Shadow Hack

Chapter 25: Getting scammed

Chapter 25: Getting scammed

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"Noujie, Luo Jin’s suggestion is pretty good. If the seven of us are scattered and join different battle squads, the accomplishments of the whole Lucky Wind City may decrease. You should understand that we are not only representing ourselves but also representing Lucky Wind City. A lot is expected from us, you must pay attention to the bigger picture."

Hou Wu urged her.

"That’s right. Moreover, we cannot always abandon our cultivation schedule to protect them. The aim of the other fellow students are ordinary crystal dimensional beast, which is neither useful for our practice nor can we reap any benefits from it. The Great Lamu River Zone chosen by the Alliance is the most suitable place for new cultivators to gain experience. If we join them, it may influence their progress."

Another member of the battle squad persuaded her.

"What about Li Yunmu? He had recently awakened and belongs to the sixteenth high school, I am afraid that he might not be able to join any battle squads…."

Liu Noujie voiced her concern.

"Haha, you really are a good person. Early today, I saw him entering big Xiong’s battle squad, all of them seemed to be on good terms with him."

Zhou Jing laughed.

"Good, that settles everything. This year, we must secure a good position for our Lucky Wind City."

Initially, Luo Jin’s mood was pretty good, but now, after hearing Liu Noujie mention Li Yunmu’s name, his complexion immediately turned gloomy.

He, Zhou Jing and others couldn’t understand why Liu Noujie cared so much about a youngster, but since that man had already entered big Xiong’s weak squad, Liu Noujie now had no reason to oppose joining them.

"Rumble, rumble rumble...."

When big Xiong’s small squad drove the Delta Thunder God War Chariot and entered the small courtyard; Li Yunmu discovered that the heavyweight, Luo Jin, was not the only one that formed his own squad, his other fellow students had also established their own battle squads.

"Junior sister, we still have a vacant slot remaining. You see…..this is the thunder god war chariot, using it, our efficiency in killing dimensional beasts will certainly be far higher compared to the randomly formed squad that you have joined."

"Haha, forget about it. What is the use of this war chariot, you should take a look at your own strength, the war chariot also cannot help your weak squad kill dimensional beasts. If you can’t even defeat the dimensional beast, it would all be in vain."

"Hey, friend. Yeah you, good friend, does your battle squad have a war chariot? If not then why don’t you join my big bear battle squad? Our squad has this thunder god war chariot in addition to a Fort X3 type battle tent, so you don’t have to worry about your safety when outside and can cultivate properly."

"What are you trying to do? I am going out on this journey to improve myself by practicing, not like you bunch who are just going on a holiday. You can have fun by yourself but don’t bother me..."

When big Xiong and his two friends were trying to dupe people into joining their squad, Li Yunmu was completely stupefied. Just what kind of problems does this big bear battle squad have?

What use was the war chariot, battle tent and other advanced products, which was prepared after spending lot of money, when not a single person was willing to join them?

"Haha, Li Yunmu, aren’t you completely stunned? Do you think that everyone doesn’t know about the material benefits offered by big Xiong’s battle squad? And why no one is willing to join them even if they knew? Do you want to know the reason?"

Finally, one male student couldn’t control himself and said to Li Yunmu while laughing.

"What’s the reason?"

Li Yunmu had a bad premonition, feeling as if he had been conned.

"That is because big Xiong and his friends awakened by throwing money!"

Soon, this ‘good intentioned’ fellow student told him the main reason!

However, Li Yunmu was completely stunned after hearing this reason. All of them became Flux Disciples by spending money on dimensional crystals? Damn it, not even one of them had naturally awakened?

Now, he finally realized how weak the battle squad he had entered was. No wonder big Xiong and his friends were throwing so much money on purchasing the best of technology, they simply had no confidence in themselves!

A naturally awakened and those who used dimensional crystals to awaken. Although both of them awaken as Flux Disciples, there was a major difference between the both of them.

The difference in the flux power between both sides was not just the quality. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 was the maximum limit of flux power strength which anyone could display, naturally awakened Flux Disciples could reach at least 8 or 9 points of flux power strength!

Then what about Flux Disciples who awakened by throwing money? They could at most display 5 or 6 points of flux power strength. This difference was not your average difference, mother f*cker, this bro has been scammed!

Li Yunmu immediately realized the seriousness of the matter. Seeing that the sky hadn’t turned dark yet, he made another trip to the center of the castle. But this time, he didn’t go together with big Xiong and friends, rather, he went on his own. The first thing he did was to sell the survivor battle armour to two dealers for 3,500 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

Adding the above amount with the few hundred Fourth-Dimensional coins he had on him and the salary of 1,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins paid by the Alliance, he had around 5,000 Fourth-Dimensional coins in total.

Next thing he did was to purchase a portable water purifier, although it couldn’t compare to the more advanced and powerful purifier purchased by big Xiong earlier today, it could certainly preserve as the source of drinking water for one person without any problem.

Then, he bought a battle tent, which only had the most common warning trap, and also couldn’t be compared to the fort type tent made of alloyed materials purchased by big Xiong. Although it doesn’t offer great defence, it would allow him to survive at a temperature of -50°.

Li Yunmu spent the most of his leftover wealth on purchasing medicaments like hemostatic bandages, antiseptic and detoxifying medicines and other such things which were absolutely essential. Ultimately, after purchasing all these things, he was left with a pitiful amount of 100 Fourth-Dimensional coins.

Only after purchasing all these things did Li Yunmu feel relieved. These survival tools would ensure that he could survive in the event that his squad scatters.

Sure enough, Li Yunmu had already planned for the worst case scenario of big Xiong’s battle squad collapsing. Naturally, he won’t be selfish as to leave them at the last moment, even if he knew that the other party weren’t reliable.

Even leaving out the above-mentioned fact, big Xiong and his friends had shown him great hospitality today compared to the others.

The night silently passed. Early in the morning the next day.

The whole Maple Forest Small Courtyard was bustling with activity. If nothing unexpected happens, then the Cloud Castle would stop at the Lamu River Zone today.

When everyone had assembled in the little courtyard, Li Yunmu discovered that all 27 people had split into four battle squads. Everyone had taken their position with their own battle squad, clearly marking the boundaries.

Luo Jin’s seven people battle squad was considered the most powerful battle squad, carrying the hopes of many. They were called the "Lucky Wind City Battle Squad", with the intention of showing that they represented Lucky Wind City here. The team leader was naturally Luo Jin himself, but upon seeing the vice leader, Li Yunmu was slightly startled, unexpectedly, it was Liu Noujie.

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