Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: What Inside Story was There?

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“Little Chuxi, where did you go to play? Aunt Wang said you went to look for me. Why didn’t I even see your shadow?” The moment she stepped into the door, the old man sitting in the hall turned and said smilingly. Although he said that on the surface, his tone contained no blame whatsoever.

“I went to look for a place with good fengshui to cultivate, and was enlightened.” Ling Chuxi said with a light laugh.

The Second Elder was stunned. Looking at Ling Chuxi’s smile, he was really stunned. It had been a long time since he last saw Ling Chuxi smiling like this. And this kind of mischievous tone, this, was it really Chuxi?

“Second Elder~~ what did you bring me this time?” Ling Chuxi ran over with a smile on her face, and sat down beside the second elder.

“Little Chuxi, you…” the second elder had yet to recover from his daze.

“I was pushed into the water by Qin Yumei and almost drowned to death. I have figured it out, I will no longer be cowardly. I won’t let those people bully me like that anymore. I want to become stronger! I will work harder in my cultivation.” Ling Chuxi’s smile disappeared, replaced by a determined face looking at the second elder. “However, Second Elder, don’t pursue this matter. She will not admit to it. Pursuing this matter will affect the relationship between the Ling family and the Qin family.”

The second elder was first anger, then surprised and finally, gratified. Anger was because Qin Yumei had actually dared to bully Ling Chuxi. Surprised because of Ling Chuxi’s strong words of wanting to become stronger! Gratified because Ling Chuxi did not make him pursue the matter with Qin Yumei. If this matter was pursued, it indeed would affect the Qin family and the Ling family’s relations.

Especially at this critical juncture, as the Ling family was no longer as glorious as before. It had slowly been weakening over these few years. The Qin family and the Luo family had already climbed over the Ling family’s head. If things continued, the Ling family will be swallowed sooner or later. The Qin family’s interest in having marriage alliances had caused the Ling family, who had the weakest power, to naturally feel very happy and were full of anticipation.

“Little Chuxi, you have been wronged…” the second elder lightly sighed after some time, and reached out to gently pat Ling Chuxi’s head.

“It’s fine. You have also suffered, Second Elder.” Ling Chuxi looked at the white-haired second elder with some lament. The second elder had always been worried about the family clan’s matters, and had truly suffered.

“Come, little girl, let me check your pulse.” The second elder reached out his hand, indicating his intention.

Ling Chuxi obligingly stretched out her hand and let the second elder check her pulse. Whilst checking her pulse, the second elder’s forehead wrinkled, and a hardly noticeable frustration and disappointment flashed across his eyes. All these were caught on by the sensitive Ling Chuxi.

“The red bumps on your face are nothing serious. Pay attention to your diet, and rest more. Don’t think too much. When you grow older, they will naturally recover.” The second elder put away his hand and assured her. Towards the matter of Ling Chuxi’s meridians being suppressed, he did not say a word. Obviously he did not notice it. After checking her pulse, it should be the disappointment towards her cultivation results. It’s no surprise, Ling Chuxi’s current abilities were indeed very bad.

However, the second elder who was known as the Little Holy Hand in this town was actually unable to figure out that the red bumps on her face was due to the fact that she had been mildly poisoned? For this matter, Ling Chuxi did not believe. If the second elder knew, why did he not say it out? What exactly was the inside story?

“Second Elder, when cultivating these two days, I kept feeling that my meridians were very congested. The moment the Battle Qi reached certain meridians, they could no longer move. Why is that so?” Ling Chuxi asked as if to probe. The matter of her meridians being suppressed, Ling Chuxi wanted to know whether the second elder was truly unable to figure it out.

The second elder gentle gathered his brows, and his face was a little awkward. He replied gently after thinking, “Little girl, being hardworking would help you overcome your weaknesses. You have to work harder and there will be a day where you will see the success. Don’t be lazy, remember to work hard.”

Indeed, the second elder was unable to notice that her meridians were actually being suppressed. Instead he thought that she had naturally low aptitude, using words like working hard to overcome weaknesses to comfort her.

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