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Chapter 28: Cheating

Chapter 28: Cheating

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The Mountain Ridge was occupied by an extremely unique type of monster, which had a huge difference compared to normal monsters.

These dwarf witch monsters belonged to the hominin category of monsters. Any monsters that were categorised as hominin monsters, had formed a society due to necessity, as well as had a certain amount of wisdom. Usually, these types of monsters loved to gather and survive together.

The Mountain Ridges of the Great Lamu River Zone was basically occupied by a large number of dwarf witch tribes. Although they weren't extremely formidable, they absolutely hated humans. Sometimes, they would group together and rush forward, making it certain that even heavens themselves cannot save their target.

Now, big Xiong, this rich kid, surprisingly wants to rush into the territory of the dwarf witch tribe? Li Yunmu genuinely couldn’t decide whether he should exclaim in admiration for big Xiong being so brave or be afraid of him for being ignorant and fearless.

"My friend, we have already calculated everything. We have this thunder god war chariot as a vehicle, moreover, we also have an expert like my sister, so we can always flee at the first signs of danger."

Brother thin explained while pushing back his spectacles.

"Yes, the monsters at the Great Lamu River Zone are scattered, we have also researched properly and only this Mountain Ridge area has dwarf witches. It is the best place to quickly rack up contribution points as the strength of a single dwarf witch is trash, but they have a large population. Ha ha ha, I can already see contribution points piling in front of us...."

Crooked teeth Qiang had already started to daydream.

"Yeah, right!"

Li Yunmu rolled his eyes, since these three morons weren't afraid, it didn’t make sense for him, who has Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secrets, as well as an entire set of battle soldier equipment in his badge, to be so afraid. After thinking about it, Li Yunmu instantly calmed down.

Moreover, big Xiong and his friends had also properly researched their facts, a single dwarf witch was very weak and their numbers were abundant. Maybe this really was a paradise where he could kill monsters using the hack machine safely.

Li Yunmu was sitting in the 3rd row of the war chariot, he subconsciously glanced towards Ling Shuang who sitting on the side. Ling Shuang acutely sensed his gaze on her and coldly said:

"Don’t look at me, I can only deal with black crystal grade monsters at most."

A trace of helplessness flickered on the face of four-eyed brother thin. He was extremely fearful of his step-sister. Throughout the whole journey, apart from excitedly quarrelling with big Xiong, who was piloting the thunder god war chariot, brother thin had remained extremely quiet, not daring to talk loudly. Though crooked teeth Qiang usually went to the back from time to time to chat with Li Yunmu, while talking, he would constantly steal a glance at Ling Shuang.

The delta thunder god war chariot was indeed worthy of belonging to the 12th generation of all-terrain war chariots. Its two huge battle wheels passed over all kinds of mountains ridges with extremely quick speed and within less than half a day, they had entered deep into Lamu River Basin’s depths and finally arrived at the Mountain Ridges.

"It really is a magnificent mountain. The Fifth Dimension is huge, which really makes it worth looking forward to."

The war chariot carrying five people stopped at the hill with a high elevation. All of them were trying their best to survey as far as they could.

How large was the fifth dimension? It is said that until now, humanity still doesn’t have any specific measurements. In other words, it could be described to be as far as the eye can see.

Compared to the real Earth, it was an enormous existence.

For a long time, it had been the dream of humanity to conquer the dimensional boundary and gain more layers of survival space for humans. But just after a few generations, these great people discovered that they were too full of themselves.

There was a saying in the Fifth Dimension:

"Killing the endless dimensional beasts eternally, investigating the endlessly extensive boundary eternally."

This saying accurately depicted this dimension. The dimensional beasts don’t go extinct even after countless of them had been killed, this was because every time they were completely removed, after a certain amount of time passes, these dimensional beasts would appear again. But if they were not killed, then their numbers would certainly grow exponentially.

If the number of dimensional beasts in this dimension crosses the limit, then it would also influence the true dimension of the Earth, as the surplus dimensional beasts could pass through the dimensional crevice and reach the Earth.

Up till this date, humanity still couldn’t find the answer as to what kind of beings these dimensional beasts were and where do they came from. But there was a certain fixed rule which everyone knew, and that was, within a dimension, the regulations of the world would only allow beings under a certain level of strength to exist.

Organisms with strength that was higher than the limit couldn’t enter the dimension, but if some organism with strength surpassing the limit was born, then it would suffer punishment from the dimension itself.

For example, the most formidable dimensional beast or monster which could appear in the fifth dimension could be at the rainbow crystal grade at the strongest. Moreover, this also applies to fluxers, in case someone exceeding the strength of a Flux Disciple enters, then that fluxer would be punished by the dimension.

At this moment, the land under Li Yunmu and their feet seemed to have undergone great changes. The mountain ridge wilderness was covered with large trees that intermingled with each other and the extensively large land doesn’t seem to have any signs of humans.

The Great Lamu River Zone was indeed a pretty good choice for new fluxers to gain experience. For most of the places, the fluxers wouldn’t encounter more than one dimensional beasts within an 8-10 miles radius, except for some specially marked regions. For instance, the Mountain Ridge where everyone was present right now.

"Finally, we have reached our destination. Is everyone ready? Our contribution points are waiting for us."

Big Xiong loudly laughed and began to throw away the survivor battle armour, followed by brother thin. Crooked Qiang also faintly smiled and followed them and removed his survivor battle armour.

Then all three of them held a small storage badge and took out a silver coloured box from within.

"This is…..?"

Li Yunmu was startled for a moment by the sudden transformation of these people, but very quickly, he became shocked after discovering that crooked Qiang pushed the handle on the faceplate of the silver base box and activate it.

"Hunter silver base equipment?"

Li Yunmu blurted.

"He he, you actually know about this."

Crooked Qiang flashed a wicked smile.

Holy F*cking Sh*t!

When Li Yunmu saw the silver base equipment appear, his heart seemed to have been crushed into thousand pieces. How much money did these three freaks invest to obtain contribution points? To the extent that it could make people go berserk and cause their hairs to stand up in anger.

The manufacturing cost of a low-grade hunter silver base equipment in the Alliance was around 150,000 dimensional coins.

As if sensing Li Yunmu’s doubts, crooked teeth Qiang complacently raised his head, flinging back his hair and said:

"Mine is peak grade, so the manufacturing cost is 450,000 dimensional coins."

These words had barely come out of crooked teeth Qiang’s mouth when he moved the key to activate the base. In an instant, the silver base immediately turned into a ball of liquid quicksilver. Starting from his palms, it spread over his whole body.

After several tens of second had passed, a whole body of metal armour appeared in front of Li Yunmu, a fully armed soldier which completely stupefied him in one look.

Isn’t this cheating...good god!

Now, he finally understood why these three dared to court disaster by entering Mountain Ridges. He even realized why they had chosen to go to the extent of inviting Ling Shuang to enter their battle squad., The reason for all their actions was to choose the best possible location for cheating.

This was only the first day, was this also allowed?

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