Shadow Hack

Chapter 26: Ling Shuang

Chapter 26: Ling Shuang

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Until now, Li Yunmu didn’t know why this beautiful girl, Liu Noujie, treated him so favourably. He couldn’t naively believe that it was because she had fallen for him at first sight. Similarly, he couldn’t understand what kind of background Liu Noujie had, which made Luo Jin, this proud son of heaven, attach so much importance to her and even chase after her so zealously.

Could it because her voice was so sweet and that she was beautiful? Or was it because of her strength? If strength was the reason, then the vice leader should have been Hou Wu. Li Yunmu could clearly see that Luo Noujie’s flux energy wasn’t that strong and she had only reached the initial second layer.

Apart from them, the second most powerful battle squad was formed of nine males and two females, a total of eleven students and was called "Lucky Star Battle Squad".

All the eleven students had already taken half a step past the first layer of Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple. When they could form their ordinary crystal battle armour, they would immediately enter the second layer!

The squad leader was a female known as Li Zi. She was an extremely beautiful woman with long legs, and among the batch of new fluxers, she could be considered as the prettiest. Her beauty was a grade above Li Yunmu’s childhood friend, Lin Li.

As for Liu Noujie, honestly speaking, her temperament wasn’t like that of a beautiful girl, rather, it was like a cute and sweet girl, which made everyone feel comfortable around her. Comparing both types was very difficult.

The third battle squad was an all women battle squad. Altogether, there were five people. This battle squad was called "Phoenix Battle Squad", good name, Li Yunmu didn’t feel any ridicule towards it.

The leader of the squad was Zhang Ying, who had entered the second layer and became a Black Crystal Flux Disciple. As for the other four girls, their strength was almost the same as Li Yunmu, all of them had only recently awakened and had mediocre strength.

As for the fourth battle squad, he he….. it was the one and only big bear battle squad, comprising of only big Xiong, brother thin, crooked teeth Qiang and Li Yunmu, four people.

The rules regarding going out required a squad to have at least five people, so they were currently missing one.

"Big Xiong, your squad doesn’t seem to have enough people and without the required members, you cannot go out of the castle."

When all was said and done, they were all from the same small city and had some sense of belonging and solidarity towards each other.

Although they would compete by mocking each other, but at crucial time, everyone became anxious:

"Why don’t you four break up into two groups and enter either the Phoenix battle squad or the lucky star battle squad?"

"Humph, who said my big bear battle squad doesn’t have enough people, there…..the last member just arrived."

Big Xiong and crooked Teeth Qiang suddenly turned red and focused their gaze outside the courtyard.

"This is…...external help?"

"Is this ok?"

"Wow, this older sister looks so beautiful, not only is she beautiful, she is also seems very cold, who is she?"

"Cough cough, I know her, she resembles the top student of the second highschool of the neighbouring Fenghua City, what was her name?"

"Oh that’s right, it was Ling Shuang."

Instantly, all the fellow students of the little courtyard were attracted to the cold and beautiful girl invited by big Xiong at the last moment.

Lucky Wind City’s neighbour, Fenghua City, in terms of strength, their rank was sixty positions higher than Lucky Wind City. Among the 136 cities under the control of Heavenly Cloud City, their strength belonged to the middle and their quality was much higher.

Although this girl called Ling Shuang was only the top student of Fenghua City’s second high school, most of the people present here had heard of her famous name. There wasn’t much difference between her battle strength and Lucky Wind City’s chief representative Luo Jin.

"How is it? Awesome, right? Who said my big bear battle squad doesn’t have enough people."

Big Xiong heartily laughed and went outside to welcome her with his friends.

"Holy Sh*t, big bear battle squad has invited outside help so brazenly, isn’t this a violation of the rules?"

"This isn’t acceptable, wouldn’t it imply that Lucky Wind City is a cheater!"

"Nonsense, who said we invited outside help. My elder sister has already become a member of our Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard."

Brother thin said astounding everyone.

"Your elder sister? Ling Shuang is your elder sister? When did she leave Fenghua Courtyard and became a member of our Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard?"

