Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Fourth Senior Sister Yue Lingxi!

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“Fourth…fourth senior sister, I’m here today to learn the art of alchemy from you,” Ye Chen swallowed his saliva and said.

“Oh.” Lingxi moved aside to allow Ye Chen to walk in.

“Wait for me. I’ll change my clothes first!” Lingxi said and immediately began to take off her pajamas in the cave abode, completely ignoring Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen looked at Lingxi in extreme surprise, and her beautiful body instantly appeared in front of Ye Chen.

“Fourth…fourth senior sister! You…you…you…” Ye Chen was shocked.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot that little junior brother was here!” Lingxi seemed to remember that Ye Chen was here and said calmly suddenly.

Ye Chen was speechless.

Did she not just let him in?

She forgot about him so quickly?

“Anyway, it’s just little junior brother. So it’s not a big deal,” Lingxi said. Then, she began to ignore Ye Chen and continued changing her clothes.

Ye Chen…

After changing his clothes, Ye Chen finally slowly calmed down.

At this time, Lingxi brought a pile of books for Ye Chen.

“Remember these first! Later, I’ll bring you to the hundred herb garden and introduce you to the spirit herbs needed to refine elixirs,” Lingxi said.

Lingxi placed the books in front of Ye Chen, then she walked in front of the elixir furnace and began her work.

Ye Chen began to read the books his fourth senior sister gave him.

They were all books about elixir refinement.

‘The Complete Solution of Spirit Herbs’, ‘The Complete Solution of Medicinal Elixirs’, ‘The Introduction to Alchemy’, ‘The Complete Solution of Alchemy From the Introduction to the Grave’.

A thick stack of books was placed in front of Ye Chen.

“So many!” Ye Chen was a little surprised. He did not expect that alchemy would be so troublesome…

However, if he wanted to become stronger, he needed to read up!

He picked up the complete antidote to spirit herbs.

Suddenly, a voice appeared in his mind.

[Ding, congratulations to host for unlocking skill: Photographic memory.]

Photographic memory.

Ye Chen was shocked. So, in other words, from now on, no matter what book he read, he would remember it after reading it once?

Ye Chen began to pick up the book and read it.

Two hours later, he finished reading all the books his fourth senior sister brought for him.

He flipped through each book and almost memorized all the contents. Even if he could not understand the parts, he would still remember them firmly.

At this moment, Ye Chen wanted to come over and tell his fourth senior sister, but he discovered that Lingxi was concentrating on refining elixirs.

She placed all kinds of herbs into the elixir furnace and controlled the temperature to refine the elixirs.

Ye Chen looked at his fourth senior sister, who was so focused and did not disturb her. Ye Chen knew that Lingxi was not really in a daze. Instead, his fourth senior sister was focused on one thing most of the time, and the outside world could not disturb her. That was why she looked a little dazed.

Finally, a cauldron of elixirs came out of the furnace.

The fragrant elixirs immediately flew into a small bottle.

Then, she turned her head and handed the medicinal elixirs to Ye Chen, looking at her from the side. She said, “Little junior brother, this is a foundation establishment elixir. It can help you build your foundation as soon as possible.”

At this moment, Ye Chen was a little moved. It turned out that Lingxi was refining a foundation establishment elixir for him.

“Thank you, senior sister!” Ye Chen accepted the gift.

At this moment, Lingxi seemed to have recalled something. She looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Little junior brother, why aren’t you studying?”

“I’ve remembered everything,” Ye Chen immediately said.

Lingxi replied with an ‘oh’ and did not say anything else.

Seeing that his senior sister was not surprised, Ye Chen guessed that his senior sister should also be like him, someone who has a photographic memory.

After a while, suddenly, Lingxi’s face gradually revealed a shocked expression. Then, finally, she looked at Ye Chen in disbelief and said, “You said you’ve remembered everything?”

Ye Chen also looked at Lingxi in surprise and said, “Fourth senior sister, your reflection arc is too long!”

Fourth senior sister Yue Lingxi led Ye Chen to the Hundred Herb Garden.

The Hundred Herb Garden, as the name implied, was the spiritual herb garden of their Immortal Jade Peak. There were all kinds of spiritual herbs planted here. If a disciple needed spiritual herbs, they had to pay spirit stones in exchange for the spiritual herbs.

But Yue Lingxi did not need them.

