning back, maybe a beautiful girl could be pulled to joining our squad….."

Sitting in the second row, crooked teeth Qiang had already begun to fantasize.


Li Yunmu had now calmed down. Presently, he had realized what kind of freak’s war chariot he had entered. Maybe their strength was not good, but…...they were willing to part with a large sum of money.

Next, the four of them opened the vehicle armour and used the flashy war chariot to loiter on the main street for half a day. After satisfying their huge egos, they began to purchase other items to prepare for cultivating outside.

Fort X3 type battlefield tent, bought; small portable water purifier, bought; hemostatic bandages and hemostatic spray medicines, bought; 1 to 37 types of fast-acting blood serums and so on, bought.

In short, after the crooked tooth Qiang and brother thin joined the preparations, the only movement this battle squad made was to buy, buy, buy. The things they bought weren’t things which ordinary people would consume in normal times.

While the Big Bear Battle Squad was still wantonly purchasing goods in the Cloud Castle, the other students of Maple Forest Little Courtyard had already entered the final step, to make arrangements for forming squads.

The information scouted out by big Xiong and them previously were correct, Luo Jin, Hou Wu, Zhou Jing, Liu Noujie and three others of the same level had formed an independent squad. Their strength could certainly be considered as top-ranked in this newly arrived group from Lucky Wind City.

The cultivation of these seven people was the highest among fluxers who had arrived from Lucky Wind City this time. It needn’t be said that Luo Jin was the only one who had reached Silver Crystal Flux Disciple!

Hou Wu, Zhou Jing and others had also reached Black Crystal Flux Disciples. Their goal during this journey outside was to kill even higher level dimensional beasts.

"I don’t feel this arrangement is very good, if we, the strongest seven, travel together, then the other weak fellow students may suffer from dangers."

Liu Noujie was the only member of the seven-member squad who opposed this, she didn’t approve of Luo Jin’s extreme thinking.

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