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Chapter 27: Big Bear Battle Squad Seeking Death

Chapter 27: Big Bear Battle Squad Seeking Death

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Heavenly Cloud City’s steel castle had 136 transmission gateways in total, with each gateway belonging to one of the cities under its control.

When every one of the Cloud Castle simultaneously sensed a firm jolt in the whole Cloud Castle, they understood that after travelling in the sky for months, the Cloud Castle has finally stopped temporarily on the ground.

"I heard that the reason for stopping this time is for newly awakened fluxers to gain experience."

"Yeah, time sure passes very quickly, one year has passed in the blink of an eye. I wonder whether our Cloud Castle has produced any exceptional talents this year."

"Haha, I am from Darkseid City, I don’t know about exceptional geniuses from other cities but my Darkseid City has Wang Ming this year. His talent and strength would certainly be considered among the top 5 within the new fluxers for this year’s Heavenly Cloud City.

"Holy Sh*t, your Darkseid City always produces someone who lands in the top 10. I hope my Bright Rainbow City also produces someone who can render good military achievements."

The residents of the Cloud Castle discussed and sighed with hope in their hearts. They knew that from the instant the Cloud Castle stopped on the ground, the once a year ranking of cities according to the military success of the freshmen would begin.

Not only for the 136 cities under Heavenly Cloud City, by chance, all the other six secondary cities of the Central Continent decided to hold the competition for the ranking of the cities under their governance on this day.

The ranking of all the cities being governed would determine the support and natural resources supplied to them by the seven secondary cities.

If ranked in front, the small city would obtain more resources and vigorous support from their respective secondary city which was governing them. Obtaining ample support and backing would also affect the treatment and benefits received by that small city.

It could also be said that this once a year ranking of Central Continent’s small cities would involve the interests of thousands upon thousands of people. Regardless of whether they were ordinary people or fluxers, everyone’s benefits were bundled together as a prize.

Next, the massive hangers fell heavily on the ground, forming suspension bridges to enter and exit the city. Next instant, all the new Flux Disciples of Heavenly Cloud City started off on their journey from every direction of the enormous castle successively and spread out like ten thousand stampeding horses, stepping foot into the wilderness area of the Fifth Dimension.

Meanwhile, behind every city’s troops, there was a fist-sized flying eye that was following them. Throughout the whole journey, it was slowly flying behind them, watching each and every movement of the troops from all cities.

Even members of Lucky Wind City weren't an exception!

"Wow, what’s this flying tool? It has been observing us this whole time."

Many people within the procession, including Li Yunmu, were interested in this little flying tool which has been following them closely.

"It is alliance’s most advanced invention, the dimensional space eye. Don’t look down on its small size, it really takes an immense amount of money to produce one, with its constructing cost surpassing 100 million dimensional coins."

Among the group from Lucky Wind City, one rather knowledgeable and handsome male student explained.

"Holy cow, more than 100 million dimensional coins? Don’t tell me it can only be made from the root dimensional stone?"

Big Xiong, crooked teeth Qiang, brother thin and others all exclaimed in succession.

Even if they were from wealthy families, upon hearing such a high construction cost, they were completely stunned. More than 100 million dimensional coins, apart from the large families and some formidable people in the alliance, who could fork out such a large sum? Let alone mention the fact that the alliance has dispatched one such flying eye for every city among the 136 cities under the governance of Cloud Castle.

"Your words are correct, this kind of thing can only be made from the original dimensional stone, it can follow us to record us and broadcast it in all the major cities on the Central Continent. Therefore, you all should control yourself, otherwise, the whole of the Central Continent will think that the people of our Lucky Wind City are country bumpkins who don’t have any etiquette."

Hou Wu scoffed and reminded everyone.

When everyone learned that since the beginning, every movement made by them was being broadcasted over the entire Central Continent, they immediately controlled themselves. But Li Yunmu whined in his heart, what was the deal with this surveillance?

