Shura's Wrath

Chapter 4: Little Sisters with Big Brothers Really are Blessed

“Oh?” A hint of interest in Ling Chen’s eyes.

Yun Feng calmed his expression, breathing out a light sigh: “Here’s how it is… Like you I have a little sister, younger than me by 2 years. Maybe, you people think that the life of the upper class people would be luxurious and rich… Yes, often time we are easily able to obtain what others couldn’t even hope to, but, there are also a lot of things that others can easily gain that we are destined to walk away from… like our marriage. In this regard, under the influence of the countless chains of benefit, we essentially have no freedom.

Ling Chen: “…”

“My little sister’s name is Yun Meng Xin, three years ago, the eldest son of a very powerful political family set his eyes on her, swearing in front of my father and his that he would marry nobody but her. That family really has a lot of power, if our families could link together, it would be of great help towards our family. At the time, this for my father, and for the family’s elders was a huge surprise, my father promised on the spot to marry over Meng Xin when she turned 21… and so, my sister’s marriage was decided like that, without asking for her opinion… and without the need to.”

“You sister doesn’t want to?” Ling Chen asked. To allow for the Yun family financial group to value so greatly this marriage, even feeling overwhelmed, exactly how great is this families power? He also thought of silently, if his own sister Shui Ruo was forcefully engaged in such a manner… Thinking up to there, his gaze grew cold, a strong killing intent flashing across his eyes.

A random chill made Yun Feng shiver unnaturally, he felt his forehead, not thinking too much about it: “More than just unwilling, she’d practically rather die. At the time her reaction wasn’t so strong, but over the years she had been observing this person, really if you look at his looks, his family background, his ability, the behavior that he displays, he could almost be considered a perfect human. But, that person is very conniving, and completes objectives at any cost, a ruthless figure… especially, he only sees women as playthings. My sister 100% refuses to spend the remainder of her life with such a person, strongly fighting against this marriage. But my parents along with all of the family’s elders are set on the marriage, they would never listen to her… If the marriage is successful, it would bring the clan great benefits that would continue for many years, if unsuccessful… it might even bring about revenge from that clan. Under such a contrast, why would they even pay attention to my sister’s protests… Ultimately, all they think of my sister as is a trading product that can bring about huge benefits.

“How does this have any connections as to why you want me to join a gaming guild in 《Mystic Moon》?” Ling Chen asked,

“There is, there is a huge relation.” Yun Feng quickly said: “Because, that guild is founded by my sister, that is her last hope of fighting against the marriage… though, it’s just that before meeting you, the chances were very slim.”

“You’re saying?”

“My sister’s personality has always been stubborn since she was little, under her increasingly intense resistance… one month ago, she and my father made a bet. A bet that for her, was essentially impossible for her to win. The conditions were set by my father, he said, if my sister could garner a reputation and fortune that could rival the entire Yun family financial group within two years, then , he will recognize that she has the power and freedom to decide her own future, no one will be able to interfere with her life anymore, if not, then she has to quietly follows the arrangements of the clan, marrying that person two years later, not allowed to have any complaints or resistance.”

“The Yun family financial group has used at least 100 years to develop to its current state. To think that your father wants a girl to reach such a height within two year, who knew there was such a shameless bet in the world.” Ling Chen gave a laugh of disdain.

“Indeed, not only that, everyone in the clan… including me, including all financial and political relations are not permitted to give her any financial help or conveniences., everything has to depend on her. The reason my father did so, really was so that my sister would give up all hope. But, that stubborn little sister of mine… sill agreed. The family cut off all her sources of income. Her final decision, and what could be said as her only choice, is the about to open world of 《Mystic Moon》. Speaking to the end, Yun Feng’s face revealed a pained expression. He couldn’t forget how his dearest little sister would always show a strong, stubborn… yet deeply hidden lost and helpless expression.

“You want me to help your little sister?” At this point, Ling Chen now completely understood the reason Yun Feng approached him.

“Yes.” Yun Feng nods his head.

“Allowing her to have a fortune and reputation equal the Yun family financial group within 2 years, you think just because of me it can be done?” Ling Chen asked without expression.

“I believe you can… If there is only one person in the entire world who can do it, I believe, it can only be you.” Yun Feng said solemnly.

“And you believe me that much? Just how much do you understand me? Simply because you saw that battle three years ago against Xia Wa?”

“I believe my eyesight, I especially believe in my ability to judge people. To be honest, having you join my sister’s guild, I also have my own motives… I’ve always want to witness once more the figure that you displayed, allowing everyone to know that we China have a god class player who is equal to Xia Wa, making the western players no longer able to look down on us… Three years, this dream of mine has never gone away.” Speaking to the last part, Yun Feng’s eyes became more and more fervent. (TL: Such nationalism, it almost brings a tear to my eyes.)

