Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Bullying for a Bit

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It’d be weird if working hard could overcome weakness! This is aptitude. Even a hundred years of hard work would not change a thing. This problem had to have a solution.

“Also, in three months, the clan will recommend people to the White Stone Academy. Work hard and try to pass the clan’s assessment and join the academy’s examination.” When the second elder was saying this, he himself was a little lacking in confidence. Therefore, he did not dare to look at Ling Chuxi in the eye. With Ling Chuxi’s aptitude, she wouldn’t even pass the clan’s innate talent assessment, not to mention White Stone Academy’s examination.

White Stone Academy? Ling Chuxi blinked her eyes and dug out the information from her memories. White Stone Academy! A place where many talents have been generated. This academy was top 5 in the whole nation! The teachers were strong. Once one had entered the academy, one could improve very quickly. Therefore, a lot of people wanted to get into the academy. Anyone who was between the age of 16 and 20 could participate in the annual examinations. Regardless of family status, as long as one could pass the examinations, one could enter the academy for studies.

Before the Ling family recommend the disciples of the clan to participate in the White Stone Academy, there would first be an assessment. The assessment would be based on innate talent. If their innate talent was not good, they would not allow them to participate in the White Stone Academy’s examination, lest they be embarrassed.

“Mm, alright, Second Elder. I will definitely work hard. I believe I will definitely be able to pass the assessment and examination!” said Ling Chuxi’s with a face full of determination and her fist raised in excitement. Then as hoped, she saw the second elder looking as if he was constipated, her heart brimming with happiness. ‘Hmmph! Horrible old man. Only know how to blindly comfort people, now are you feeling very conflicted? Sometimes, this kind of white lies are even more hurtful.’

“Alright, you, you work hard. There will definitely be success.” The second elder’s face looked even more constipated, his tangled brows looked as if they were going to wrinkle into one.

Ling Chuxi nodded her head with enthusiasm, her face looking incredibly serious, but her heart was full of laughter. Bullying this old fashioned old man was not that bad. Let him feel conflicted for a bit, haha. But!!! She will not let herself continue being such a weakling. In this martial art advocating world, where the strong was respected, being weak was no good thing.

“Alright. This time I brought back some things for you. If you are lacking in anything, just ask from Third Elder, alright?” the second elder pointed to the bundle on the table and said, “Come, take a look to see if you like them.”

“Yes, thank you Second Elder.” Ling Chuxi nodded with a smile on her face whilst her hands opened the bundle. The moment she opened it, she saw that there were some books, ink and paper etc, and some sewing materials, for embroidery inside. Ling Chuxi’s face fell. The books could be kept, but what do these sewing materials mean?

“Little girl, when you are free, you can take a look at the books, embroider some flowers or whatnot right? This is also good.” The second elder carefully said when he saw Ling Chuxi’s face fall. After checking her pulse earlier on, he had already found out that Ling Chuxi’s cultivation had no improvements whatsoever.

Ling Chuxi naturally knew what the second elder was thinking. It should be: since she has no innate talent for cultivation, why not learn something else. Next time when she weds she could assist her husband and teach her children!


Ling Chuxi harrumphed in her heart. She will definitely find a way to solve the problem of her meridians being suppressed.

The second elder stayed back to eat, and gave some instructions to Ling Chuxi before leaving.

Ling Chuxi did not leave the house the whole afternoon. She was sorting out her thoughts. First, she must make herself stronger. You need to know that in her memory, the people who bullied her was not only Qin Yumei alone!

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