If this dimensional space eye continues to follow and observe them during the entire journey, how could he use his hack secretly?

Fortunately, as he was being anxious about it, he soon discovered that his foresight to enter the big bear battle squad was an incomparably wise decision.

This was because the single dimensional space eye only observed the big bear battle squad’s delta thunder god war chariot for some time before it focused solely on the Lucky Wind City Battle Squad led by Luo Jin.

Clearly, the government had realized that the group representing Lucky Wind City’s main battle force was not this nouveau riche squad, rather, it was the seven-man group formed of the Lucky Wind City’s elites and was led by Luo Jin.

Within half a day, these 27 people, divided into four groups and entered the wilderness of the Great Lamu River Zone. All of them assembled into a circle with mutual understanding, linking their hands, all of them loudly yelled:

"Do your best!"

Immediately, all of them felt their hearts racing for a moment. This time’s journey to cultivate outside was not only for the individual to gain experience and cultivate, but also the chance for their hometown to get good rank and fame. The hopes of the entire Lucky Wind City was on the shoulders of these 27 youngsters.

Even if there was a lot of internal struggle among them, the moment they set foot in this wasteland, everyone has set aside their grievances, understanding that unity of will was an impregnable stronghold.

"Good, I hope that we can seize a good rank for Lucky Wind City this year. Let’s start now!"

Luo Jin raised his fist to raise their morale and immediately left with his Lucky Wind City Battle Squad’s seven people in the direction they had chosen. The direction chosen by them was the drainage basin of Great Lamu River.

The direction of Lamu River was also the one where the highest concentration of dimensional beasts and monsters could be found. Moreover, the strength of the monsters also increases as they move closer to the river. Only squads as strong as Luo Jin’s battle squad would deliberately choose that location for cultivation.

As soon as the Lucky Wind City Battle Squad led by Luo Jin left, the space eye suspended in the air stayed in place for a few more breaths before following them. When Li Yunmu saw this, he secretly sighed in relief. It was not because his mental tolerance was very weak, but because of the fact that he had lots of secrets on him which couldn’t be seen by others.

"Take care, everyone."

Immediately after Luo Jin’s battle squad left, Li Zi bid her farewell and quickly led her lucky star battle squad towards the frozen forest of this wasteland.

"Tch, although Li Zi is beautiful, she doesn’t even have Luo Jin’s battle strength and yet she could casually attract a group of powerful knights, it really is the age of good-looking people."

Big Xiong couldn’t help but comment enviously after seeing Li Zi and her group advancing towards the direction of the frozen forest.

"Hehe, brother big Xiong, little sister doesn’t have a war chariot so she shall take her leave first."

Zhang Ying smiled sweetly and chose the direction of the vast wilderness plains. The Phoenix Battle Squad was formed of five women and could be considered as relatively weak. The cultivation location chosen by Zhang Ying could be considered pretty good as the vast wilderness plains had a comparatively sparse concentration of monsters, perfect for them to gain experience.

"Let’s go, everyone has left and it’s time for us to leave too."

Seeing that big Xiong was still in a daze after Zhang Ying sweetly called him brother big Xiong, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but sternly remind him.

"Eh, haha, yes, let’s go, my dear thunder god war chariot....start moving."

Seeing the other three battle squads moving farther and farther away from them, big bear battle squad finally started their journey. But Li Yunmu almost coughed up blood upon seeing that the direction that they were headed in was the most famous location of the Great Lamu River Zone known as the Mountain Ridge.

"Hey, aren’t we moving towards the wrong direction?"

"Don’t worry, we are going in the direction that this elder brother has chosen for cultivation."

"But this seems like the direction for the dwarf witches’ territory?"

Before they came out, Li Yunmu had especially studied a lot about the Great Lamu River zone, the Mountain Ridge--your mother, this could be considered as the most difficult location in Great Lamu River Zone.

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