Ling Chen’s incredibly acute hearing picked up the breathing that was becoming a bit less even in the next room. He knew that the sleeping Shui Ruo was already awake. He said: “I understand now, at the right time, take me to see her, I will join her guild, and then help her as you wished.”

“Okay!!” Yun Feng nods his head, so excited that the palm of his hands were covered in sweat. He stuck his hands in his pocket, taking out a tightly sealed metallic little box, placing it in front of Ling Chen; “Inside is the 13223 drug, the code is 08177180, I swear on my pride and honor, it is absolutely not fake.”

The little metallic box was held within Ling Chen’s hands, Yun Feng could clearly see his hands trembling excitedly, he was holding the box so carefully, as if it was a brittle piece of glass that would break if touched.

He truly saw his sister as more important than his life… Even though she is infected with a terminal disease, her father dead, but with a brother like this, she is still happy. Yun Feng sillently thought.

Ling Chen lifted his head, looking at Yun Feng, the coldness in his eyes gone, he asked: “Giving it to me right now, are you not afraid that I will go back on my promise, are you not afraid that I am a bad person, who will repay your kindness with evil?”

Yun Feng smiled: “An apex master who can fight evenly with Xia Wa, a person that can take care of his Isrock infected sister without ever leaving her side, would he be a promise breaking, ungrateful low life? I believe you, and believe my eyesight and heart.”

Ling Chen stood up, extending his hand towards Yun Feng, giving him an absolute promise: “You will not regret the words that you said today.”

Yun Feng extended his hand and grasped Ling Chen’s, gaining his promise, his heart was very excited: “I too believe, I will not regret today’s decision.”

“But, before this, I have two additional conditions.” Ling Chen said.


Ling Chen’s expression became serious again: “First, even though I will join your sister’s guild, I will not meet her irl, I will also not use my true face to meet people, you also cannot tell anyone anything related to me. I don’t want the peace of me and my sister to be disturbed.”

“No problem.” Yun Feng patted his chest saying, Before coming here, He already thought that Ling Chen would have such a request. He believed that with his ability, if he entered the world of 《Mystic Moon》, his name would for sure spread across the entire world within a short time, if he didn’t hide his identity, his life would not be peaceful. Maybe he can disregard it, but based on the level of care he has for his sister, he would for sure not allow such a thing to happen.

“Secondly, me and my sister will join the guild together.” Lig Chen continued saying.

“This… obviously this is even less of of problem.” Yun Feng let out a small breath of relief. The two conditions that Ling Chen proposed couldn’t even be considered conditions. Adding an additional person, he couldn’t be happier. “Give me a strand of you and your sister’s hair or something, this afternoon, I will personally bring over the gaming equipment. Oh right, do you guys prefer a necklace or bracelet?”

The gaming equipment for 《Mystic Moon》 was split as two types, necklace and bracelet. You can directly put it around your neck or wear it on your wrist, the appearance is that of a small, intricate accessory. When gaming there is no need for internet connection, no need for any complicated controls, when gaming all you need to do is lie flat, and then close your eyes saying the command to enter the game. At the same time, the gaming device does not need to be recharged, even if you are in the game 24/7, the internal charge is more than enough to last 50 years and above.

“Bracelet.” Ling Chen replied.

“OK!” Yun Feng snapped his fingers. Initially he came her e nervous, but the process was more successful than he anticipated, he not only gained Ling Chen’s acceptance, but also his promise… Accepting and a promise, those are to entirely different concepts. All of it, originated from the love that Ling Chen had towards his sister that surpassed everything. Of course, there is also the unconditional trust that he demonstrated towards Ling Chen.

“That um, can I have your number?”

“… Don’t have one.”

“Oh, ok, I’ll deliver two cellphones on the side in the afternoon, don’t worry, it will the one’s where the electromagnetic radiation is so small that you can completely ignore it .”

Taking over the DNA samples that Ling Chen gave, Yun Feng looked at the time, standing up saying: “Then, I will go prepare right now. I believe that you can save my sister… and will make the entire world change their expression because of us China.”

Ling Chen smiled: “Go do what you need to.”

Walking Yun Feng out of the house, from beginning to end, Ling Chen was always carefully holding the metallic box that carried the 13223 drug, as if scared that the moment it left his hands it would disappear. Seeing Yun Feng out the door, as he was about to return, Yun Feng suddenly turned around, and then slowly said a sentence: “Sigh, little sisters with big brother’s really are blessed.”

Ling Chen: “…”

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