Even people like Luo Jin and Hou Wu were completely shocked in their heart.

"Just now."

After greeting big Xiong and his friends, Ling Shuang coldly walked past them and casually revealed the fluxer badge which had changed to the mark representing Lucky Wind City.

Initially, no one had expected that yesterday, when big Xiong couldn’t find the final person for his battle squad, four-eyed brother thin surprisingly invited his elder sister.

She didn’t get along with her father ever since she was young and later directly left her family and shifted to a neighbouring city to live. Thus, not many people knew that Ling Shuang and the four-eyed brother thin were step-siblings.

His elder sister had great influence, her innate talent was even higher than Luo Jin. Although she was only a Black Crystal Flux Disciple right now, some time ago, she had caught the eye of a formidable fluxer who had accepted her as a disciple. She had already studied two formidable battle skills and her battle strength couldn’t be considered to be lower than Luo Jin.

If Luo Jin’s father hadn’t been a Flux Master, then maybe his cultivation wouldn’t have been able to match this cold woman that was in front of them.

Li Yunmu was also startled, this kind of twist was completely out of his expectation. He didn’t dare to believe that four-eyed brother thin, this ugly joker, would surprisingly have such a beautiful and cold elder sister.

With the arrival of Ling Shuang, even Li Zi, who was previously considered as the most beautiful, couldn’t compare to her. Be it good looks, innate talent, strength or background, Li Zi couldn’t compare to her in any of these fields.

"Haha, so what if you enter their battle squad? A trash battle squad would still be trash. Even if God himself assisted these four trashes, he may not be able to endure for long."

Hou Wu, who was unfamiliar with Ling Shuang’s cold nature, sneered towards Li Yunmu, big Xiong and the others.

However, his words were also true. The strength of the Lucky Wind City battle squad was the strongest. With Luo Jin leading this team, even with Ling Shuang’s arrival, it was difficult to shake his authority.

As for people like Li Yunmu, they were clearly considered as pieces of trash to him.

Li Yunmu massaged the space between his brows, feeling a little headache. Wew, some people, why were they so fond of jumping around, regardless of their strength, they would be elated to jump around all the time.

However, he couldn’t be bothered with him. He knew that he clearly had no background and if he couldn’t bear with it now and showed all his cards, then he might not be able to keep the existence of the hack machine a secret.

On the contrary, Ling Shuang coming over had made his eyes shine brightly, getting a master?

Indeed, if he could apprentice himself to a formidable fluxer, then the Admiralty Cover, Copper Body Secrets, Insect Step and all his flux method battle skills would gain a justifiable source. In this instant, Li Yunmu finally found a way to protect his flux method battle skills.

"I don’t really care about becoming the chief of your little Lucky Wind City. After this trip is over, I will be returning back."

Ling Shuang coldly replied to Hou Wu. Under her ice-cold gaze, Hou Wu gradually began to avoid her line of sight.

This was the first time that Li Yunmu had seen the strong willed Hou Wu surprisingly being forced to back down under another person’s gaze, interesting, truly interesting!

Finally, Li Yunmu felt relieved. With this beautiful girl here, he wouldn’t have to play nanny and could quietly follow behind their ranks, he could work hard and slack off as he please. With his lazy temperament, he naturally does not want to exert himself, as for becoming the chief representative, to hell with it!

Just like how Ling Shuang didn’t care about the position of chief representative of this trifling Lucky Wind City, Li Yunmu also didn’t put this position in his eyes. With the hack machine, this elder bro was bound to stand at the peak of this hierarchy. As for the position of chief representative of fresh talents of a small city, pah, who the f*ck cared.

Having this authority was quite inferior to spending more time with the hack machine to practice killing monsters. Thinking of the hack machine, Li Yunmu immediately thought of the time remaining for the system to update the locations. There were about eight hours left, in other words…..after eight more hours, he would be able to kill monsters in the Fifth Dimension?

Even if there had only been a trace of the possibility of this being true, Li Yunmu was unable to suppress the excitement in his heart. He was looking forward to it with great expectations.

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