Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: You Did Not Discuss I

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“Ahem!” The first elder stared at the fifth elder and coughed twice. This bastard fifth brother, always spoke from his heart. Some words should not be said, yet the moment he opened his mouth, everything came out! Aren’t all the troubles more than enough? Every time he created a scene, he still required himself to clean up his mess.

Ling Chuxi on the other hand did not mind. After all, her current looks were indeed quite ugly.

“Ah, haha, ahahah, no, no. This little girl is quite obedient. Come in. Is anything the matter?” The fifth elder received his eldest brother’s warning, and immediately changed the topic with a dry laugh. In hindsight, he also realized that his words were indeed inappropriate.

“Chuxi, what did you come here for? We are a little busy, and are discussing some important matters. If you have any problems, do quickly let me know.” The third elder was smiling kindly while saying. “Later on I will ask someone to send you some food and for the winter clothing, I will ask someone to give you two sets. You little child, do not have it easy.”

Ling Chuxi sneered in her heart. Look, this third elder said such beautiful words. What did he mean ‘send more’? Did he even ask anyone to send anything over this month? And those two sets of clothes, with the money her eldest brother asked people to bring over, it would suffice even if she bought a hundred sets.

“It’s like this. First Elder, yesterday I turned sixteen, and am also grown up. For my own matters, I feel that I can make my own decisions.” Ling Chuxi smiled at the third elder kindly, but felt disgusted in her heart. This fellow was not some kind-hearted person, but rather just a despicable villain who knew how to sweet talk but had all kinds of evil plans. As for turning 16 yesterday, that was just bollocks. She did not even remember when her birthday was, and simply made it up. After all, these people would not possibly know or remember when her birthday was.

“O? You are already sixteen? Time flies.” The first elder spoke in surprise.

“O, then, you would like to make your own decision to marry someone?” The fifth elder spoke and successfully obtained an eye-roll from the first elder. He immediately shut up.

“Of course not.” Ling Chuxi’s lips twitched and squeezed out a smile. “It’s like this, every time eldest brother asks people to bring back money, the third elder has been taking care of it for me, worried that I might simply spend it. I am really grateful that Third Elder could be so considerate towards me. Third Elder really worried himself over us juniors. Third Elder, you have really worked hard.” Ling Chuxi said it with such sincerity and gratitude. After she finished speaking, she even bowed solemnly.

The first elder was taken aback, then looked gratified at Ling Chuxi. “Yes, Chuxi, it is really not bad that you know how to be grateful.”

“Yes, not bad, not bad. Although this girl…” the fifth elder almost spoke too fast and said ‘although she was a little ugly’, but the words were swallowed back when he realized the words were at the tip of his tongue.

The third elder however felt an ominous hunch surge forth.

Indeed, the next line Ling Chuxi said left him looking constipated.

“However, I have grown up. There is no longer a need for Third Elder to work so hard. The house also needs to buy quite a few things. I still want to buy some clothes for Aunt Wang. Winter is just around the corner.” Ling Chuxi’s expression was one of understanding. “A few days back, I received a message Eldest Brother requested someone to bring them to me. Eldest Brother said this time he brought back a thousand gold taels, and previously it was also the same amount. On top of that there were quite a few elixirs and a skill manual!”

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