Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Reclaiming What Belongs to Her

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There were still those disgusting dirty men, admirers of Qin Yumei who had bullied Ling Chuxi. Secondly, she needed to quickly get rid of the suppression on her meridians and start cultivating! As for the third elder’s side, she had to find a way to let him return all the money and goods he had seized. With money, things would be easily done. Unclogging her meridians would require the use of silver needles. Those also need to be bought by money! The house was currently flat broke.

Ling Chuxi counted the days with her fingers, it seemed that her elder brother would be sending things back within these two days. Need to find a way to not only to bring back all the things from this time, but also to reclaim everything from the previous times.

Two days later, Ling Chuxi went to the Ling family’s Ancestral Court. ‘Today I must absolutely make Third Elder spit out everything he secretly seized, and even more.’

The Ling family’s Ancestral Court was the place where a few people with high positions lived. For example, the five elders. For example, the Ling family’s strong disciples. For example, it used to be her home when Ling Chuxi’s parents were still around. Ling Chuxi was currently alone without support and her abilities were minuscule, she was not eligible to live in the ancestral court. This was a very cruel rule.

There were some blemishes on the Ancestral Court’s two live-looking lion statues, it was as if it was indicating the gradual fall of the Ling family. Although the Ling family had been slowly weakening, they still had a base. The Ancestral Court is still so spacious, revealing its dignity.

Ling Chuxi walked into the Ancestral Court and someone immediately stopped her.

“Miss Chuxi, do you have any matters here?” Although the servant called her miss, the disdain towards Ling Chuxi was obvious to see.

“Do what matters I have need you, a person with a different family name, to interfere?” Ling Chuxi sneered and replied unkindly. These servants who stepped on others to gain power were incredibly hateful.

The person who was holding her back was stunned and stared at Ling Chuxi with a face full of disbelief. Was this the Ling Chuxi who usually mumbled to herself with her head down whenever she walks? To actually use this kind of tone, it was almost as if it was a different person. (You found out the truth, but nobody would believe you even if you told them)

“Where is Third Elder?” Ling Chuxi asked coldly.

“In, in the study. First Elder and Fifth Elder are there too.” The servant recovered and quickly replied. Ling Chuxi’s attitude earlier on had shocked him.

Ling Chuxi no longer bothered about him, and went directly to the study. At the door of the study, the door was not closed and she saw that First Elder, Third Elder, and Fifth Elder were discussing some matters. Ling Chuxi lightly knocked on the door. These three old men looked towards her at the same time.

The third elder coldly looked at Ling Chuxi, and his smiling face changed, his eyes containing disdain and impatience. The first elder, Ling Yuanlong on the other hand had a kind face. “Ling Chuxi, are there any matters?” The fifth elder blinked, dazed. “This little girl, is called Ling Chuxi? O, it is the one whose elder brother was taken away by a master?” Obviously, the fifth elder did not know her, but only thought of such a person after hearing what the first elder said.

However, when Ling Chuxi heard what the fifth elder said, her heart gave him a ‘like’. ‘Fifth Elder, you are such a good person. I haven’t even started talking and you brought up the topic to include my brother. You said it out first, that is just too good!’

“Greetings First Elder, Third Elder, Fifth Elder.” Ling Chuxi slightly bent her waist, giving respects without being too arrogant nor too humble.

“Mm, not bad. This little girl may be a little ugly, but understands manners well.” The fifth elder said with a big smile.

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