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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Seven Fairy Sisters!

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Ye Chen cultivated for 10 hours and entered the advanced stage of the Qi refining realm in 10 hours?

What kind of talent was this?

They did not dare to imagine it.

At this moment, shock appeared on Zhao Xiyao’s proud little face.

Ten hours to enter the advanced stage of the Qi refining realm. After all, it took her a month to enter the advanced stage of the Qi refining realm, and little junior brother…

Zhao Xiyao’s little face turned slightly red. Then, finally, she snorted and turned her head away.

“Little junior brother, you’re amazing!” Miaohan carried Ye Chen up.

Ye Chen’s face instantly turned red.

“Little junior brother, why are you still shy? Why weren’t you shy last night?” Miaohan saw Ye Chen’s red face and immediately smiled.

Saint Mother Immortal Jade looked at the disciples and smiled. “Your little junior brother has a god spiritual root so that he can learn all kinds of cultivation methods and supernatural powers. So from today onwards, you senior sisters have to teach your little junior brother well.”

“Miaohan is good at the art of breathing, so that you will teach him the art of breathing,” Saintess Immortal Jade looked at Miaohan and said.

“Yes, master!” Miaohan quickly bowed.

At this moment, Saintess Immortal Jade turned to the fourth senior sister, Yue Lingxi, and smiled, “Lingxi is good at the art of alchemy so that you will teach your little junior brother this knowledge.”

“Yes!” Yue Lingxi quickly agreed.

“Shiyan, you have unparalleled talent. You are proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. With such a talented senior sister like you, I don’t want your little junior brother to be a boorish man in the future,” the Holy Mother said to the fifth senior sister, Li Shiyan.

“Don’t worry, master. I will teach my little junior brother what I have learned,” Li Shiyan immediately said.

Then…the Holy Mother looked at Lu Yuting and smiled. “Yuting is good at telekinesis so that you can teach him. Xiyao, you and Chen Er are both talented, so that you can learn from each other. It’ll help both of you grow.”

“Yes, master!” Lu Yuting and Zhao Xiyao said together.

“As for the eldest and second sister, when they come back, we’ll ask them to teach Chen Er the scripture of righteousness and the way of the sword!”

“There are too many people on the Immortal Jade Peak. If I teach Chen Er myself, it’ll be too easy for others to find out. If you bring Chen Er to play every day and teach him, it won’t attract attention. I’ll be more at ease,” Saintess Immortal Jade continued.

“Yes, master!” The five senior sisters said in unison.

From then on, Ye Chen began to take turns learning among the seven senior sisters.

But he was not learning from the eldest or the second senior sister.

Because the eldest senior sister was out training, and second senior sister went into seclusion.

Thus, on the first day, Miaohan taught Ye Chen.

In Miaohan’s cave abode.

Miaohan looked at Ye Chen with a smile and said, “Little Junior brother, I’m skilled in the art of aura concealment, the art of great thousand transformations, the art of charm, and the art of Xuansu. So why don’t I teach you the art of Xuansu first!”

Ye Chen was greatly shocked after hearing this.

“Didn’t you want to cultivate with senior sister long ago? Then, after you learn the art of Xuansu, you can cultivate with me. How about it, little junior brother, do you want to learn it?” Miaohan said with a smile.

Ye Chen was speechless and could not help but laugh. “This… third senior sister, forget it. I’d better learn the art of aura concealment and the art of great thousand transformations first!”

“You silly kid. You don’t learn the essence of senior sister, but only pick these useless things.” Miaohan teased.

“Hehe… I can learn that later.” Ye Chen scratched his head and laughed.

“You little brat, you’re pretending to be pure now. I didn’t see you being so honest last night!” Miaohan teased.

“Alright, I’ll teach you the aura concealment technique first!” Miaohan said as she began to impart her aura concealment technique to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knew that although Miaohan usually spoke in a bold and unrestrained manner, she was not such a person.

According to what he knew, his seven senior sisters were all young girls who had yet to have sex. It was just that Miaohan liked to joke around with him.

“Little Chen, observe. This is the aura concealment technique!” Miaohan said and instantly disappeared in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen began to condense his Qi and recuperate. He focused on searching, but he could not find the slightest bit of her aura.

“Little junior brother, I’m here!”

Miaohan hugged Ye Chen from behind.

“See, this aura concealment technique is still somewhat difficult. But, with little junior brother’s talent, in half a month…” Miaohan’s voice had yet to fade away. Ye Chen was entirely focused on her movements and mental cultivation method to conceal her aura. Suddenly, he concealed his aura and instantly disappeared before her eyes.

She was instantly stunned. “Little Chen…you…learned it?”

“No way, little junior brother, you’re too heaven-defying!”

Miaohan was stunned by Ye Chen.

Back then, she had spent a very long time learning how to conceal her aura, but Ye Chen had done it so quickly. Therefore, Ye Chen deserved to be praised.

The two continued to exchange and practice, and before they knew it, it was already late at night.

Miaohan brought Ye Chen to sleep.

Ye Chen lay on Miaohan’s fragrant bed and was held in her arms.

Yesterday, it was Miaohan. Today, it was the fourth senior sister, Yue Lingxi’s turn to teach Ye Chen.

Ye Chen woke up early and walked towards Yue Lingxi’s cave abode.

Yue Lingxi was an expert in refining.

Her alchemy skills were first-class, her artifact refining skills were first-class, and her art of drawing talismans was also first-class.

She was also proficient in medicine. Whether it was saving people or using poison, she was a first-class expert. However, in terms of personality, she was not as unrestrained as Miaohan. Her character was a little careless. After spending a lot of time with her, she felt that she was a little dull.

Ye Chen came to Lingxi’s cave abode and knocked on the door. “Lingxi, I’m here!”

After a long time, there was no response. Ye Chen knocked on the door again.

“Fourth senior sister!” Ye Chen knocked on the door again.

“Who is it?” At this time, Yue Lingxi opened the door of the cave. Her fluffy hair was still untied, and her eyes were hazy. She looked like she had just woken up.

Yue Lingxi stretched and yawned.

“So it’s Little Chen!” Lingxi yawned again.

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