She was the disciple of the Holy Mother Immortal Jade. In this Immortal Destiny Holy Land, other than the Elders in the clan, Yue Lingxi’s alchemy skills were the best among the disciples. She could freely enter and exit the Hundred Herb Garden, and she could also pick any spiritual herbs to refine medicine. She only needed to inform the Elders of the Hundred Herb Garden.

Yue Lingxi wore an emerald-green dress and brought her junior brother Ye Chen to the Hundred Herb Garden.

“Lingxi, are you here to pick herbs again?” The Elders of the Hundred Herb Garden saw Yue Lingxi and immediately greeted her warmly.

“No, I brought junior brother here today to learn about herbs!” Yue Lingxi replied with a smile.

At this moment, the Elders of the Hundred Herb Garden looked at Ye Chen.

Everyone in the Immortal Jade Peak knew about Ye Chen. He was the son of the Holy Mother Immortal Jade. The Holy Mother Immortal Jade had once gone out to travel, and when she came back, she was pregnant. No matter who asked her who the father was, she kept her mouth shut. That was why there were many rumors about the Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s indiscretion in the sect.

Even though the Holy Mother Immortal Jade’s reputation was not good, there was a saying. The seven disciples under the Holy Mother Immortal Jade were all fairy-like existences. Not only were they powerful, but their looks were also top-notch.

From the eldest senior sister to the youngest junior sister, each of them was a country-toppling beauty with unparalleled strength.

If not for the seven genius disciples under Saintess Immortal Jade, who got pregnant before marriage and did such a nasty thing, she would not have been able to hold the position of the Peak Master of Immortal Jade Peak.

Although Saintess Immortal Jade had seven disciples with unparalleled strength…

But who knew that she had awakened her spirit root at the age of six, Saintess Immortal Jade’s son Ye Chen had awakened his void spirit root. Void spirit root meant that he did not have a spirit root, which meant he could not cultivate for the rest of his life.

If he could not cultivate, he would not be able to become an alchemist.

It seemed that Yue Lingxi had brought him here to learn medicine. In the future, he could also become a doctor and would not starve to death.

The Hundred Herb Garden Elder looked at Ye Chen and did not say anything.

Even if Ye Chen was a good-for-nothing, he was still the Holy Mother’s son. He also had seven powerful senior sisters. These people were existences that he could not afford to offend.

He would not offend the Holy Mother Immortal Jade and her seven disciples because of this.

“Please come in!” The Elder waved his hand.

Yue Lingxi brought Ye Chen into the Hundred Herb Garden.

When they arrived at the Hundred Herb Garden, Ye Chen immediately felt that the spiritual Qi in the Hundred Herb Garden was incomparably powerful. This incomparably powerful aura was emitted everywhere.

Ye Chen understood that perhaps this kind of place was where the Great Dao Aura was powerful.

He could sign in here once a day and try signing in here later.

“Junior brother, since you’ve memorized those books, then do you know all the herbs here?” Yue Lingxi looked at Ye Chen and asked.

Ye Chen nodded. These spiritual herbs were almost all recorded in the books, so he knew them all.

“Alright, then I’ll test you!” Yue Lingxi said calmly.

She pointed at a spiritual herb and asked, “What kind of spiritual herb is this?”

Ye Chen looked at the spiritual herb and immediately blurted out, “Heavenly star grass.”

“Mm… what about this one?” Lingxi continued to ask.

“This is the periwinkle,” Ye Chen answered.

Lingxi showed a trace of surprise on her face and continued to point at more than a dozen kinds of herbs, but Ye Chen answered all of them.

“Not bad, not bad. You’ve already completed the first step. Next, you can begin the alchemist’s cultivation.” Lingxi looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile.

“Little Chen, wait here for a while. Then, I’ll go pick some herbs!” Lingxi said.

Ye Chen nodded. This was an excellent time to sign in.

After Lingxi left, Ye Chen immediately muttered in his heart, “Sign in.”

[Ding! The host has signed in at the Hundred Herb Garden. Congratulations on obtaining the Paragon Sacred Body!]

[The reward has been distributed…]

[The Paragon Sacred Body is being fused. The fusion of the Sacred Body has been successful.]

[The effect of the Paragon Sacred Body: When you cultivate to the mahayana realm, your physical body will become that of a saint’s, and you will become an emperor!]

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